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Seeing more shows off to their summer hiatus

5/24 Edit-y Edit: I seem to have had a fit of paranoia last night, whereby all I could think about was how people probably ignored most of what I wrote about but made sure to criticize me for hating on Pauley Perrette's music. I subsequently deleted my post and any attached comments without reading them and then replaced it with this slightly edited version. Seems that was an overreaction and as such I have re-posted the comments at the end of this post. As you were:
I watched the first half-hour of the So You Think You Can Dance auditions this week, mostly just to confirm that Cat is still the sweetest and most wonderful ray of hosting sunshine in the world, and that Nigel's hair will always freak me out in new ways at the beginning of every season. After that I got restless and wandered away in search of finales I hadn't watched yet, because this year I am very determinedly not watching the audition rounds and falling in love with people who get cut. I still like the auditions on this show, but my headspace has far more important things to fill it.

I just want to reiterate that season 4 (Twitch and possibly Will & Comfort aside) largely sucked beyond belief, I am sad and annoyed that Napolitha is still there pretending to be one person, and I really want there to be awesome people in this year because even though you can still produce good dances and music with annoying dancers, it's much less fun.

Bones, 4x26, "The End in the Beginning"
I watched this in two installments, and had vastly different emotional reactions:

Day 1 (first 10 minutes)

You'd think I could maybe have extrapolated something after McGee already wrote a book based on his coworkers (and shipping Tony/Ziva all the way) on NCIS. But no, I hear "there's a twist' over and over and somehow I manage to completely dismiss it as an unimportant qualifier. Dude, I need more intimate spoiler sources than Ausiello. By which I mean "I need to be less lazy about visiting YTDAW."

And know what, DO NOT NEED. Why...why...I don't understand. I don't understand why you'd subject the actors and viewers to this sort of thing when it is NOT EVEN NECESSARY TO THE OVERALL PLOT. It's not like we needed to see it to confirm it as canon, SINCE IT ISN'T.

*angry kick* In sum, this embarrasses me more than the footage of the extended Christmas kiss.

Although it does sort of provide an awesome new playground for fanfic, doesn't it? Canon-endorsed AU -- and oh hey, MARRIED SEELEY/TEMPE FOR THE WIN. *\o/*

Also, in my very-bad, no-good, channel-hopping way, I may have changed the channel at the end of Survivor the night this aired and accidentally, I don't know, watched the last 15 seconds. Luckily it didn't really spoil the episode plot, so I'm just going to share with you my reaction to it here:
Booth: Who are you?
Me: What...what...WHAT?! ( /The Doctor voice.) He's joking, right? He's joking like the Mulder he so closely resembles? WHY AREN'T YOU JOKING, FREAKING CREDITS!

Day 2 (the rest)
Oh my God, that was the most amazing thing ever. Now I understand why they've been talking this finale up since October. I am so in love with this AU. I want this AU to spawn an entire spin-off fandom with websites and LiveJournal comms dedicated to it. I am also in love with whoever wrote it. Who even came up with this brainchild? It's brilliant. You know how from time to time, you run aross brilliant works of fanfic and you sigh and wish you could see them on screen? THIS IS ONE OF THOSE.

(I also understand why FOX thought it would be possible to hold this over until fall for lack of airtime - it wasn't strictly necessary for closure; the penultimate could have worked as a finale and this could have been a premiere too).

You know how Numb3rs littered its hundredth episode with canon references? (of course you don't; nobody here watches it, do they?) This episode was full of them. I can't tell you the number of times I clapped my hands in delight, although I think my favorite was either Sweets going "some people think I'm Gormogon" or (to Zack), "You're the guy that goes to prison for a murder he didn't commit."

Oh, speaking of which, ZACK!!!! Most adorable personal assistant ever, and still rocking the floppy hair; how wonderful to see him. And Mr. Nigel-Murray, how wonderful to see him when he's not constantly dropping ultra-annoying trivia! Turns out he's really cute & a little bit foxy; I had no idea. It's like his accent didn't even register behind all the pointlessness. Can we pleeeeeease keep this version?? I will stop championing Clark and even Wendell if we can keep this version.

