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You don't have to worry about commenting, either, when I get like this.

1. I told you it was Chuck's fault.  But that's okay, because CBS PICKED UP MEDIUM, REJOICE AND HALLELUJAH!  I think there's a little pot-calling-the-kettle-black with claiming the cancellation was "inexplicable," cancelers of Without a Trace which charts better than Medium, but I am not going to argue.  Especially since this might come with a bigger episode order.  (And now, off to fret that it'll still only last one more season when it fails to live up to CBS's ridiculously high ratings history for procedurals.  On the bright side, maybe it'll do better now that it won't be opposite CSI: Miami?)

(edit: or maybe not.  Apparently the networks have decided that Friday is the new Thursday, as the middle hour of primetime there will consist of fierce battles between Medium, Southland, Ugly Betty and Dollhouse.  Geeze.  This could get ugly.)

1.5. Unrelatedly: Seriously?  You have a new show called "Miami Trauma"?  This is getting ridiculous.  I refuse to move into an era of medical procedurals!  I am so at risk to slavishly follow your whims anyway.  Also, I approve of pitting superpower The Mentalist against Private Practice.  I want the latter show to go down.  And stay down.

2. How I Met Your Mother, 4x24, "Take the Leap"
* Continuing the now-familiar trend of failing at everything, the CBS promo monkeys took all the fun out of this episode by putting the best and culminating Barney/Robin scene in the promo.  Because the kiss was a delight!  But it also meant that as soon as their advance-and-retreat started, you were like "well, this still has to end with them kissing in a hospital room, so whatever."

* I'm also going to blame them for ruining the awesome Ted v. Missy fight.  Which was hilariously choreographed in Ted's sleep-deprived memory, but I somehow feel it would have been funnier if I hadn't seen the strangling clips five times an hour during every show I watched on CBS for almost a week beforehand.

* Fortunately, this is funny no matter how many times you see it:
Robin: How long have you known?
Marshall: 7 months 29 days.

* Back to Barney/Robin for a second, um...so is that how it's going to be?  Barney can only love her as long as she resists him, because the second she reciprocates his feelings wither and die until she retracts it?  That is twisted, even for them.  It's like an even more tragic version of Ned/Chuck not being able to touch.  Yes, more tragic.  So I'm just going to go over here and repeat on loop, "Maybe I don't want to be saved the trouble.  Maybe I want the trouble," and then wait for the writers to make this less eyeroll-inducing.

And maybe also treasure that one awesome look between them right before Barney jumped.

* FORTUNATELY, Missy the Goat is the best character ever introduced to this show (move over, Barney).  I want her to star in every episode, chewing washcloths all the way.  Or finding a new item to wreak havoc on each week.  Geeze, I love goats.  Are they not the most adorable creatures in the world?  That was a rhetorical question; you are not allowed to disagree with me.   In sum, I loved every second of her scenes.  

*   Best part of the finale.  Right there.  Sven's shiny robot building design strikes again.  

* I'm in love with the big gold butterfly necklace.  I have nothing I could wear it with, yet I want one anyway.

* I also love that Barney thinks he has to explain all his jokes.

* Marshall, having apparently heard my blasphemous Marshall/Robin shipping remarks last week, quickly disabused me of those notions for deeming Robin "meh" for her freakish height and lack of belief in ghosts.  Nice job.

* The roof-jumping plot was dull (except for Marshall in his vampire costume; HEE), but let's pretend it was worth it just for Lily's fake "I'm pregnant" and storming off in a rage when he admits "I noticed you gained some weight lately..." 

* Future Mrs. Mosby was in Ted's class?  Drat it all.  I'm going to need more details about how this was a misleading statement ASAP, because otherwise my brain is going to run and I won't be able to stop it.  I have a thing about mentors and protegées, so if there's even a hint it's going in that direction...I don't know.  I still can't wrap my head around the idea of Ted getting it together enough to give lectures.

* This show needs to stop having flashbacks to things that were shown a few episodes ago.  Especially if they were flashbacks that were shown a few episodes ago.

* Almost forgot - THE MOSBY.  Classic move.

CSI: NY - 5x24, "Grounds for Deception"
Internet, you can go ahead and hate all you want.  There is no removing my general love for this episode.

