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I leave the TV segment of the internet for 36 hours and you throw all these bombshells at me?  L;KASJDFLKASDF.

[Edit: Not comprehensive and in no order whatsoever, because by the time I realized I was going to talk about anything/everything, I was 5 items in and reshuffling sounded like a pain:]

1. MEDIUM CANCELED BY NBC.  WTF OMG I HATE EVERYONE.  This is somehow your fault, Chuck!  But - CBS maybe planning to pick it up?!  OK, must admit, this would make me love my favorite network even more than I already do, and possibly make up for the part where there is a 99% chance that they're canceling Without a Trace after renewing Cold Case. 

2. Oh yeah, did I mention that?  Renewing Cold Case.  You know, I wasn't going to be happy either way, but comparing the quality of each show's last four episodes...Trace came out over CC by a landslide, not to mention that CC's season finale looked a lot more conclusive than the previews for the other's.  I won't know for sure until tomorrow, though... *still clings to 1% hope* [which, 2 hours later, was dead]

3. My Name is Earl - cancelled.  *quietly steams*  NBC, my favor, you are losing it really fast in spite of all those shows I was planning to watch come fall.  [edit: although apparently this one is shopping for a new network too.  Which makes the probability of my watching it even lower, but...woot on principle.]

4. Scrubs - renewed?!  I THOUGHT WE ALL AGREED TO GENTLY EUTHANIZE IT.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT, ABC?  Remember how FOX dragged out That 70's Show, and Malcolm in the Middle, when both shows were pleading for mercy at least a year or two before they actually got it?  I kinda feel like Scrubs is in that category.

5. Dollhouse - renewed.  So the fans can rejoice.  Meanwhile, Sarah Connor Chronicles - canceled.  I can't actually say I care about either one, except that this battle for pick-up between the two of them was more entertaining than a dogfight is for twisted individuals.

6. Samantha Who - holy unexpected cancellation!  Never watched it, never wanted to, but I thought it was performing pretty well for ABC.  Poor show; I haven't seen unexpected death like that since CBS axed Close to Home.

7. Bones - renewed for 2 seasons, HEY-O!

8. The Unusuals - canceled.  Hey, so am I now free to believe that Harold Perrineau's character dies at age 42?  Because I'm going to.

9. So You Think You Can Dance - summer season per usual, then immediately followed by a fall season.   Um.  I'm not sure I'm on board with that.  One, I ALREADY HAVE PLENTY OF FALL SHOWS.  Two, I'm already debating whether I'm even going to watch this summer, since last year sucked and it was such a relief not to be enslaved to American Idol this spring.  Three, c'mon, this was such a nice little summer show!  Don't let it get too big for its britches!

10. Til Death - renewed yet again, for season 4!  Taking over for the canceled According to Jim in the category of "Scapegoat sitcom TV Squad viewers don't watch but hate with a passion for existing and refusing to be canceled year after year."

11. The Wanda Sykes Show - hah, that sounds amusing.  And on Saturday nights, I will probably pop in to check it out from time to time.

12. *head is still spinning with news and schedules all over the place and ahh, ahhhh, GEEZE.  I JUST WANT TO START MY MENTAL VACATION FROM TV ALREADY.  (maybe this year!  maybe this year it will finally be too much and my head will explode from TV stress and I'll dial it down to like ten integral shows.  A girl can hope)

13. Also, there are apparently SHINY CASTING-SPOILER PHOTOS for Doctor Who, so now I'm all LKFJDLFJLKA TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT and I need to just go back and immerse myself in last week's head-crushing finales; THE PRESENT-DAY WORLD IS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE.
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