RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Dear Primeval, you suck.

Ack, this show goes on an unstoppable downward spiraaaaaaal!  Not that the dinosaurs and various other ancient/future critters aren't still awesome, but...the team dynamics.  They're going sour at an alarming rate.  And the crazy-ass Plots o' Evil aren't helping. 

The good news is that I only have six episodes left after this, so I figure it'll be a maximum of two more posts and then this show will be out of my life and off your friends page for the foreseeable future. 

General comments now that I'm 40% of the way through series 3:

Good Things
-SARAH PAGE.  Holy crap, I love Sarah - she's gorgeous, book smart, and practically perfect in every way.  She is clearly this show's "forgive me" present for killing off my last object of major hotness.  IT IS NOT ENOUGH, as I am now merely overwhelmed with piney feelings of woe and "I could have had two perfect characters!", but sometimes Her Excellence is enough to make me forget this fact.

-Against my will, I find myself as enamored of Captain Becker as I was of Captain Ryan.  He might even be better at snark.  He's definitely probably more attractive.  Le sigh.  This doesn't make up for Stephen either, show!  Poor, tragic, tormented Stephen.  You know what I need, is word-art fanfic about him.  Sorry, I'm still in the "good" section, aren't I?

-I love how people are always trying to explain how mythological creatures came into people's consciousness - they *were* true once!  No, seriously, it's fun when they make the explanations sound all logical and rational.  I have to say, I like the idea of anomalies much more than the  "everything is of alien origin" mantra which is what fiction usually purports.  And the fact that Sarah is in charge of researching this, well, that's fun too.

-OLD ABANDONED MANSION FOR THE WIN.  Shows always, always win my everlasting and undying love when they set stories in beautiful old falling-apart houses.  Even ones inhabited by creepy bat-gremlin things that bear a disturbing resemblance to hairless Sphinx cats.  More props for including a spookily staring little girl.

-More props for setting things in museums.  Museums are always good settings, particularly for giant crocodiles that remind me of those lizards in the Vitamin Water commercial, only pumped up on steroids.

-Baby dinos!  Or whatever they are, they look like baby dinos and they play exactly like puppies and I want one.  Or several, since they're social prairie-dog types.  Seriously, you have no idea how much I want to play with a pack of them.  Maybe I can just hang out at Abby's apartment a lot.  I bet if I show up asking for a place to stay, I can kick Jack out and kip on the sofa for at least six months.

-Finally, Connor's out of the flat!  That only took way too long, and I'd feel better if I didn't know Abby was due to kiss someone at some point.

-Giant terrifying G-Rex!  If only we'd seen more of him.

Confusing Things
-So she's still Jenny, not Claudia Brown, despite looking and acting more and more like the latter every episode, right?  This is weird.  Also, I'd really like it if she got her hot fiance back at some point.  There's no reason for her not to.

-The investigative journalist is was objectively very good-looking.  This is unfortunate, as he's also epically annoying and now millions of year in the past/dead.  Could he and Danny possibly switch roles?  I'd like it much better if Danny were the annoying now-dead one and the journalist was taking over the team.

Bad Things
-OMGWTFHAIRCUT.  As in people both needing and getting them.  Specifically, Nick?  Find a pair of scissors.  Now.  This look is ridiculous; you're too old to have hair that long.  And Abby?  I know I said you look like Tonks, and I know Tonks' normal hair is supposedly short and spiky, but I repress this latter fact because SHORT SPIKY HAIR LOOKS HIDEOUS.  (She is falling out of my favor really fast, and it's making me sad)

-Stephen is distinctly not here; my bubble is burst forever.  Even if he does get here, he will probably be one of those monotone clones with the mental capacity of a snail, and it will suck worse than the current state of not seeing him at all.  Which is already nigh unbearable.  THIS SUCKS.  And that was my opinion on the state of things before the end of 3x03, which...

-"Die, Helen, die" should about cover it, yeah?  Because OMGWTF, you did not just randomly kill Nick. did.  The hell?  Why?  I feel betrayed by this once-awesome show.  Was this another example of "fickle British actors who suck"?  If so, when am I going to learn that there's no such thing as amazing British TV, because if the series doesn't curl up and quit within 15 or 20 episodes, at least one of the major actors will?

-In a related note, that's three hot guys down and yet Connor is still here.  I'm really quite put out by this point, and all I can say is that if Becker goes next, we should remove all the pointy objects from my immediate vicinity.


In other news, HAHAHA, no matter how many previews I see, I still cannot believe Sanjaya is actually on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!"  It's like this has to be some sort of elaborate media prank, because the potential hilarity is too great to exist.  I don't even think I'll be able to watch it; reality surely cannot live up to my starry-eyed expectations.
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