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Weekend wrapup

Bah, Half Price yielded nothing.  But I made up for that because Dad randomly took the scenic route on the way back from CSB, and turns out the flea market was open that day, for one more hour!  Joy!  I love that little place on the side of the highway, just a nondescript, jam-packed-with-vintage-and-antiques shed that looks like you've walked into your grandmother's attic.  Didn't get anything, but it's a magical experience just to wander around and soak in all the sights.

Numb3rs, 5x21, "Disturbed" (100th Episode Spectacular)
I'm pretty much a limp spaghetti noodle at the moment; I can't focus on anything that didn't involve Amita.  Which is problematic, because a lot of fantastic things happened, but every time I try to focus on one of them it skitters away from me and slides back into one of her scenes.  Ergo, I think this is one of those times we have to just make a list of random observations as I pull them from memory.  Probably winging back and forth from end to beginning and then back again.

1) Dream or not, Amita and her flowy red dress are v.v. pretty - and I like how this scene was shot.  Relatedly, does anyone know where I can send a basket of red roses, hearts and plush puppies to TPTB for throwing in Charlie having nightmares about something bad happening to her?  Because, um, this is useful.  For the playground I call "my brain."  Mercifully, I'll spare you the intricate details. 

2) You know how Ted (Mosby) has his naked-lady noise?  I think I have a fluffy-ship-moments noise.  It goes something like "nee-hee-hee!" and was broken out for the first time in this episode over Charlie's indirect response to said dream.  By which I mean [after skipping to the next day] his decidedly affirming goodbye kiss and pause to reflect "It's good to see you" before swanning off and leaving a highly confused girlfriend in his his wake.

(I also love that it's slightly awkward because she just passively accepts it, too puzzled for much reciprocation - I saved this pic as "Charlieglomp" for a reason)

2.5) No goodbye kiss for you, Larry.  Just a goodbye pat on the shoulder.  We hope you understand.  ;D

3) Show, I have oftentimes whined about the lack of Charmita in various episodes.  I think I've found out why - just when I figure this episode has already met its quota and I've decided that it's actually fitting it end with Charlie at the Bureau, laughing with the team, somewhere he clearly shoot back to the house and there they are, cuddled up on the swing as the rest of the family (+ Larry, - Robin) sits around the table in the backyard.  COME ON.  *is dead of Cute*

4) Speaking of the end scene, yay for sprinkler-soaked laughter and a final shot on the brothers!  There's really nothing to see in this screencap except the scenery, but that's worth it.

5) They called this episode "chock full of continuity."  I called it "littered with characters obnoxiously referring to the past," but that's okay, because my brain is a sieve and I don't even remember if I saw the pilot, much less am able to recall anything that happened in it.  I still didn't get the majority of the references any better than I got the ones in CSI's "Astro Quest" episode, but I think I liked the fact that they existed, and that they explained them to me while tongue-in-cheek recognizing this fact within the script.  And the internet will surely tell me at least a dozen other, far more subtle pieces of continuity by the end of the week.

6) Curly haired conspiracy nut?  Still annoying.  More so than last time.

7) I am not going to complain about the lack of Robin.  Somewhere in my brain, I can connect dots and reason that his dad's house is a good place to spend recuperation time, with more people around at all hours in addition to the fact that Alan is retired and...come on, show, just a tiny glimpse of Robin?  I'm not entirely sure Nikki was necessary for this milestone episode!  She's only been here a year! 

8) Although Don looming over Charlie and grinning "You're in my spot" is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

9) Speaking of which, this picture is here because sleepy!Charlie is even more adorable than usual. 

Charlie: You got stabbed.  How can you be so calm about it?
Don: Well, I survived, for one thing.
Charlie: Who are you?  What have you done with my brother?


11) Hey, a Don/Amita scene!  I love those!  Any time they want to have a discussion about Charlie's mental state, I am all for it.  If it happens to involve the tidbit that the only way to halt his mathematical madness is to find a flaw in his analysis, so be it.  Also, I know it's dark, but there seem to be some very pretty shots of Amita in profile during this scene.  (*hearts director*)  They might make good icons. 