Getting the bad out of the way
-"Angry Mac is angry. He is also insufferable after that bull last week."  (this is only at the very beginning, though.  After that he shapes up) 

-It never fails to amaze me how Stella's past is a magical blank slate that can be erased and rewritten whenever it's convenient to the story, with more people we've never heard of showing up in it all the time.  Powerful stuff - I suspect memory charms and wizards are at work (well, laguera25 has a Harry Potter crossover built right in). 

-It is almost ~*shocking*~ how identical Stella and her mother looked, isn't it?  *eye roll*

-"...and apparently we jumped 6 weeks forward in time?"  I couldn't figure out why else Lindsay would be back at work all of a sudden.  I was so busy being annoyed that "Lucy" won out** - "which makes perfect sense, since after Danny pushed her into marriage I shouldn't be surprised he pushed his name choice as well" - that I almost missed the part where she was only there for a couple of hours. 

**No one is ever going to convince me that Lucy Monroe/Messer sounds any better than Lydia Monroe/Messer.  Sorry.

And once I got over the initial squee of seeing the baby at work (because it's how I reac, apparently), my response was more like "...surely that can't be the healthiest environment for a baby.  The germs, the...I don't know, the chemicals?  It just seems like not the greatest place, no matter how cute the photo op with the nameless lab techs is."

The Excellent
-Love the Greek-themed music used for most if not all of the montages and weaving through the background.  Somebody did a much better job than usual on the soundtrack this week.

-Also love the surreal teaser, when normally I can't stand the segment before the CSI team shows up.  They really did look like statues coming to life; it was like something from Doctor Who.  Like a cross between "Pompeii" and "Blink."

-FLACK.  "Angell's out of town for a couple days..." (DON'T COME BACK, ANGELL!  IT'S NOT SAFE.  Also, bitchcakes, not giving us one last episode before she's gone)

"Jess didn’t tell me about the details, just that you were working on something, but if this involves her, I'd like to know, cause I care about her."
Squee, squee, squee!

-Which reminds me --
Mac: This isn’t about my job or the department.  It's difficult because I care about you.
Aww.  Nearly as good as the bit with him putting an arm out in front of her because she's weaponless as she follows him.

-My only response to Papakota and then Stella disappearing from sight: "It's the Magic Apartment that EATS PEOPLE."

-I do not care how improbable the random trip to Greece was.  I loved every single second of it.  Besides, I was really interested in this case, even if I'm disappointed that the awesome Stella/Angell takedown with the shipping container ended up being of no avail, and Angell wasn't even around to see the case pay off.  (Boo!  I liked the girlpower team!)  It was a little convoluted and random and tried to do too much, but I'm happy to give it an A for enthusiasm.  This is one I'll actually enjoy watching again when it comes up in random reruns.

-Plus, "written by" >>> "directed by."  If Melina is going to write delightful Mac/Stella interaction like this, she should feel free to hire a continuity-checker and then go crazy with the pen whenever she wants.

-Prime example: reading coffee grounds.  "You have something that belongs to her."  Hehe.  "See, that's an S.  For Stella. The woman in your life who sometimes you adore and sometimes drives you crazy." They are so ridiculously adorable. 

-I am positive I am missing more things I loved, just because I only got to see this one once.  Although my love for it seems to be growing in retrospect.

P.S. "Way to be really subtle about who's dying, promos.  GOSH, I JUST HAVE NO IDEA WHO IT COULD BE.  I mean, it's probably Sid that has Flack screaming, carrying them in his arms and looking devastated at a hospital window, right?"

& 5.25, "Pay Up"
a/k/a "Sobbing my heart out now, kthnxbai"

The Bad
-Most of this plot.  I officially never want to see Craig T. Nelson in anything ever again.

-Opening song: "Nelly is on my screen.  And in my ears.  I can only take one of these atrocities at once, show."  *mutes*  (edit: wow, it actually gets dumber with sound.  Most ridiculous opening minute ever.  Although after that, Terrence finally gets somewhat likable)

-"WTF?!  I HATE YOU.  No fair death and cliffhangers!"  The only way in which I'm not supremely annoyed with this is if Danny or Lindsay goes down with a bullet in their head.  And when everyone picks themselves up all fine and dandy off the diner floor, as I verily suspect they will, I'm going to be even more peeved.  (edit: my outrage over the cliffhanger has sort of dissipated in the depressing weight of the death, though)

Dear TPTB: you suck for giving me a reason to suddenly believe in the depth of their feelings.  (And don't give me this "budget cuts" business as a reason to kill her off.  How much money do you spend luring in those stupid big-name music stars every year?)

