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1. Death knell announced for Without a Trace.  Damn it.  Then again, they claim they had "one slot left" and it went to Numb3rs, which is a shaky sort of relief - in a head-to-head battle, Numb3rs would win EVERY TIME, and I would have actually curled up and died if they had unexpectedly cut what is currently my favorite show off at the knees - but...that's not true, is it, because you gave a slot to Cold Case.  (gosh, I am starting to resent my poor little workhorse show a little bit over it.  Or a lot.  Good thing they already cleared out of town for the year so my rage has nowhere to go.)

I have never been so glad that Numb3rs has a lower overhead.  Perhaps I should stop whining when Amita gets kicked out of episodes.  NEVER!

2. Eleventh Hour - canceled.  Never watched it, but always thought that if I'd had fewer shows on the plate, I might have sought it out for diversion.  It looked better than Fringe.

3. Privileged - canceled.  Never watched that either, but it looked like the best thing on CW's network (which currently has nothing good, as far as I'm concerned).  I still love Joanna Garcia from her Reba days, and once I looked up the premise and found out it wasn't a Gossip Girl clone, I felt much more favorable towards it.  (Relatedly: GG spinoff canceled, you say?  MWA-HA-HA.)

4. Which reminds me, another factor in my Without a Trace cancellation resentment is the fact that CBS magically had a slot for the NCIS spin-off.  Now more than ever, I really want it to crash and burn.  YES.  I AM PROBABLY GOING TO BE WHINING ABOUT WITHOUT A TRACE FOR A WHILE.

5. The Unit - canceled.  Never watched it, but vaguely approved of it on principle, and feel bad for it - I always figured it would carry some longterm staying power.

6. Renewed: How I Met Your Mother (yay!), Rules of Engagement (DIE, killer of The Class!), Gary Unmarried (I want Worst Week!  I don't care if it shut down in December!), and New Adventures of Old Christine (eh.  I'm happy for it, but it's like the only likable show I've ever successfully forgotten to keep watching)

7. Non-crappy news: I feel like I should repeat, one more time, the glorious fact that Numb3rs has been renewed.  I got kind of complacent thinking that it would probably be renewed, but then all of a sudden it was in jeopardy, and it's not like they really needed to wrap that cliffhanger, and...OH GOD NO WHAT IF - *phew*.

8. I really need to stop obsessively tracking upfronts news.

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