In fact, all of the characters were so spectacular that I didn't hate anybody. (Except Booth's brother. I will always hate Booth's brother. Even more than Max. And Fisher's case is more of a "neutral with slight negative feelings" than actual lack of hate. OK, well, I MOSTLY liked everybody.) For example, SWEETS. I liked Sweets a whole bunch! Angela too, but the sudden and ridiculous love I had for Sweets was insane. I need him to be a bartender/awesome adult-contemporary band leader for always and never breathe a word of psychology again. Also, I want to know if you can find those songs he was singing anywhere else.

Daisy as the bubble-headed nympho was still adorable, and I developed a spontaneous girlcrush when she was bouncing around on stage with her little tambourine in the prettiest pink-and-white floofy dress. I freaking love Daisy. I am happy when she gets on this show as often as can possibly be contrived.

Wendell as the tough, silent-type security/bouncer/bodyguard = BEST THING EVER.

Until I saw Clark strut in as the hip-hop star with shades and attitude, and I fell out my chair HOWLING with laughter. No, that is the best thing this show has ever done in the history of episodes covering the entire spectrum of emotions. Hodgins & Angela's post-rescue kiss from Aliens in a Spaceship? Vanquished beneath the power of C-Synch. I could not stop laughing; it brought tears to my eyes.

Oh, oh, oh! And Jack Hodgins, the disillusioned yet very distinguished-looking author of crime novels. Thaaaaat was amazing. Definitely my favorite AU character. So cynical, yet so very attractive. Also, this is a Hodgins/Angela free of baggage that I could definitely ship.

Point of note: I totally missed the Persian intern and Angela's ex-husband the first time around. *facepalm* Yes, because in an episode filled to bursting with significance, they were obvioulsy just going to cast two random people...

Heck, the lush cast of supporting players were all so good I barely had time to bask in the joy of married!Booth/Bren. It's probably going to take all summer for this magnificence to fully sink into my head, although I'm still not ready to go back to that first scene in bed (I will redact my earlier complaints about its necessity/lack thereof, but that's it).

And then they topped it off with a baby on the way! Show, you kill me. I had decided I wasn't even going to hope for that, and then there it was, thrown in free of charge. Man, I love close-ended AUs. *is off to glee over Booth's grinning some more*

I was even utterly perplexed by the mystery, as I changed my guess every 5 minutes and still couldn't come up with a solid reason anyone would murder anybody. And I just loved everyone running around to protect their bosses without even knowing if they were guilty. Aww. Lab Love ftw!

In fact, absolutely the only thing wrong with this episode was freaking Motley Crue and their horrible blaring rock music, which was made worse by the way you'd have the volume turned up to hear dialogue and then out of nowhere, OMG DEAFENING SMASHING NOISE. Which, the hell, didn't we just do this? NEW RULE: you are only allowed a maximum of one rock band, real or fictional, per season per show.

Other than that: utterly perfect and one of my new favorite episodes of all time.
NCIS, 6x25, "Aliyah" (really the finale this time, I checked this one too)
I told myself I wasn't going to get bent out of shape over the end this time. Every year, I get bent out of shape over the finale and every year, it gets put back to right within 3 episodes so there is no cause to freak out.

The whole first half of the episode, and well into the second, I was doing perfectly will with just biding my time. Off to Israel, fine. Ziva blaming Tony all over the place, fine. Ziva's dad, blah, fine. The Mummy, fiiiiine (no wait, LOLOLOL! That actor will never be free of association with the franchise) In fact, Ziva gets left in Tel Aviv? Still totally fine. Gibbs gave her a parting kiss on the cheek, so I'm good!

I battle increased pressure for shape-bending as there are implications that Ziva klling Ari was a sort of 4-year long con in the making, designed to win Gibbs' trust, and OMGWTFBBQ and SHUT UP. You are not trampling over my memories of that premiere, and the glory days of season 3, and taking away all the emotional power of that incident. Besides, factoring in how that played into "Hiatus," this doesn't even make sense. I choose to believe you are just full of crap, Director Vance. So far so good, coming in for a landing...

[NOTE: it is entirely possible that I misread something in this segment. I am notoriously terrible at understanding what goes on in this show's plot arcs, which I blame on the writers being overly impressed by their own cleverness at secrecy.]

