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I just thought you should be aware of this.  This information is still too highly classified to discuss with specific details, as I am holding out for that 2% hope that things are not what they really, really seem.  Because what it seems like is one of two plausible explanations for why my corner of the fandom exploded in joy and flailing, but at this point in the timeline, only one of those options would make me follow suit and I don't think it's the one that happened.  *buries head in sand and desperately hopes she is just making herself look silly by assuming things*
In other news, I am now five episodes into "Primeval" - which, to my joy, I do not feel compelled to discuss in detail after every episode; HURRAH!  Because I'd really like to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures this year too - and I have to say some things! 

* After 1.75 episodes, I suddenly remembered that Spy recaps this show too (at least through season 2).  Yes!  At this point, I don't think I will ever be able to watch any British series she doesn't recap unless they contain former Doctor Who actors

* TERRIFYING BEASTIE COUNT: HIGH.  Every installment is a new exercise in thrills that the visual equivalent of being on a roller coaster, as far as exhilarating terror goes.  I love it!  And sometimes, to balance things out, they also have adorable beasties, like Rex.  Or...dodos!

* Stephen/Abby is definitely the latest ship to light up my soul.  I didn't want to say anything until I was sure, but um, duh.  Of course my two favorite/prettiest characters are going to be the thing that I ship.  And if they both happen to spend a lot of time in various states of undress for reasons not relating to sex, well, I choose not to argue with that either.

* And seriously, Abby lets Creepy Connor stay with her for over a month?  I might have caved at first too, but if he'd said "a week" to me, he would have started getting warnings Day 7, and on Day 14 he would find himself locked out of the flat until I had finished throwing everything he owned into random garbage bags and left them by the door.

(* Incidentally, although he'd definitely have found himself thrown out on the street if he'd let my pet escape and nearly get eaten by a pterodactyl, do they not have screens in England?  Why are all these windows and doors just left wide open for things to fly through?  With all the bugs you'd find flying in, you might as well live outside.)

* Damn it!  I was just starting to like Tom (way more than Connor), and now he's dead.  Grrrr.  Why don't you follow normal rules, show!  Also, I take offense to Bureacratic Jerk's suggestion that it's unlikely he'd infect anyone by kissing them.  He's considerably more attractive than most of the men on this show.  Was.

* I don't understand who I'm supposed to ship Nick Cutter with.  Am I supposed to be feeling vibes between him and Claudia?  Because I'm not.  There is like zero thrilling chemistry there, and they tried to lure me with near-death situations and everything.  I am, naturally, far more invested in the Mr. & Mrs. Cutter (although I don't like whatever unsettling triangle thing they're implying with Stephen, so in my head I've decided that he's their adopted son or maybe she's his stepmother or something, and hardcore ignoring whatever evidence there is to the contrary).

* Although it saddens me that, since Helen's real and alive and whole and hale and all, she's a massive bitch.  I want this marriage to work!  I want it survive!  I find it depressing that she decided to dump him and live in the past for eight years despite the apparent ability to come back and send messages whenever/wherever she damn well pleased!  Also I was kind of enjoying it more when I thought she was just spooky and ethereal.

OK, fine, even though her attitude nettles me, I still want to like her.  I want to look past all that and forgive.  I can't quite embrace her kick-ass "I'm a tough warrior/nature chick and twice as cool as Danielle Rousseau" attitude, and the OOH, MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY aura is beginning to frustrate piss me off a lot, but I'm still drawn to her.

Besides, Claudia looks like a slightly off version of Rachel Weisz, and rather than making me like her because RW is gorgeous, the slight difference just bothers me.

* Did I mention Stephen spends a lot of time in various states of undress?  I did?  Oh.  It seemed worthy of another mention; it happens a lot.  Maybe it's because I rewind a lot.  Wow, I have no shame tonight.  Am I drunk?  Did I have to drown my potential Office sorrows in so much alcohol that I don't even remember drinking it?

* A litany of terrifying beasties: HUGE ASS SPIDERS/MILLIPEDE, monstrous flippered alligators, pterodactyl, and flying packs of piranha dinosaurs.  The way these latter swarm is so terrifying that I actually freaked out a little when I was outside later, the wind was gusting, and the maple tree sent clouds of helicopter seeds spinning through the air around me.

* I cannot stop thinking about how much I want this show to cross over with Torchwood, which is ridiculous, because Torchwood and I are not friends at all.  It's just, the things.  The anomalies and The Rift, they align so well.

* Crap, I ended up saying a lot, when really, the only important thing is how my heart does fluttery things when Stephen and Abby share a screen and/or have anything to say to/about each other.  And that Stephen is like right up there with Sawyer in his ability to automatically do everything he does hotly. 

Tags: primeval, spoilers, the office, tv commentary

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