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Random Dispatches From My Brain:

-My room is now 300% cleaner, purged of two dozen books (which had been culled long ago and were sitting in a drawer, but still) and two bags of clothing, and I can actually see everything in my closet now.  Unfortunately, still have not found out where I put my camera.  :( 

-I've developed a sudden addiction to Special K cereal.  I don't even like it that much with milk, but suddenly I can't get enough of the delicious crisped-rice flakes plain.  Like, I actually chose it over plain Corn Pops this morning.  And I am extremely fond of Corn Pops. 

-We got an American Girl Doll catalogue in the mail last week.  SAMANTHA IS NO LONGER IN IT.  Who the hell made that decision?  Fie on your 70's hippie girl with divorcing parents, fie!  *arranges Addy & Samantha dolls on rocking chair with pride*

-On Friday, I heard Billie Piper's "Day and Night" playing faintly in the background of EastEnders.  I may have squealed in recognition.

-Saw this in an EW article: "ClearPlay DVD players, equipped with filtering software, enable users to automatically skip over potentially offensive scenes."  Me: OMG where can I get one of these magic devices?!  How do they even exist?  This is the most amazing idea anyone has ever marketed!  Give/want/need, etc etc.  It would be like having network tv ALL THE TIME.
Grey's Anatomy, Big Ole #100 (does it really need another title?  How about something simple like "Wedding Day"?  FINE,) "What  a Difference a Day Makes"

Fair warning: I know I said there was very little to hate about this one, but actually, turns out I'm going to hate on it all over the place.  Yet for some reason, even after writing this, I have an overall positive feeling about the episode.  Weird.  The good parts must have been really good, or else I'm somehow recognizing quality writing even as I rip apart the acting/actors (or is it vice versa?).

[Furthermore, it's late; I'm tired.  I'm sitting on a huge mountain of mostly finished, semi-finished, and unpolished note-form reviews, held prisoner by my love of screencapping and titles I worked too hard to come up with, trying to figure out how to organize it all.  I've been working on this way too long.  I might stop making sense at random points.  Try to forgive me the short temper.]

Cristowenship: MAN, I love them a whole bunch.  Pinky touch of yearning!  (in nigh-perfect replica of that one scene in Lost in Austen...with Cristina taking Darcy's part)  Owen endearingly not giving up on his tiny gestures of comfort, refusing to be deterred from later taking her hand in comfort! (albeit still briefly)  Still the best part of the episode.  I didn't even need the trigger confession, piney looks at the wedding, or Cristina subsequently ripping the ceiling fan down.  Though they were nice.

Cristina Being Awesome: Man, Cristina looked gorgeous at the end - not that she's not always the prettiest woman on the show, but somehow her straightened, brushed-out hair and purple bridesmaid's dress helped her outshine both original and replacement bride.  Also, LMAO at her asking Meredith if she'd like her to shave off her eyebrows to numb her into submission.

All The Patients: WOW, that was epic.  And awesome, and crazy, and made me miss "ER" a whole bunch.  I can't even say that much, it was just so great (and then they all-but-one died!  Way to sucker-punch us after forcing us to make emotional connections, show).  HOWEVER.  I really wish the annoying valedictorian and wound up among the dead. 

Never mind the voiceover of her speech that I got so fed up with I had to mute it.  Focus on RULE NUMBER ONE: Dying/having your significant other die before you can have sex with them is so far off the map of possible regrets you should have, it hasn't even been discovered yet.  (By the way, devoting the first 22 years of your life to nothing but school?  Is freaking awesome.)

But um, otherwise, I really loved watching everyone else work on the patients.  The scenario itself was kind of surreal, because - story time! - towards the end of high school, we went outside to watch an anti-drinking-and-driving demonstration of what a bad accident would look like (complete with real-life wrecked car for illustrative purposes), and some theater kids - friends of mine - playing out the scenario of a post-Prom wreck. 

The driver was being a distraught/belligerent drunk as the cop questioned him, his girlfriend was dead in the passenger's seat under a sheet, the other boy was taken off in a stretcher and *his* girlfriend just sat sobbing nearby, a smear of her friend's blood on her dress.  I chose to let myself get caught up on the scene rather than mocking it like certain dumb kids sitting  behind me, and it was actually really moving and emotional (helped that all the actors were fantastic).

That was five years ago, but it's been a vivid memory ever since.  So. That's what I had rattling in my brain while watching this, except this was much gorier and high-stakes.  (That, and a few snarky thoughts like "I certainly hope the blue-haired girl's post-graduation plans involved either the the Peace Corps or a fast re-dye, because I can't think of too many well-paying jobs that would hire that kind of look.")

The Mentoring of George: TRUE STORY, sometimes - i.e. weekly - I think about what life would have been like if Alex had failed the intern exam instead, and all the storylines thereafter had been swapped (i.e. Alex had no chemistry, and she was married to George as of now). 

