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The post of SHINY THINGS!

(I swear, I'm going to cut it out after this and let you digest my day's worth of ramblings.)

I finally did what I've been telling dollsome I'd eventually do for, like, more than a year, and sat myself down to start watching Primeval.  My face after watching the first episode:
But awesomely so.  I mean, I always knew I'd like it, but I wanted to give my full attention to Doctor Who first (I obviously didn't think it would take me 15 months to watch 55 episodes).  It was simply a matter of finding spare time to sink my teeth in.  That time is now.

I'm a little bit confused by things, since I deliberately haven't looked up the premise or official releases or anything, but that's okay.  Up til now, I couldn't quite wrap my head around the magnificent joy that there actually existed a TV show involving Jurassic-Park-style dinosaurs. OH-HO-HO.  I ASSURE YOU, THERE IS.  And it is every bit as great/terrifying as you heard.

My first thoughts: "Smart move opening with a T-Rex chasing a person down in modern-day civilization.  That's by far the best part of Jurassic Park 2 [and so I may have watched this three times in a row].  It just doesn't get any better than that, unless of course you've got people stumbling across a large, intact livestock carcass - maybe a black cow - hung up in a tree.  What's that?  You do?"  And that's how I knew this show and I were soulmates.

So far, I adore Abby - which tends to be how I feel about every character named Abby; that is clearly the best name ever.  In addition to being the most apparent animal lover, even if she mostly loves reptiles, I think I like her because she reminds me of Tonks.  Why yes.  This is me complaining some more about the Harry Potter casting directors and their inability to cast a Tonks who even remotely lived up to my expectations, when I see perfect examples all the time.  I don't know what else to say; I'm just completely enamored.

I also heart Stephen. (Because, you know, I need more cute guys with that name in my repertoire).  I don't even know why I like him, since he looks a bit like Boone on Lost and I very explicitly did not like or find Boone cute in the slightest at all.  Let's just blame it on his name, how unimpressed he is by the annoying, bumbling student whose name I refuse to learn yet, or his apparent inability to die despite having a death wish disguised in risky heroism.  He totally dies at some point, doesn't he?  Don't tell me!  But I seem to recall hearing that at least one person dies; I feel like I shouldn't get attached.

For a while there I thought Cutter was just going to be a pretty Scottish accent, but then I got all ~*invested*~ in the mystery of his missing wife, so now he's got a couple of things going for him.  In fact, I guess I mostly like everybody so far.  I'd just, you know, be a little happier if what's-his-name, Connor? - got eaten by a Gorgonopsid at some point.  No biggie.

Also: Rex the Flying Lizard-Dino?  Greatest TV pet since Pigby.  Too cute for words!  Not to mention he provided me with endless amusement when my dog caught sight/sound of him zipping around on the screen, and her ears shot forward with the approximate rigidity of cement as she leaned forward on the bed and quivered, intensely confused but focused on this strange little possible beast of prey.

As for episode specifics, way to go, the idea of a carnivourous dinosaur tracking me home and breaking in through my bedroom window is basically my #1 recurring nightmare.  THANKS, SHOW. I SHOULD BE ABLE TO SLEEP WELL TONIGHT.

*is running for next episode(s) with all possible haste*  Even if they contain giant bugs, which...way to start outstripping Doctor Who in terms of "terrifying nightmare-inducing things," show.

2. You might need to bookmark the rest of this entry and come back to it on the weekend, because I am going to jump the gun and FLAIL AT LENGTH about
Pushing Daisies, 2x11, "Window Dressed to Kill"
I can't tell if I'm just dizzy from the long wait, or if that was actually like the BEST EPISODE EVER.  Stupid excessive hiatus! 

*glomps onto show* HOW I HAVE MISSED THEE IN THY LONG ABSENCE.  And of course, now my soul is in freshly renewed pangs of HOW WAS THIS SHOW CANCELED, HOW, WHY?!?!  But on the bright side, OMG so much love for this one.

1. That faint squeeing sound you hear?  That's me screaming for joy at the top of my lungs, locked in a small rubber room to prevent injury to myself while I flail about the utter normalcy that is Ned and Chuck strolling along the sidewalk, gloved-hand-in-hand, walking their respective dog/pig on leash.  They are officially the most beautiful couple in the world - a fact which the winter setting around them only accentuates; I can almost feel the crisp freshness of the air.  *is cranky that there are not enough episodes set in winter*

"Winter is my new best friend.  We should move to the South Pole.  Although I don't know if they have a need for pie in the South Pole, which puts a wrinkle in my freshly-starched life as a normal guy who makes pies, but I'd give it up if I could hold your hand every day."

"Who needs Superman?  You're my hero." 
Ned can always get away saying things that ought to sound horribly cheesy, and make you sigh at the romance of it all.  He is a man of many secret superhero powers.

2. Over yonder, Chuck and Emerson explore an amazing case, complete with my favorite ridiculous SatC actor as "Dick Dickerson," which is frankly more interesting than what's going on with Randy Mann, and yet I have no words for it**!  Because I'm too busy being enthralled by said other plotline!
(** This is a lie, I do.  I just wrote them all later and couldn't integrate them into this list.)

