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1. I am so smart.  Of the many possible garage sales in the area, I planned a route of 3 that I could hit with Kym, leaving one in the opposite direction for tomorrow. After a long, hot, aggravating walk, it turns out that I forgot to notice none of them start until tomorrow.  Whereas the one I didn't go to?  Started today and opened at 7:30.  *headdesk*  *headdesk*  *headdesk*

On the bright side, I guess, my parents went to one without me while out running errands, and Mom got me this purse/handbag, in blue, for 75 cents.  It's big enough to fit a book or two inside and has a convenient cell-phone sized pocket on the outside, so while windbreaker-type canvas isn't my first choice of materials, I'm well pleased. 

2. Has anyone here seen "The Painted Veil"?  Because the DVD player was being a brat and refusing to read my movie, so out of boredom I grabbed one my dad had picked out, and was surprised to find it was only a couple years old - I can't remember ever seeing so much as a preview for this film.  However, it is amazing.  Normally, I am so bored by the slow start to movies that I automatically skip to the second scene, and then I do a lot of fast-forwarding in the middle.  This?  No fast-forwarding.  At all.  Captivated me from start to finish, complete with gorgeous score.

3. BWAHAHA.  More awesome Xanga footprints, revealing the Google searches that led them here:
-"Will cartons of baby milk explode on an airplane" (CHALLENGE: Which recent Lost episode do you think this redirected to?)
-"Ned is so ridiculously gay and looks like the dude of Scrubs" (this just made me laugh for a really long time)

Plus no fewer than half a dozen hits wondering if Taylor's ex-husband's book from "The O.C." is a real novel, which, seriously.  At some point this fascination needs to die.

4. Medium, 5x18, "The Talented Ms. Boddicker"
Hi there, top-of-the-line episode with everything.

I am still pretending this horrible "gone 3 days a week" thing is some sort of temporary, interim measure that he'll be able to stop soon.  Because the late plane arrival here confirmed one of my particular annoyances with it - no matter how well-laid your plans are to maximize home time, planes will be delayed and also, airports are slow and require a lot of time and hassle for each trip in addition to flight time.  That being said, I am...not perfectly happy, but grumpily, reluctantly willing to grant temporary amnesty on this idiotic situation in order to revel in Cute Bits and the unavoidable angst that crops up from them spending nights apart and waking up alone.

Example A: "Will you guys stop that?  I'm trying to digest." - Bridgette

Which then blends into pretty much the best morning family scene of all time, the kind I'd show off to hook people on this show, as it is a microcosm of all that is good and wonderful about Les Dubois.  Every girl gets lines, none of which are too obnoxious, along with a goodbye kiss, and Ariel (who went through the most accelerated driver's ed. program in the world, considering she was just learning how to drive in the premiere but now has her license?) gets to beam sweetly and all but pry the car keys from her dad's grip.  Love Allison siding with her plea to drive in his absence, too, championing how nice it would be to have someone able to help her out with errands.   

And now, let us observe The Most Beautiful Hair in Hollywood, from both the front and back (mostly from the back, but the front shows off she is also consistently the Best Dressed Teen in Hollywood).

Example B: Skipping past the phone which I sided with neither and both at the same time; it was just sort of necessary...

The Girls
I really love Ariel in mini-mom mode.  It's always funny to me, if not necessarily unrealistic, that she and Bridgette are slightly closer in age than Bridgette and Marie are, but it's the latter two who are thick as thieves while Ariel's the responsible young adult.  

Ariel: Everyone in their car seats, everyone wearing their seat belt?
Bridggette: Aye-aye, Captain Pushy, everyone's seated and strapped.
Marie: Aye-aye, Cap'n Pushy!  [OH MY GOD, I LOVE MARIE]
Ariel: *death glare* 
Bridgette: What?
Ariel: OK, you're supposed to be helping me?
Bridgette: Well, what do you want me to do?  She's all buckled in!

Followed by...Ariel going back to double-check locked doors, and Bridgette climbing into the driver's seat, shifting it into neutral, and rolling back down the driveway.  And crashing into another car, resulting in a very bent fender.  I'd have liked to see this resolved a little more, beyond just the blow-up over the phone and the ominous stare-down between Joe and Bridgette at the end, but I guess I can't have everything.  I'm still busy flailing about the fact that all three girls had equal and generous amounts of screen time in a single hour.

For the most part they just made me profoundly sad - when did Lee go back several decades in time and be the very stereotype of a husband who removes himself as much as possible from the details of pending parenthood? - and I once again found myself questioning why they bothered in writing this subplot at all if they weren't going to do anything with it. 

Honestly, I kind of wanted to cry when he walked out of the baby supply store.  I don't need them all over each other - that's what I have Joe and Allison for - and he's always been fairly emotionally reticent, but this had reached such a level of cold and remote that I was stung through the screen.  Frankly, if I were her, I would have moved out by now; he clearly was no longer in love.

Randomly: I'm surprised she's only 20 weeks along - which, incidentally, confirms that Ariel went through the world's fastest driver's ed program - but I guess that's better than her having the entire pregnancy off-screen.  Sort of.  They do have that summer hiatus coming up... *shakes head*  Anyway.  Considering that it's been swept mostly under the rug and they've only been shown either fighting or doing a very good impression of an old married couple who've completely lost all passion or memory thereof, it seems to have been very poorly planned, pointless, and thrown in for no reason at all.)

And then came Revelation.  Oh, merciful blessed Revelation.  "That girl I told you about...we're having a baby.  And I will never hit it."  I figured there had to be some reason we were randomly visiting Lee's apparently vegetative-like father, but I was not expecting such a solid explanation for everything.  Is not enough to excuse his behavior, but an abusive childhood goes a long way.  And that last scene is almost enough to excuse his earlier behavior - just because that smile, which is maybe the first one he's given her in three solid months, is too freaking adorable for words.

Oh yeah, that thing.  It was also awesome.  Ms. Boddicker wasn't nearly as annoying as she seemed from the previews, the guy playing the bank manager is always hilarious, and I was laughing out loud by Devalos' final take-down scene.  "See, it turns out she really was psychic!"  HAH!  So, yeah.  This episode had absolutely everything beautiful in the world going for it.


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