Then I see Owen throw George some word of encouragement, some simple token of praise or wise words about how to improve, and I'm thrilled all over at their unlikely yet awesome dynamics.  "Trauma's a team sport."  You know, seeing George let that statement sink in, that he didn't lose all those patients in vain, was completely worth whatever other crap I had to put up with in this episode.  Seriously. 

Callie/Arizona: Which truly was CRAP.  I violently loathed every moment I had to spend listening to them - I couldn't figure out how to avoid it, since Callie was so firmly entrenched in the ER plot, so I was stuck with it.  Even though I wanted to punch AZ in the face every time she popped up out of nowhere, somehow making each whiny demand for knowledge more annoying than the last.

Callie wasn't much better.  How, exactly, does one's father clear out one's bank account?  Cutting you out of the trust fund or off an allowance I understand, but your own hard-earned savings?  Why is that not private and separately controlled by you?  Why have you not already a) lied about breaking up with the annoying blonde twit or b) better yet, ACTUALLY broken up with the annoying blonde twit*?  God. 

(* Was there a time, in the distant past, when I was ambivalent with optimistic leanings towards this woman?  IT SEEMS VERY LONG AGO.  Why don't you go ahead and date one of the apparently many hot women lining up for you and get the hell off my screen?  Do NOT talk to me about contracts for full-time character status; god; every time I turn around Shonda writes two horrible characters for every awesome one.  Or she warps them from good to bad (Lexie) to make up for redeeming one (Owen).)

Mark/Lexie: AWESOMELY, did not generally exist on my screen.  Instead, there was just Lexie.  Recapturing my love.  Flitting from patient to patient with her superb memory for details and quietly empathizing more than anyone as she recognized each dying student in turn.  *hugs*

Mer/Der: I love how this was supposed to be their wedding episode, but I just...didn't have any interest in them, at all!  I didn't hate them.  It was nice.  In the future, if I ever rewatch episodes or happen to see a rerun or magically explode in prominent shippy feelings for them, I will probably be pleased.  As it was, I just went "that's nice" to their scene in the church, and sort of waved off their little bit of (*repressed shudder*) naked time with a "blah, yes, move along."

However, part of me wants to get annoyed on principle that they didn't get married when they were supposed to, just because I suspect the Mer/Der shippers are forgoing outrage in favor of "awww"-ing over the sweet gesture of giving Izzie's perfect wedding to Izzie.  I DO NOT WANT TO "AWW."  You don't have to be nice to her just because she has cancer!  Stupid cancery Izzie.

The more I think about it, the more I think I did like their scenes.  I just can't remember why.

Speaking of Izzie: More on this later, but I would like to reiterate why I can't stand this storyline anymore - every time Izzie has a big, dramatic, emotional scene - alone or with others - all I see is Katherine Heigl demanding Emmy-worthy material and being catered to, ergo instead of being engrossed in the story, I'm just grossed out by watching an actress display her sympathy-wrenching acting chops.

Flying Solo (Surgically, That Is): I lied; there were at least two really stupid things about this episode.  Callie/AZ, and people like the Chief and Mark OBNOXIOUSLY leaeeeeaning over Meredith's shoulder and making non-commital noises about her technique.  UGH.  *skips*

Denny Vision: DENYYYYY!  *flails about*  All he has to do is stand there, nod, and say "I'm here for you" one more time and I get all happy and dancy (not just because I'm still pretending she will die at the end of this, either).  Also, you know how Bailey is always right about stuff?  We should pay more attention to her when she speculates about why Izzie might be hallucinating Denny and Denny alone.  Because she looooooves him.  What's that rhetoric they spout on Ghost Whisperer, about "a love that transcends death"?  That's right.  I'm endorsing Ghost Whisperer's sick plot twist as a means to an end.

And boo kicking Denny out at the end, boo!  He was whispering lovely things about her being a beautiful bride, whereupon I THRASHED ANGRILY and had to go on a season 2 YouTube binge to drown my sorrows.

Izzie/Alex: HATE.  THAT IS ALL I HAVE IN MY HEART, HATE.  I look at them and I watch Alex forgo a high five for a sweet kiss before surgery, and openly crying "I think she's going to die on me," and I watched them share a wedding kiss full of objective beauty, in lovely clothes to boot. Yet still, still, I maintain a big stone heart encased in ice.  I figured they'd be the ones getting married - incidentally, shoot, now that Izzie's stolen Mer's perfect dress, Mer is going to wind up in something ugly and strapless, isn't she?  Or possibly a white pantsuit at City Hall - but it's just so dumb I have no words.

Clearly, Izzie is going to live.  They did not and were not planning this at all before she fell sick, or even yesterday; it's generally unwise to throw yourself willy-nilly into this kind of decision.  And whirlwind marriages and frozen embryos are all fine and dandy when your girl's desperately sick and on the brink of death...but something tells me it will sort of crash and burn when she pops up all fine and healthy and they actually try to make a go of it.  It's Izzie and Alex.  I can't even pretend I believe in them having a bond deep and strong enough to last a lifetime.