3. JACK GALLO.  Nuff said.  I love anything that includes Young Olive, too.

4. Randy!!  Randy being smitten with Olive!  WAY BETTER THAN ALFREDO.

5. So, while one hemisphere of my brain is thoroughly distracted by "Winter is my new best friend," the other half is free to run wild in the playground created by that wicked temptress, Ned/Olive.  Which this show seems to determined to throw at me in spades - but quietly, subversively, without ever detracting from the perfection of its canon couple.  Best of both worlds!  Hey, if TPTB inexplicably want to spoil me rotten, I am going to let them.

5a. "Me and each other very much" + handhold.

5b. Olive sitting in Ned's lap.  *dies*

5c. Ned/Olive kiss.  Chaste but not particularly fleeting and finally, something nice with which to scrub the awful bit from 1x06 out of my head!  *dies again*

5d. "Oh, you did exactly what I'd want you to do.  Only I'd also want you to mean it when you say you love me."
"I do mean it.  In a friend way."

5e. Various instances of Ned looking utterly stricken about hurting her, again, some more. 

6. I think there used to be a time when I didn't really like the aunts?  I SO MISS/AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW that I nearly wept with relief and joy when I got to see Swoosie Kurtz back on my screen with her eyepatch instead of in corrupt judge's robes.  Everything at the aunts' house = love.  I mean, besides the obvious fact that it's where most of the Ned/Olive stuff took place, turns out I've actually missed the crazy ladies.

7. Back to the adorable land of N/C...

"Chuck, are you jealous of Olive?"
"Of course I am!  She's alive and everybody knows it, for one.  You can share romantic anecdotes, and there's no plot holes.  You don't have to wait until winter to hold her hand."
"The only hand I want to hold is yours, and I will wear winter gloves year-round to do it, so...don't be jealous."

(relatedly: she looks so...different with straight hair and bangs)

8. Speaking of jealous, WHAT IN THE SAM HILL do you mean by that ending, writers?!  There is a line!  There is a line and you just crossed it!  Fortunately there are only two episodes left.  As much as I want to run straight into 2x12 to see how this "Ned is jealous of Randy" nonsense gets smacked into line, let's think about simple explanation. 

Of course Ned's gotten complacent in the idea that Olive loves him, since I'm sure he's been aware of her devotion for a long time, even before he understood it for what it was.  So of course it's going to be a little bit jarring when he sees her move on; it doesn't have to mean anything more than a knee-jerk reaction.  Let's bust out the old Alex/Izzie standard: "You didn't want me." / "Yeah, but that doesn't mean I want you to want anyone else." 

PAY NO ATTENTION TO WHERE ALEX/IZZIE END UP.  The analogy ends with that quote. 

9. Oh!  One quick interjection about the case - so much love for Emerson's reassuring observation: "The only thing Pie Man's gonna be missing is you.  He's always frettin' you gonna get up and go, and here you are worried he got up and went.  I'm telling you, ain't nobody going nowhere."

In fact, screw "one."  Having watched the episode again, I added a whole slew of additional observations:

Itty Bits
-Best fake nonfiction book ever: TheDoubleNegative: WhatYouShouldn'tNotKnow.  LOL!  In fact, this entire opening scene is just MAGIC PERSONIFIED.  (I'm sorry there are no spaces in the title.  I just don't want it to become the newest search-term hit when idiots spend the next two or three years trying to find out if that's a real book.)

-Emerson: Ambulance sirens are blaring and I got my chasin' shoes on.

-Ned: Who wants to be Superman?  Not me. I say no to Super, and yes to Man.  I'm Clark Kent.  *beams*
Emerson: *not amused* Well that's just downright craptastic, Clark. 

-I am sorely tempted to change my profile name to "Alive-Again Avenger."

-With Randy comes awesome taxidermy all over the place!  Love the doves.

-Emerson: Loaning Pie Boyfriend to your bestie who's in love with him in order to pull the wool over Fake Papa's peepers is the kind of idea that gives a bad idea the will to live.
Sometimes, I think I will actually miss Emerson's sarcastic delivery even more than Ned/Chuck when this beautiful little show gets laid to rest.

-WIN: Chuck awesomely popping up all over the crowd in different voices to plant ideas in their heads.  I've never seen this happen outside of a cartoon.  It is the best thing ever.

-Martin Nash!  Or, whatever the actor's name is.  He's very versatile but I have forever branded him with his Office name.

-In addition to loving the department-store-doors wipe, I love the charming "Dickerson's Department Store" chorus humming along in the background.  It reminded me of something out of a Harry Potter film, paintings or statues randomly singing as you walk down a hall.

-Olive singing a song I didn't hate!  I might even have to look up the original version.

-HOLY CRAP, MOST DISTURBING BODY EVER (bloody torso wedged in an escalator).  Not so far from Harper's Island, really.  Daisies!  Stop screwing me over every time I try to claim this is a family show!

-Emerson: How long you think she's been dead?
Coroner: Oh, about 50 dollars.

-Ned: "Olive, use your words." HEEHEEHEE.

-Rampaging rhino!

-CONVICT-AIDING NUNS.  YES.  I think Buster and Jerry even grew on me by the end, too.  Stupid show and its stupid cancellation when it has like 800 possible storylines to branch off from...
And now, a concluding poll!  Because I'm actually not sure which direction I plan to go in next:
Poll #1407362 Predict RS's Behavior Patterns:
This poll is closed.

So, what do you think I'm going to do next in the way of TV?

Head straight for Pushing Daisies, 2x12
Throw myself into Primeval
Circle back and finish out Numb3rs
Something else entirely

Which of these is your favorite, anyway? If you've seen/like none, make an educated guess.

Pushing Daisies

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