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Eventually, I am going to do something productive.

Primeval is sucking!  It is sucking so much more than I ever thought possible, to the point where I am reading my old Moonlight posts for the second or third time this weekend, and it is still more interesting than paying attention to the show. 

In fact, I'm at a point of so much "meh" that I don't even care how Jenny - whom I keep incessantly trying to call "Julia" in some kind of subconscious hybrid name - just walked out.  Prior to that point I didn't care whether she lived or died, that's how much "meh" I've got!  At this point I can't even decide if the actors quitting is making it suck, or the actors are quitting because it sucks.  (also: MOLD PEOPLE?  REALLY?  3x05 was the worst episode ever)

Man, remember when this show's only problem was not enough Abby/Stephen?  Sigh.  When Lester is my favorite character after Ben, we're in a world of hurt (PS: Lester v. Christine, victory to the former, is hilarious)

And Abby needs to take WAY BETTER CARE of her pets.  Like, seriously.  She's a professional zookeeper, yet her own reptiles seem to be in constant mortal peril, largely due to her devil-may-care attitude about whether or not they stay in the apartment.  I still can't figure out why she let Stephen take the gopher-dinos with him, never mind why she would let her obviously horrid little brother stay with her when she has another valuable little dino living there.  Sometimes, you just have to harden your heart and tell people to stay at a motel.

But at least the show gave me another abandoned old house to attempt to appease me.  That, and the unintentional hilarity of Abby and her brother's martial-arts practice reminding me of the Pink and Yellow Power Rangers (ignoring the fact that the yellow one is supposed to be a girl.  Jack sort of looks like one anyway).

In other news, my Entertainment Weekly subscription just ended and I am still 171 or so Coke points away from renewing it, woe!  (Well, not really, because I expect nothing much will be happening over the summer and thus it's probably better if I wait a bit to start the next six months, but still.)   

In order to cheer myself up, will watch this video 6,732 more times:

ETA: And read this comic, the story of how Dollhouse triumphed over T:SCC.
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