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Welcome to the Keppler and Catherine Show

Oh Keppy dear, you're not going to make my show unwatchable for three weeks, are you?  Because your Bobby Goren vibe just keeps getting stronger, and I don't think I can stand much more of it. 

Him aside, "Sweet Jane" was one of the most remarkable stories I have seen in a long time.  It sounded good on paper and it was better as a finished product.  And even with the overall cinematic quality of the season so far, this was a storyline that I found myself envisioning on the big screen.  Not necessarily as a CSI movie (though hey, they could still have used Keppler for a main character!), but as a movie's storyline in general.  If you added a few scenes to flesh out the characters of the murdered girls, and stretched out the ultimate reveal of the murder - oh, and/or if you packed Keppler's entire story arc in - you'd have one compelling thriller.  It worked for Murder By Numbers, didn't it?

I was probably influenced by the soundtrack, which somebody had a field day putting together, with great results.  The eerie piano notes were remniscient of a suspense-based horror film, yet their underlying melody gave off an air of naivte (sp?) and tragic innocence, a perfect representation for the murdered girls - especially the parts where it changed into a sort of Celtic sound, or the angelic-choir effect.  Also, I'm feeling a need to go download the song "Sweet Jane," which I'd never heard before...but I am a great fan of songs with a girl's name in the title.

Apparently it's another Velvet Underground tune (which, sweet, because I already love their "Stephanie Says")...but not really...because this one sounds totally different...SO CONFUSED.

Sara got more than one scene!  She got a full-length interview in there!  Then she vanished again.  If Grissom's gone, where in HECK does she keep going?  Greg was even more blink-and-you-miss him, as was Warrick.  I think HODGES beat him out for screentime this week.  See where I'm getting the title of my post?  Nick was the only other character who appeared to have earned his pay.  My personal favorite scene, of course, was when he went to retrieve the evidence from the '89 case, and opened the box to find it turned into a mouse nest with four adorably pink baby mousies inside.  Good for my love of cute things, bad for the case.  And that is why evidence should not be stored in cardboard boxes in semi-abandoned warehouses.

Great, now I'm worried about all the cardboard boxes of my homework and other records in the attics at home.  Wild baby mousies aren't that cute when you discover them in real life.

I just realized that this episode didn't have the usual flashbacks where you see the crime being committed.  (did they?) They had the really neat montage in the teaser (that was cinematic too), but that was it.  Just studying the old case files, and photos that will be burned into my brain and prevent me from sleeping well.  For some reason, I don't know why, those photos were more chilling than the usual blood and gore bodies.  Maybe it was just because they were such old unsolveds, without even a name to go on. Anyway, I don't know about the "waving goodbye" position; my first impression whenever I see a body like that is "Ophelia."  Especially given the girls' long hair and how it was kind of spread around them like a fan.  The '89 victim in particular, with the crimped hair, haunted me.  I was drawn into the photo; that was a case I REALLY wanted to know more about.

There was something overwhelming about seeing the whole cemetary, basically, devoted to nothing but row after row of Jane and John Does.  It's just such a sobering thought to think of so many people who died alone and forgotten, their record lost.  Of course, the exhumations of bodies 20-30 years old, reduced to nearly-but-not-quite skeletal remains, both a) added to the horror-film feel and b) were the most nerve-wracking bit of the night.  There's very little more chilling to look at than a skeleton with spots of fading, thinning hair still attached to the skull, just a bit of dehydrated skin left around the mouth.

And oh, the dentist was creepy, creepy, creepy.  The chilling kind of sociopath, who has no real emotion or remorse for killing those girls.  Maybe even creepier, since he had daughters of his own, and grandchildren, and it sounded like to them he was just friendly ole' grandpa.  *shudder*
So, yes: overall, an astounding quality episode,  but with a major detraction in the form of Keppler which will probably pull it down when I do my episode rankings at the end of the season.
[Edit: And now I have "Sweet Jane" stuck in my head, by which I mean as soon as I looked it up and added it to my playlist, I became completely addicted to it and pretty much have it playing on loop.  Um, the Velvet Underground version, anyway.  According to Wikipedia, CSI used the Cowboy Junkies cover, which is a lot smoother, more mellow, laid back.  Ah, I thought it sounded different in the previews - this one's much eerier.  Also, it has completely different lyrics, so even with the same melody and chorus, is it really still considered a 'cover'?

Anyway, now I've added that one to my playlist as well, and am equally if not MORE addicted to the new version...]
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