*chants repeatedly to self*  Her death is better than his.  Her death is better than his.  I got over Peyton never coming back.  I can get over this.

*20 minutes later*
So my grand plan was to picspam the hell out of all their scenes, complete with excessive quoting.  Then it turned out that I couldn't actually stop watching long enough to do either, as I would just get sucked into the action until the scene was over, then jump to the next one and repeat the process when I got to the end of it all.  In lieu of that, teeney short staccato exclamations for no benefit beyond my own:

* Hilarious phone banter!  "You, me, a bottle of wine, I'll wear that negligee you like..." / "Mom?" / "Ugh.  Never mind."  And her "predictable" breakfast, heehe.

* Sentences cut off by explosions and gunfire, Flack screaming "JESS!" and throwing Terrence out of the car to take off like a bat out of hell!

* Knocking over tables!  (Very, very well-played rush into the building.  I didn't know you could play a 3-second shot well.  You can.)

* "Hey.  Hey, baby, hey, can you look at me?   I'm here.  . . . You're gonna be all right.  Everything's gonna be all right."  Perfect amount of panic and emotion surging along there. 

* Carrying her out to the car!  And while I can't decide how realistic it is that she's still conscious; I don't care, I knew I could make peace with her death as soon as I saw her head lolling to track his voice.  That's really all I need out of these CRUEL FATAL SHOOTINGS - that last moment on the ride in where the the victim's not alone and you can still believe that if you just press hard enough, you'll stop the inevitable and save them.  (But mostly it's the part where he's with her and she is able to register this fact, even dimly.)


* Jogging after the gurney!  His expression at the hospital door, watching her disappear!  (Honestly, right here I thought we were well and truly done with the outpouring of emotion from Flack.  I was already high as a kite off it, reveling in it despite the tragedy, and it was barely halfway through)

* Watching Jess get shot in flashback form is almost as upsetting as Warrick was last year.  Hey, you know which franchise I think is due for a death again?  Miami.  I know the finale aired last night; don't tell me htings!

* Danny at the hospital!  For a minute there, I actually had this crazy hope she'd be okay.  But at the very least, I was expecting her to still be in surgery.  So when Flack whispered "she's gone," a little part of me keeled over and died in protest at being forced to deal with it so early.  I almost missed Flack totally breaking down.  Wow.  That makes up for every single scene of crap I have had to put up with from D/L this season.

* There's more!  But I feel irreverant using exclamation points right here, so: shirt and tie still smeared with blood, tucking her hand back under the sheet.  His expression, complete with tears.  "I can't bear the thought of her being autopsied" (well great, I can't either, now that you mention it), complete with the breaky voice.  Now I just need to mentally block Sid out of this scene, because he does not help it any way.  NO.  HE REALLY DOESN'T.

* Flack + Angell's dad!  "Jess always had a smile on her face.  But these past few months it was different."

Random Other Good Things
* Lovely art direction all over the place.  The lingering shots on the bloodstained floor, her untouched plate...

* Hah, okay, Adam being stealth!ninja sticking a tracker on the car while Stella watches out for him was pretty good.

*Crawling along using the police car for a shield

* Remember that thing about Terrence being kind of likable, for once?  Almost entirely due to the newspaper scene ("I'm trying to help your thick-head ass!").  Suddenly he's like my new favorite character.  "The cop that got shot - girl you were on the phone with...that was your girl, right?"

* Mac/Stella moment!  With her giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Glee!
* Aw, final scene, callbacks to Aiden's tribute.  And Stella rubbing Flack's shoulder.  :'(

I'm not actually sure where to put this
-"Don't do it, Don. Don't be Horatio.
...YOU ARE SO HORATIO."   Seriously, dude.  You think it's only gonna be one time.  One simple shot of revenge for your lady's death.  Next thing you know you're poppin' bad guys left and right if they so much as look at you askance.