And then we get a shot of one extremely beat-up Ziva tied to a chair somewhere in Africa, one side of her face swollen almost beyond recognition. "Tell me everything you know about NCIS." Credits. OKAY, NOW I AM BENT OUT OF SHAPE. REMEDY THIS ATROCITY IMMEDIATELY! *is on edge of seat* Stupid show and its stupid penchant for cliffhangers!

Other Things
I noticed Pauley Perrette's song prominently displayed at one point. I reiterate that, in short, I do not like it all.

On the other hand, if someone could find me that very lovely, haunting, sort of pipe-organ background music used in several of the scenes with the Davids (confrontation, looking at the childhood picture), I would be very fond of that. See, when you have good music, you don't even have to promote it. People just pick it up. *snaps fingers*
"You jeopardized you entire career, and for what?!"
"For you."
Let me just replay that several dozen times.
Ziva, um, didn't really expect Gibbs to keep her over Tony, did she? Because that's just ridiculous, and she should know better; the only person Gibbs might keep over Tony is Abby. It's been bugging me; I couldn't tell if she was asking him to transfer Tony or if she was telling him she wanted to stay with Mossad. Of course, she does seem to really believe that Tony is inexplicably lying about the shooting, so I think she needs some time to access her un-crazy side.
Aw, Abby and her official welcome-back mode. More importantly, "No! This cannot happen, Vance CANNOT do this AGAIN!" Good girl.
Yes, Gibbs. We are going to ask EVERY TIME how you get those boats out of your basement. I'm starting to be of the suspicion that you just snap a picture and then hack them apart again and have bonfires in the back yard for the next few nights.===========
Edited Addendums:
From jeremybrettfan:
Every year it's the same interview on ET about how the cast doesn't get to see the script UNTIL THE VERY LAST DAY OF SHOOTING! :O There's a surprise. If it was not for Mark Harmon, I would not keep watching them. But FFS SHANE BRENNAN WE DO NOT NEED A CLIFFHANGER FOR THE SAKE OF IT. Have you not seen your ratings skyrocket, even if this season was the weakest apart from that adorable episode with Gibbs' dad?!

LOL the mummy though, he will always be Ihmotep.
Aww Gibbs' cheek kisses. WANT ONE.
DIRECTOR VANCE MAKES ME WANT TO CUT A BITCH. He's talking out his ass, he has no way of knowing the inner workings of Ziva's awesome mind, and bets are Mossad are playing his toothpick chewing mug. ZIVA SAVED GIBBS CAUSE SHE WANTED TO.
I really hate how they feel they also have to shove the soundtrack in really unsubtly. I hate that song too, especially the ending. THE ONLY FEAR IS NOT FEAR ITSELF TYVM. IT'S THAT YOU WILL CONTINUE TO PLUG THIS CRAP NEXT SEASON. What happened to the days of genuine quirky music I'd never heard but that the show made me look up? Also, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO JENNY WHY CAN'T SHE BE UNDERCOVER PRETENDING TO BE DEAD SOMEWHERE?!
Tiva <3 though all up in our faces.
I think Ziva made Gibbs pick because she knew which way he'd go so she wouldn't have to explicitly say 'sorry Gibbs, daddy has grounded me BUT YOU ARE MY ONE TRUE FATHER FIGURE ILU CHEEK KISS.'
Vance apparently also makes Abby want to cut a bitch. Or maybe write another song for the next soundtrack. SAD FACE.

Seriously, I think that Brennan will wait till the last ever season, or till Gibbs dies or something to explain that one. Maybe he doesn't even know because he spent all of this year figuring out the cliffhanger for the finale and the SUPER SPECTACULAR SEASON OPENING instead of, you know, the season.


rainbowstevie responds: YES. THANK YOU. I AM NOT CRAZY FOR THINKING VANCE IS RIDICULOUS, and thank you for helping explain Ziva's decision. Also, lol @ "the only fear is that you will continue to plug this crap." Man, this is the best comment ever. It says everything I couldn't figure out how to say! That last paragraph has laughing so hard I'm afraid they might hear it outside...

From fiery_twilight:
I'M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED THE FINALE. Tons of people have been bitching about it SO MUCH lately and it's been making me sad because I personally LOVED it. :D

rainbowstevie responds: EXACTLY! What is all this hate, internet?? It was freaking awesome.
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