RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Four Things

1. Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.  Three episodes and you're already kicking Harper's Island to Saturdays??  It was only funny when this happened to Kings!  Damn you, Southland!  If it's a duel for my heart you want, I WILL GIVE IT TO THE MURDERY ISLAND (yes, mostly because now they're the underdog).  What's next, you pull a Pirate Master and restrict it to online-only viewing?  RS is ill-pleased with the state of things.  Come on.  I can't imagine it would actually kill you, you with the big and relatively prosperous network, to devote 3 months to a limited-run show.  In a related note, dear segment of the population with Nielsen boxes: stop hating every non-Big-Brother thing CBS comes up with for summer. 

2. I have a question -- audiobooks: Do they count on the 'books read' list?  I'd think they would; I mean, what if I were blind?  But then there's the fact that they're somewhat abridged from the original...but then again, I've been known to speed-read through the kind of stuff that gets abridged, so doesn't it all even out in the end?  I ask because the likelihood of my finding these Doctor Who/Torchwood stories in physical book form any time soon seems rather low, and I think I'd rather hear them even if I can't put numbers on my list, but... I need your help deciding.

3. That romance novel I mentioned last week, "Out of this World"?  I won't be finishing it.  I mean, I tried.  I got a few chapters in and I'm thinking, all right, this Kellan guy seems pretty cool and it's a very engaging writing style...and then I got to the lightning strike, and I couldn't take it anymore.  See, here's the last line on the back cover:  "Ever since [I got hit by lightning], I can see through things.  As in completely transparent.  And that was before things got really weird..."  

But I brushed it off, thinking, "Nah, that can't be what it sounds like" and gave it a try.  Except for, you know, it obviously can; I don't know what I was thinking with my logic.  She sees underneath clothing (LOL invisible x-ray glasses), or a bird's heart beating in its body.  And it's exactly as stupid as it sounds, with the result that on page 58 or so I just chucked it aside, laughed myself sick, and could not go on even for the purposes of mockery.

4. Medium, "The Devil Inside" (part 2)
The good news is - have I mentioned this - that this little show's odds seem slightly better now that the critical peacock eye is glaring at Chuck.  Heh.  This makes me a bad person because all my friends love that scrappy little show, but Chuck dying one of the network's sacrificial deaths would be highly convenient for me, so I'm campaigning my heart out and hoping with every ounce o' hope I've got.

The bad news is that I wouldn't precisely call this a bad episode, but it was also a letdown from the preceding part - it was legitimately creepy when he showed up to freak out Bridgete, but for the most part I felt like I was just watching it unfold with no real stakes.  It's kind of fun watching Joe and Allison fight, for a change of pace - was particularly fond of the "Is that petty?" phone call when the stock she wouldn't let him buy shot up - but in a way where I kept turning my attention to writing other things. 

The good news specific to this episode is that I really, really loved the ending, and was maybe cheering a little bit - even if it was somewhat cheesy - because just when I was wondering how the hell you deal with an evil spirit, all the ghosts of the murdered women he prevented her from saving showed up to deal with him.  Heh, I should have remembered/expected that.  But it was delightful, and solved that pesky "Where is God in all of this?" question by packing him straight off to Hell.

Plus, once we got past all the fighting, one very screencap-worthy scene with Joe snuggled up on her shoulder, and an extended conversation about something.  I have no idea what it was, as I was not capable of concentrating on anything besides his fingers subsequently playing with her collar or the ends of her hair while he listened.

Finally, the most hilarious part was the (evil!) smiley face pasted over the second killer's face to obscure his identity in her dream (hee!), and the most uncomfortable part was watching Joe try to manipulate Marie back into making her winning stock market predictions.

Oh, and we saw Lynn!  Kind of!  Possibly it was just a random blonde actress, since we only saw the back of her head while Lee got out of bed to take Allison's call, but I'm still going to call it a victory!

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