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2x04 seems like a good pausing point.

Arrrrgh, Primeval is messing with me; I should have stayed where I was last night!  Moving on from 1x05 is not encouraged!  Or, well, it is because the show is awesome and now has a few more actual dinosaurs, but still, series 1?  >>>>>> series 2 so far. 

-1x06: First of all, show, you can kill all the people you like, Captain "Awesome" Ryan (*sniffle sob tear-shedding*), but when you start wiping out zoo animals, that is not okay.  Leave the lions alone!  And no, I didn't feel even a tiny tinge bad about wanting to hit all the little baby carnivorous-ape-critters on the head with a shovel as soon as I saw them, so it was very cathartic to watch my old buddy Gorgonopsid tear the mother to shreds after chowing down on a bunch of babies like fruit snacks.

Speaking of Captain Ryan, not cool.  The twisty coolness of explaining the mysterious camp + photo of Helen introduced in the first episode does not make up for that!  Although I did very much enjoy watching Stephen's whole reaction to Helen bitchily revealing their secret and ill-advised affair**.  It's wrong that I still ship the Cutters after all that, but I can't help it!  WORK IT OUT, KIDS.  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.
(** which I am scrubbing out of my brain right now because EW, EW, EW)

2x01: What!  I don't want a shiny new ARC!  I liked the old dingy Home Office!  I also do not want Leek!  There are so many things I do not want about this new budget!!  For example, at the end of the last ep, I thought it was highly convenient when they apparently changed the universe and wiped Claudia out of existence, but then it turned out they were just going to transform the actress into a new and much more annoying character, so boo.  And that's in addition to Leek, which, bleh. 

That, and I briefly hoped that maybe this new universe could be one where Stephen and Abby were dating, but instead it turns out to be one where they barely even speak at all, which is so many levels of sucky I don't even know what to do with myself.  Remember all those fun times when she was jump-hugging him in celebration or throwing her arms around his neck when he saved her life?  *nostalgic moment of silence*

In other news, RAPTORS.  FINALLY.  And not the bird-of-prey kind, either.  Meanwhile, I had to drown my distres over the lack of Stephen/Abby by becoming very partial to Stephen/Big Fucking Gun, which seems to be a much more stable ship.  

2x02: Oh, my.  Helen's hair has been chopped off all short and raggedy.  Turns out that's all it takes for me to start hating her.  BOO.  YOU SUCK, HELEN.  (but in a way where I still wish you would secretly turn out to be awesome and kick Jenny's ass and demand respect from everyone, although it is really hard to figure out how you will ever accomplish this when you insist on being a creepy cougar and attempting to seduce Stephen all the time; also, YOU ARE NOT ENIGMATIC, YOU ARE JUST ANNOYING.  You are worse than the people on Lost.)

Although I do enjoy watching Stephen quietly have emotional crises and be silent and stoic about them all the time; we can keep that part of it.

Um, in other news, if we could stop this trend of having giant slimy tube creatures (millipedes, worms) in the second episode, that'd be good. Moar dinosaurs please.  Remember the scary-ass mall raptors from the previous episode?  Like that. 

2x03: Finally, some sabre-tooth cats!  Or one of them.  Which unfortunately is the first CGI creature to look really terrible, because computers apparently can't do for mammals what they can do for birds, reptiles, bugs and any other hairless creature.  That being said, still kind of adorable, and I wish the poor misguided animal-lover who raised it from cubhood hadn't gotten chomped up thanks to her own foolishness.  :(

In other news, Connor's fake girlfriend can go away any time now, because while you'd think this would help derail that thing of which I live in mortal terror (Connor/Abby), I fear what it's actually doing is making Abby realize she's jealous and raising feelings that otherwise would have remained non-existent/dormant.  I NEED THEM TO STOP LIVING TOGETHER ASAP.

In other news, I am making sad "awww" faces as Nick and Stephen continue to clash over ideologies.  Come on, they are the best team ever!  Don't mess with that!  Stupid new universe...I can has series 1 back?  Or a promise that things are nicer in series 3?

2x04: All right, that is twice now that Connor has been semi-directly responsible for Rex nearly dying.  THROW HIS ASS OUT OF THE FLAT, ABBY.  THROW.  IT.  OUT.  I can't even care about the season's evil subplot because I'm too busy being sickof him.  It's less vitriolic than I have for various characters on other shows, but I need to believe the internet is not saying nice things about him.  Unfortunately I suspect they are.

And: OH GOD, GROSS.  Screw you, show!  Screw you and your heroic Connor freaking out over Abby's assumed death and saving her life and blurting out stupid things like "I love you!" and your stupid clingy post-rescue hugs!  At least when Stephen blurted out date offers, he was conveniently overcome by amnesia and then other things got in the way!  Be like Stephen, Connor.  If my ship doesn't exist, no one's can!

Randomly: I finally noticed that this show isn't allowed to swear.  Because this show is perfect!  Or, well, a tad annoying that the UK subjects gore to the same restrictions as curisng and nudity and so I never get to see any of what I assume are awesomely mangled bodies - it's not Bones!  These corpses are merely ripped up by animals; they're not half-decomposed or human soup! - but I think the tradeoff is worth it.  There is so no way I can ever go back to Torchwood now.

P.S. Dear Helen, please stop making me hate you; it's not fun at all.  Seriously, I'm starting to think it's impossible for me to feel actual feelings of dislike for her.  Whereas with Connor that's no problem at all.  I don't think that's what the writers intended, so, work on that, dudes.

Overall I'm still really enjoying things, though. This show is like liquid crack, but very high quality stuff.  Better than Moonlight for a summer fling, even (yes, that was vaguely sacrilege and nope, I don't care). 

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