12) Charlie: You're asking him about it?  What about me?  I own this house.
Don: Oh, yeah, like you care what hedges he puts out there.
Charlie: ...point made.

13)  I love how Larry's eyebrows are practically up in his hair as he calmly gives Conspiracy Nut a verbal trouncing as to why he has every right to be here in Charlie's office, you strange young man with sillier hair than Professor Eppes!

14) I apologize, but I'm going to insult the beautifully constructed and utterly compelling plot by reducing it to one line: in sum, BRILLIANT.  Non-stop brilliance from start to finish in writing, direction (creepy office filled with hanging strings of papers!), and acting.  From everybody. 

15) Although I was disappointed by the sight of the killer in the end, whom I recognize from somewhere that he is definitely in no way evil or anything bad at all, so I had a really hard time believing he was the same sociopath we'd spent all hour catching.  I assume that was the idea, but it didn't even make it to the "it's chilling what ordinary people are capable of" level - it was just haha, funny joke, next you'll tell me that Mr. Rogers did it.

16) NEXT WEEK: Three sentences: Amita grabbed.  Charlie conked on the head.  Amita screaming while he lies dazed and bleeding on the ground. 

These sound like the feeble concoctions of my overactive imagination, but I promise this is what I actually saw in the preview.  Which in retrospect was irresponsible promo monkeying, since it's clearly not going to happen until the last minute and as a result I am clearly not going to give the poor penultimate episode even half as much attention as it deserves. 

I forgive you, though.  *plays preview over and over*
D. Cold Case, 6x22, "The Long Blue Line"
-Hah!  Completely forgot that the 2-part finale is supposed to be all fun and full of Super Special Exclusive Pearl Jam songs.  I swear, I didn't hear a single song until the one that played at the end.

-Oh, HELL YES, it's Frankie!  I've decided to run every bit as hot and cold on her character as her non-relationship with Scotty does, and I love her this week.  Yes, it may in fact be entirely due to the fact that apparently their last night together was Scotty running over for comfort after being emotionally messed up over Will's shooting.  My starry-eyed joy at this picture knows no bounds, no, it knows them not!  I wholeheartedly approve of that divorce from Billy coming through ASAP.  It's probably wrong how much I want to see this wickedly fiery and oh-so-doomed roller coaster of a thing between her and Scotty to soldier on, but I still do.

-Oh, HELL NO, Kat is not going on a date with the jackass LaPaglia Lawyer!  No!  Bad!  If she's going to improbably accept a date from someone who normally drives her barmy and whom is the victim of her merciless razor-sharp retorts, you know who I want that to be!  All right, show, now you have to get renewed just so I can make sure you canonically correct this mistake.  Or maybe that's a sign you should be canceled to make sureI witness as little of this unpleasantness as possible.  I'm so confused.

-Love Scotty's mild indignance over Lily's early hazing turning to outright anger upon hearing that her first partner left her without backup on an arrest

-Hm, Lily's been run off the road - rather, over a bridge - and her car is now sinking underwater.  Hm.  Well.  I'm sure she'll find a way to wriggle out of that; we have a whole hour left to kill, after all.

-I don't even understand why women join ROTC (although I'm glad they do, because the more volunteers, the less I fear a potential draft) so you can imagine my disbelief over the idea that a woman would stubbornly force her way into a military college, which seems hellish enough if you're a man, where she's sure to endure ten times as much verbal/psychological/emotional abuse. 

Ordinarily, this would lead to me getting myself into trouble and/or referencing the 1950's in some unnecessary way...but I think I'm going to stop there.  I must be tired.

-I'm feeling unexpectedly compassionate towards the victim so far, despite her foolish decision to make herself as ugly as possible (every time I think I am cool with the military and men hotly volunteering to serve their country, I remember the state of their hair and recoil with violent disgust).  I much prefer hearing about people sticking by and defending her to the parts where she's being yelled at or attacked.
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