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It's better when I do short (for me) posts instead of the giant ones with 8 topics, right?

Because I mean, I was going to wait until I watched Medium to post this, but...that probably won't be until tomorrow at the earliest, so I should just get this out now before I forget to hit the "restore saved draft" option and lose it all.

Finally finished watching the season of Southland, and...I just don't think this is a show I can talk about every week.  Or at all, unless something huge happens.  I feel so horribly guilty saying that; like, why can't I come up with things to talk about?  I love it!  I have thoughts!  I react to and become emotionally involved with the characters!  I can go for pages on reality shows, for crying out loud!  And yet.  This series has me completely stymied. 

It's like I'm soaking up a particularly captivating class lecture, amazing in the moment but dissipating as soon as it ends, until only a few scattered lines remain lodged in my memory.  Which is good, in theory; if I could feel this way about more of my shows there would be much less work involved for me...but then I get irrationally worried that I have permanently lost the ability to connect with new series, or something. Meh.

I will now negate the above statements by FLAILING A LOT over episode 1x06, "Westside," where at least one huge thing happened.

-Ooh!  Ben/Daisy is finally a ship I can be on board with.  Interest in show about to kick into high gear?  WHO KNOWS.  (probably not.  It doesn't seem meant to last.)  I just know they are both gorgeous and knew each other in high school and have the most instantly fantastic chemistry I have ever seen.

-Speaking of which, holy crap, someone on TV actually got away with the "will you stay with me, I don't want to be alone" line, successfully getting an innocent night's sleep out of it.  With cuddling, even.  I would not have assumed cuddling was part of the deal!  But there it is.  Damn.  That line never works innocently!  Better yet, it's Ben and our newfound lady love, so there's even the Pretty factor.  I'm already fairly certain this is going to be the zenith of the series. 

And, well, it's entirely possible that he disappeared to the couch after all as soon as she fell asleep, because leaning at that angle with your head resting against a painting does not seem conducive to sleeping, but still.  *points and squeals*


-Whenever I start to forget that Ben is the reason I'm watching this show, I should cue up his adorable, angsty, over-protective scenes with his mom.  My goodness.  He even got to throw a punch against who I'm assuming is his dad.  How far you've come from The O.C.!  Or not.  See, this is why I still sometimes pretend Ryan Atwood just changed his name and took a different route at the end of season 4.

-I'm denying the jackass detective's road-to-ruin marriage and focusing how awesome he and Dt. Adams are as partners.  And how she flat-out gives him one night to stay at her place, and then he'd better shape up and ship out.

-Hey, did I mention Dewey was absent from this episode?  *is even happier*

-Bryant + Tammy + fostered Janilla + Richter = my life is complete.  Look!  Look at the adorable dog who loves her!  Even my dog doesn't climb that far into my lap.

The finale couldn't quite measure up, but it came close. 

* Stupid flaky Daisy.  -.-  Oh well.  At least I got shirtless!Ben and angsty!Ben out of it.  And being as she was a very pretty type of female singer-songwriter, at least I got to treasure every second of their last few scenes.  Seriously, Daisy.  He demonstrated like eight specific qualities of Premium Boyfriend Material over the course of maybe a week, and you still think you should go back to New York and give your last relationship another shot. Do you have cotton for brains?

* Although I am going to miss the unparalleled awesomeness that was Janilla and her bulldog pack of protective police officers and detectives, at least I got an episode chock full of it to see me off.  Bryant and Moretta were particularly adorable, but anyone who got in on that storyline made me smile so wide I thought my cheeks would burst.  I'm so glad I got to witness Adams take a perp or two down with a shotgun blast, too.

* WAUGH, CHICKIE!  Don't ever scare me like that again, Dewey, you jackass.  Deliberately driving like a crazed maniac and flipping the car with her jolting around in the backseat?  Is it strictly necessary that officers have to come in pairs?  Because I'm pretty sure I just want Cooper/Sherman/Chickie to be a full-time trio, I love the dynamic between the three of them when they're together.

* Aw, look at Cooper, getting a little touch of domestic love.  There you go, show.  That's the way you ease me into it.  *pats*

* I didn't even hate the normally-patience-testing stuff with Kymmie The Bratty Teen this time around.  I don't normally pity her dad, but...poor dad.  "What's sexting?"  (long stares from reluctant partners)  " it what I think it is?"

* OH YAY, Russ and his wife are reconciling!  And now they're either out of luck or will be reconciling even faster since he just got himself shot in the chest for attempting to make peace with the fighting neighbors, one of whom apparently had murder-suicide on his mind.  That's actually a pretty good cliffhanger; I'd be okay with his fate going either way.  Good-good.

