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Grey's and what not.

Before we begin, I feel a reminder is in order: ISAIAH WASHINGTON > T.R. KNIGHT.  I'm going to show great restraint and not rant any more on that debacle, but please just remember that Washington is a lot hotter, and Burke is a way better character, and Burke-and-Cristina is the only relationship on this show that is halfway bearable, so please to not be doing anything rash like writing him off the show to punish the actor, kthnxbai.

Six Days, Part II: (In which I tuned out all the music except when I heard Regina Spektor, and was doubly pleased that I recognized her voice before I figured out the song ("Fidelity") to confirm it, because I never recognize voices)

So, lot of unexpected stuff went down.  Let's do the ER format and split by character groupings, even though so many such things overlap that I'll have to repeat some names.

George's Dad
This was the overlying storyline, so I might as well get it out of the way.  One annoying family member down, three to go!  And Papa O'Malley was by FAR the most annoying of them all, so, good choice! I was entirely unaffected by Papa O'Malley's death.  It failed to rouse any kind of emotion in me. 

Okay, so I may have cried.  A lot.  Through the entire last 15 minutes.  But it was not because of Papa O'Malley.  Nor did I picture my *own* dad, because THAT would have set me off for HOURS, but instead I put myself in the mentality of Mama O'Malley losing her husband.  I dreamed of other beloved characters from other shows being in that scenario: still alive but never going to wake up, of them being in pain, and of having to make the decision to take them off life support.  Of having to stand there and watch as they die, as the monitors flatline and then are turned off into horrible black silence, and oh god, I'm having visions of Marisol again. *bawls*

I wanted to know more about Cristina's dad, though.  More info in a future ep, maybe?

**OH!  But the one thing that really was amazing and made me cry on its own merit?  Was George's sickened realization that his father had asked them to proceed with the surgery no matter what, and in doing so cost himself and his family weeks, even months of time together.  "HE DIDN'T KNOW ANY BETTER!  YOU KNEW BETTER!" George screams in a rather heartbreaking fashion, tears in his eyes and on the verge of hysterics.  After miserably repeating that the chief "shouldn't have done it," he takes off to go cry, and that was the one time in my life that I didn't mind conjuring up an image of Callie comforting him.
Not like that, perverts.

Meredith's Family
Thank goodness we didn't have to deal with any of them except the watery bug-eyed Thatcher.  I hate every second he's on screen, because he only reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield, who was generally unbearable.

Heather the Scoliosis Patient
Talk about a dropped storyline.  I can't remember the last time we were so detached from a surgery.  I know all the fuss was about George's dad, but Heather is the coolest patient to come through in a while, and when they made it all about Izzie's Issues, I got annoyed.  Izzie has officially become the Catherine of Grey's Anatomy, I think.

Burke counseling George
Damn the controversy surrounding these two actors, it's really making it difficult to enjoy the friendship between the two characters.  Which is a shame, because I have always loved it; it falls somewhere between Grissom-and-Nick and Grissom-and-Warrick.  Particularly this week, I love how George looks up to him, with almost blind faith that he'll have the answers, just as I love the wise look on Burke's face when calmly and rationally talks things over with him, never getting impatient or talking down to him.  I just have to fight a near-constant urge to wonder if Knight and Washington finish these scenes and then glare death daggers at one another as soon as the cameras stop rolling.

Mark/Addison, abortion
Yowza, that's a doozy.  It reminds me of the one and only Grey's story I ever read (well, half-read), it was about Derek and Addison having a college-age daughter.  I'm normally not for AUs and children who've been there the whole time, but I really like that idea.  If Derek and Addison can't be together, it's at least a nice idea to think of them as divorced but still connected through a child.  But I digress.

Addison broke my heart when she said (something like) "No, I did want a baby.  I just didn't want one with you.  I wanted a baby with Derek."  She sounds so lost and alone, and I'm imagining her as she was eight months ago, when she still believed she had a chance to make things work with her husband.  Instead she ended up with nothing, and even though on one level she's grateful that she's not forced to maintain a connection to Sloan, she looks like she's thinking that if she could go back and do it again, she would have kept the baby.  I've never bought into that crap about girls who get pregnant at 16, abort the baby and then regret it 20 years down the road, but when a grown woman perfectly capable of raising a child makes the choice, no matter what her rationale, I can definitely see how it might begin to eat away at her.

And oh, look at that.  Two tears just dripped down my cheeks.  That's how much I hurt for her.

But Addison, Addie sweetheart, you have GOT to find a better way of dealing with your feelings of abandonment and loneliness.  Even the alcohol is better than drowning your sorrows in men.  As the season goes on, I find myself growing increasingly hostile towards McDummy for ever leaving her in the first place - and I mean WAY back, back to when she felt a need to have an affair with Mark because Derek was never home.

Because she really doesn't deserve to be alone.  And Sloan and Alex are both way, way, way below the caliber of man that Derek is.  Or maybe was.  No, is - because despite all the stupid things he's done over the last two years, he's got far more depth than the stupid Sloan and Alex, who are like, stereotypical frat boys.  Actually, only Alex is a frat boy; I think Mark would have done well in the Roman era, perhaps as emperor.  His temper seems suited to that.

SO: it was just gross, seeing her kiss Alex at the end.  While I think he's beyond just "hey, look who I scored with!" where Addie is concerned, as they've clearly grown closer and he has gained considerable respect for her, and is clearly not unaffected by her emotional state - it also looks like Addison is just seeking comfort anywhere she can get it.  Which is basically a repeat of the Mark situation, with a man who is slightly less scuzzy, but still not a viable romantic interest.  And yet, there are no other options left in the hospital. 

Maybe Addison can date McVet.  I've heard the phrase "sloppy seconds" and so I hesitate to suggest that she date an ex of Meredith's, but...I MISS FINN, OKAY?  

There was so much realism in all their (mercifully few) scenes together, there wasn't any room left for the romance.  Which I was totally fine with!  It gives me a petty and small-minded spark of delight to see them crabbing at each other every morning.  Heh, heh, heh.  Okay, but admittedly, the very end scene where Derek put in his earplugs and then snuggled up with her was cute, because spooning is always cute.
"It's get-ting bet-ter all the ti-i-ime..."
Baby steps.  But they're all going forward.  Cristina is really the one who should apologize first, because I believe they've had this conversation before, about how Burke should not always have to be the one to concede just because of her pride.  Relationships need give and take.  So they reached an unspoken compromise:  Burke still didn't directly speak to her (though nobody seemed to realize that these two can practically carry on a conversation with their eyes and facial exprssions), but he did finally give her what she wanted to know about his progress.  Which set in motion the nice ending scene with her suddenly turning on her heel, presumably to Burke's room to go talk to him, though I feel a little cheated that we didn't get a shot of that.  I suppose when sweeps start (that's the next new ep, right?), they'll just be back to normal and we'll never know exactly how they got there.

"I don't know how to exist in a world where my dad doesn't."
File that under "quotes for life."
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