On the bright side, couples like them make a nice contribution to that "50% of marriages end in divorce" statistic that always makes me so confident about the engaged/married couples I actually endorse.  And there's always the positive factor about how Shonda hates marriage, meaning nobody on Grey's is ever permanently happy (except for Derek/Meredith, who are grandfathered in to achieve permanent happiness by the series finale, come what may in the meanwhile). 

Izzie/Alex, Redux: However, when I made a statement on Saturday about how there was "almost nothing to hate" about this episode, it's because when I first saw it, before I had time to let my default resentment percolate, I was under the impression that hey, Izzie's wedding hair was really super pretty, and also, this wedding was one of the least rage-inducing periods of interaction they've ever had.  I probably even would have loved it if I hadn't come in with preconceived notions of prejudice.

Speaking of the Wedding:

-Bailey, um, that dress.  It do you say...more appropriate for an outdoor summer cocktail/beach party than a church wedding. 

-The song drove me nuts, so I actually watched it on mute the first time through (possibly with fast-forward involved).  While writing this, I accidentally heard part of the vows.  Alex's sort of made me gag from all the cheese.  When is it Jim and Pam's turn, again?  *is bored of this and remembering why she advocates weddings but doesn't actually want to watch them*


U - Ur Hair: Stupid people and their stupid complaining about how Izzie looked too healthy to be a cancer patient undergoing severe chemo.  That bit of romanticism was like the only thing keeping me going!  And now her hair is all gone.  FACT: nobody, not even your brand-new bride, looks hot without hair. 

If I ever go through chemo, I would not be voluntarily removing my head scarf in the presence of anybody, for any reason.  I would guard it more carefully than my underwear.  Some things just don't need to be acknowledged, and female baldness is one of them (before you ask - male baldness is reluctantly accepted only under certain conditions on a case by case basis or automatically when sported by Taye Diggs).

Final Thoughts: How did Meredith's dress fit Izzie with apparently no time for alterations?  Isn't she considerably taller, and not a toothpick?  Did it come from the same store as the jeans worn by the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

...I realize the entire internet has already made this observation 1,000 million times.  But mine references Traveling Pants, so I get to keep it.
Wait, I've got another!

'Law & Order: SVU, 10x20, "Crush"
Geeze, this episode took me for a ride.  The whole first half, I was ready to throw the word "aggravating" around a lot.  Not "infuriating," since I already got most of my "sending naked pictures OF YOURSELF =/= distributing child porn" ire out when the real-life news story broke, but decidedly aggravating.  What happened to Alex Cabot randomly being around all the time?  How did they manage to hire a new D.A. who actually made me miss Wooden Greylek?

[CENSORED: 400 words of grousing about uncooperative victims of abusive relationships.]

[REDACTED AFTER PLOT TWISTS: Anyway, I somehow find myself unconcerned by the idea that this practice of lewd sexting is an "epidemic" among teenage girls.  I don't think we need to send a message.  I think it would be far more amusing to let them find out for themselves how bad it is.  For example, she already not only got pointed and laughed at by the entire school, she then fell down the stairs and cracked her head on the floor.  Punishment enough, y/y?] 

And then they pulled in Kathleen Stabler to try and bond with/talk common sense into the girl's head, and it was cloyingly awful in ways I don't have words for.  "What an obnoxious little black lamb she is," say my notes, because apparently it's even more annoying to see reformed!daughter than it is to see her wild and acting out for no apparent reason. 

But on the bright side!  We had Alex Kingston being UNEQUIVOCALLY AWESOME (I am of the opinion that her character should hop the fence and become the new face of SVU prosecution, which would solve the strikeout rate they've been experiencing lately), teaming up with Olivia (best partnership ever - love the shared Jail Cell of Unwarranted Punishment) in her client's defense, and standing up to one Judge Marsden. 

Judge Marsden, incidentally, is usually known to me as Aunt Lily on Pushing Daisies - I'm embarrassed by how long it took me to place her, with longer hair and no eyepatch - and as a result, is almost as much fun to watch as Kingston.  She's even kept much of Lily's sour attitude, being RANDOMLY VINDICTIVE without cause. 

Thankfully, even SVU has decided that sending teens to jail for sending nude pictures of themselves is stupid.  So stupid that they cooked up a corrupt family-court judge plotline and let Olivia be a hero (complete with New Warrior Sidekick) to raise a fuss, cast suspicion, and then - with the aid of a Merry Band of Fools - invent a fake case whose legality I find myself questioning, and pack HER off to jail.  Um, best plot ever.  Or at least this season.  At least since the case full of wild animals. 

Hooray for abrupt turnarounds in the final quarter!  They even made ADA Copeland less of a character you wanted to push down the nearest stairwell, which I appreciated, even if I still don't like her.

Internet, you cannot harsh my squee with this episode, so please don't try. 

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