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Spent a good long time walking around to garage sales today, and my minor finds are thusly:

CD: Enya, "A Day Without Rain" - $1
CD-ROM: The first CSI game (*crosses fingers that it works*) - $1

The MAJOR find, from a sale I almost skipped because I can't take Kym to sales with their own dogs, and luckily decided to go back to later.

An Otter's Story, Emil E. Liers - $2. Wonderful 1950's wildlife novel, cloth cover and complete with illustrations.  SO MUCH WIN, RIGHT? (It looks just like this, except in much better condition.)

But then as I was walking away, inwardly dancing about and eagerly skimming through my new treasure...I discovered it was signed by the author.  And not just any old signature, but a whole message:
Greetings to Marshall, Charlie and Barbara, from Emil E. Liers and his movie "stars" from Walt Disney's "Beaver Valley."  August 6th, 1958.

*glees and hugs wonderful new book* I haven't even read this - except for an abridged version based on the movie - so it's doubly fun.  And
I gotta say, although I have no plans to let it go, its retail value is looking pretty decent too.  I love Thursdays!  
Tags: books, garage sales

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