So what we've established, then, is that I only wrote the first two paragraphs of this post to spur my contrary nature into proving myself wrong.  Yep, that's about the long and short of it.  Though I still reserve the right to be all "ACK TOO MANY SHOWS" come September and refuse to process it in writing.

And now for a survey, because it's been like ten whole days since I last filled one out.

1. Are there tornadoes where you live?
Yes, and they are terrifying, but at least I know how to handle them. Which makes them less terrifying than hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or wildfires.  It helps that I haven't had one actually rip through my neighborhood in, *knocks on wood* a long time.

2. What did your last meal consist of?
Chicken/rice/peas stir fry & diet vanilla Pepsi.

3. What was the last cartoon that you watched?
"The Simpsons" counts, right?

4. Where was the last place you drove to?

5. When was the last time you drank coffee?
December, in a Frappucino

6. Have you had cake recently?
Not since my birthday

7. What do you normally do before bed?
Brush my teeth, wash my face, change into pajamas and turn off the computer(s).

8. What was the last thing you bought?
The previously-mentioned book, CD and computer game at a garage sale.

9. Do you do things around the house?
Dishes & walking the dog; otherwise just keeping my room clean and doing my own laundry

10. What is your occupation?
Looking for an occupation

11. What are doing for the next holiday coming up?
Nothing particularly special for Father's Day...although I'm guessing there will probably be dinner outside from the grill. 

12. Are you happy with the current season?
Pretty happy.  The insects are here but not quite in full force yet, and the humidity is still, for the most part, behaving.  Even though we hit horrible record highs last week, today it was nice and cloudy and overcast.

13. Do you exercise?
20-30 minutes of walking, 5-6 days a week...with the dog.

14. What was the last movie you rented?
In Her Shoes and Elizabethtown.  I haven't watched the former yet, but the latter is 95% wonderful and perfect and amazing and WHY DOES KIRSTEN DUNST HAVE TO BE IN IT, SERIOUSLY.  Aside from that I just want to run around rejoicing over it like a dog with a bone.  In ways I obviously can't even articulate, otherwise I would actually devote a segment of the post to it instead of hiding my reaction in the middle of a survey.

15. Are you a calorie counter?
Sometimes, if only to make sure I stay at or under the daily recommended allowance

16. Do you like to eat pickles?
Yes.  Yes I do.  Why do surveys always ask about pickles? 

17. What type of shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Suave. Which sounds all cheap and nasty, except that I had to buy it once for emergency purposes when I ran out of shampoo at school, and turns out "orchid petal" smells really gorgeous and I couldn't feel a marked difference between that and my $20 bottles at the salon.

18. Bar soap or liquid body wash?

19. If you could have a farm animal as a pet, which one would you choose?
JUST ONE? OK...a beef cow. Not fussy on the breed, just any of the stocky kind who grow thick coats in winter and don't have oddly proportioned/sunken hip bones like dairy cows. They're so pretty and so sweet. You don't even know how much time I spend in the cattle barn at the State Fair (hint: more than with the horses), petting all the ones I can reach and trying not to think about where most of them end up.

But I really like goats, too...and they're certainly cheaper to feed, less messy and probably more affectionate. Hm.  This is a difficult decision.

20. If you were one of the Seven Dwarfs, which one would you be? (Doc, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy)
Bashful. Or Grumpy. Probably Grumpy. He was much more entertaining than the Bashful wimp.

21. What is one topping you MUST have on your pizza?
I have no "musts," only a slight preference for not having sausage

22. Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction books?

23. Would you rather read books or magazines?

24. Do you know how a bill is passed in Congress?
I used to. This is no longer relevant information, so I have forgotten.

25. Have you ever touched a live chicken?
Lots of them, between the petting zoo and the flock my best friend had

26. What about a live turkey?
Um...actually, I'm not sure. Probably not.

27. Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?
Yes, but only with extreme pain. For a few seconds.

28. Did you just try it?
Haha!  Well, I wasn't sure.  We can never tell with me.

29. Can you do a flip on a trampoline?
That is the scariest idea ever. What if you landed on your neck? And instead of dying instantly, you just paralyzed yourself for life?

30. Have you ever successfully pogoed on a pogo stick?
Never tried

31. Do you eat breakfast?
If I get hungry before noon., i.e. if I get up before 9.

32. Have you ever made a semi truck honk?
No, but the UPS guy waved at me when I let him start his truck and drive off down the narrow street before Kym and I left the driveway to start a walk.

33. How many pairs of jeans do you own?
As of today, only one pair of regular jeans, because my other pair split open along the thigh when I sat down too fast on the floor this evening.  I hate shopping for new jeans.
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