^ I say this in jest, because I don't actually know how to feel about it.  Horatio Caine has pretty much ruined my ability to justify a gun-pointed-down shooting for any reason.
Whew.  I finally got through it.  That's a relief.

Season Wrap: Am too emotionally drained to think about this show for the next 4 months (though will probably be all over spoilers like wildfire to burst my bubble and verify that nobody is actually dying in the premiere).  Will, however, definitely be there.  Ended on a high note.  A sucky note, but I think I had almost enough time to prepare myself for it that I was able to just glean the emotional-gold aspect of it, so that's good.  Leaps and bounds away from last year's finale o' crap, at any rate.
I have been at the computer for a very long time.  I should probably take a break now.


( 8 comments — Leave a comment )
May. 20th, 2009 03:26 pm (UTC)
Whoo! The Mentalist up against Private Practice means I don't have to watch the latter because there's nothing else to watch. Thank god.

I prefer to see Barney and Robin as a work in progress. They've got issues but they've got the same issues and while I do think the show has slacked off on letting us see that Robin might care for him even a little as much as he cares for her I have hopes that next season will rectify that. And I don't think his feelings wither and die, I think Barney's just so used to reacting that way to other women that it's sort of a reflex even when it's Robin. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

You know I loved Mac and Stella in Greece. I don't care how ridiculous the premise was because they were in Greece and he cares about her and it was adorable.
May. 22nd, 2009 01:37 am (UTC)
-Heh, sometimes I wish the people in charge could see comments like that. And make decisions, specifically ones involving an axe, based on them.

-Actually, that's not a bad interpretation of Barney/Robin. I think I need you on permanent retainer to give me perspective on things when I've got tunnel vision brought on by my tendency toward rage-o-holism.
May. 22nd, 2009 01:54 am (UTC)
I tried to give Private Practice another chance. She almost pulled me back in with the Pete and Violet action but she completely lost me with the finale cliffhanger.
May. 20th, 2009 03:40 pm (UTC)
I never believed that Flack and Angell's relationship ever got as deep as Don tried to make it seem that it was. They never said "I love you" onscreen, and it almost seemed as though no one knew they were involved except the two of them.

Yes, it was a little soon for Lindsay to not only be back at work but to bring Lucy with her, but come on, it was adorable! It may not be that realistic, but keep in mind it's FICTION.

While I enjoyed the Stella-centric episode, I agree that it seemed a little odd that she seemed to know everything and nothing about her past. Very strange.
May. 20th, 2009 03:51 pm (UTC)
-I will admit no such thing, but I will grant you that her essentially dying right in front of him could do a lot to spur on an outpouring of emotion that might not necessarily be there otherwise. (That's all the leeway I'm prepared to give. *is stubborn*)

-Hey, I'm just telling you what runs through my head. I put time but not always that much deep thought into what I see. :)

May. 20th, 2009 09:22 pm (UTC)
Bahahah Missy was awesome and I love that Lily/Marshall tell each other everything, so sweet but also always so funny.

I feel like I was on board with Barney/Robin but this was done kind of weird so I am curious to see how they take it from here.

And Ted saying something like 'this was just the beginning of that story' or whatever, makes it sound soooo long. Lol.
Jun. 12th, 2009 04:46 pm (UTC)
Pay Up
"-"Don't do it, Don. Don't be Horatio.
...YOU ARE SO HORATIO." Seriously, dude. You think it's only gonna be one time. One simple shot of revenge for your lady's death. Next thing you know you're poppin' bad guys left and right if they so much as look at you askance."
Bwwwwwwah! You had to make me laugh at poor Don with him all bloodied and heart-broken. But I have to say knocking off the baddie without so much a blink made me want to give him a whack up side the head. What are you thinking boy! I don't care if you're grieving. You are better than that. There's gotta be fall out on this. I swear, if he comes back next season sporting all black constantly... Well, at least NY is chillier than Miami.
Jun. 12th, 2009 06:06 pm (UTC)
Re: Pay Up
Hehe. By and large, speculation seems to be that there will be precisely zero consequences for his actions because he can always say the guy was reaching for his gun, and Danny will back him up, and I guess I can excuse the emotional meltdown...but still.
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