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Well, that was dumb.

I had notes for Private Practice in an untitled document that I was going to move to my regular Notepad file, "Post it" (which I assumed held only what I'd already posted last night), and my fingers went on their usual top-speed routine: 

--> Open 'Post it'
--> Ctrl + A
--> Ctrl + V
--> Ctrl + S
--> Alt + F4
--> ...OH CRAP.  I just saved over my notes from Bones & Grey's Anatomy.  And closed it.  !@#@#!

At least they were pretty bare-bones and not detailed or anything; not a great loss.  Still, foolishness!

I am now drowning my not-very-real sorrows in Survivor video clips on cbs.com, and delighting in the following things I either didn't know/notice or just failed to mention yesterday:

1. I really love the attempt at a gangsta sign Stephen throws down in the Reward challenge, once it's head-to-head between him and Taj.  And apparently, immediately after mock-seriously pleading with Jeff not to have to pick someone for Exile, and then choosing Erinn, he turned around and asked if he could take it back.  Aww.

2. He had the much-talked-about (by me) sweater for Erinn tucked under his T-shirt to keep it dry, since it was raining when the challenge started.  So.  Let's just think about the implications of that for a minute. 

3. According to Erinn, all of guilt-ridden!Jalapao treated her like a fragile princess when she got back to camp from Exile, which sounds adorable.  "Stephen was beside himself, he apologized so many times...JT felt so bad about not going in my place," and everyone was urging her to eat and sleep, and seriously, she is the cutest thing ever.  I really hope she sees final 4.  She will, right?  Jalapao's not going to go all crazy and let Coach or Debbie outlast her?

4. I didn't consider this before, but is next week the family challenge, or at least the challenge where everybody gets to see a video message from home on a product-placement bit of technology, the sight of which never fails to reduce at least 9 in 10 Survivor contestants to tears? *glee*

Ooh, < 15 minutes until Numb3rs!  Whee!  When did this shift into being the highlight of my week?  Sneaky little show.


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