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The post of SHINIER THINGS! (mostly)

1. The Sarah Jane Adventures
Oh my goodness - after all the general emotional trauma Doctor Who has put me through, I could never have IMAGINED it could create something as lovely and wonderful as SJA (Torchwood: now even more terrible by comparison).  Watching this makes me utterly giddy with joy.  Sarah Jane is the best lady ever (sorry Donna!  You're back to # 3)!  Her teenage posse is completely excellent! 

Plus, there is hugging.  Lots of it.  Possibly even more than on Doctor Who.  I've just finished the first season, and it is so lovely watching Sarah Jane simultaneously launched into being a mum and having to adjust her patience & expectations for teenage maturity!  The repeated mentions of the Doctor make me gleeful too. 

It's occasionally hard for me to beat into my brain that her Doctor was Three (*is still rejecting any and all mental images of Four*), not Ten, but still.  *flails a lot*  Sarah Jane + Maria!  Sarah Jane + Luke!  I DON'T THINK I CAN PROPERLY EXPRESS MY ADORATION OF HER AFTER "I've changed since I met you lot...I've gone all mumsy."

Which she has, and somehow it's made her even more amazing than she was before.  I don't even...Mr. Smith!  The sonic lipstick!  Her cute little car!  The fierce protectiveness of Luke!  The girl-bonding and mother-figuring with Maria!  The trials and tribulations of Sarah Jane being suddenly thrust into a position of leadership and responsibility at all!  Exclamations points to eleventy!   

And never mind that just in case I don't get enough mid/post-danger hugging from the regular team, Maria's dad is both cute and extremely affectionate, thoroughly making up for the unpleasantness that happens whenever her twit of a mother, whom I prefer to believe is dead whenever she's off-screen, comes 'round.

...sorry; I'm still kind of distracted by my two favorite things to rewatch of late: Luke rushing off upset after realizing he'd hurt Lance, and Sarah Jane handing over the Remember Box to Maria, "the person you trust most in the world."  *glee*  There aren't enough really good just-us-girls scenes in the Whoniverse.

And all this after the show nearly tried to drive me out by featuring Slitheen in the first episode.  *rolls eyes*  I like to think of that as their test piece -- "Dear audience, WARNING: THIS SHOW IS FOR KIDS.  Can you handle it?"  And that way they'd separate the casual viewer from the truly devoted.  I swear, if I hadn't had the hugging and/or mothering to get me through it...

But I did, and was subsquently rewarded with creepy old nuns and mansions/abbeys (with beautiful architecture!  and yes, I recognized the house from "Turn Left"), and everything gorgeous that was "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane."  (where I laughed hysterically at the Graske** and thought of "The Music of the Spheres" the whole time, but even so.  I particularly loved the flashback to the 60's; both young girls were very striking.  Although I'm trying to remember where I've seen young!SJS before; she looked really familiar.)

[**EDIT = holy crap, I'm missing something in my cache of franchise clips!  Must find!]

Wow, I have talked about this show a lot.  I didn't mean to!  I didn't even get very specific!  That's because this show consists of so much UNADULTERATED AWESOME that it completely overwhelms me.  I have no idea what to say, I just want to keep typing as if the sheer volume of words will somehow translate into expressing the incalculable sum of my love for it.

Someone should really, really rein me in and remind me that it's British TV and therefore I am DOOMED TO DESPAIR.

I guess the last thing I want to say is that I can't wait to rewatch The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, because now I will be fully and completely In The Know.  And from what I remember, her telling Mr. Smith to knock it off with the fanfare will be a huge relief, because I'm already sick of hearing "I need you."  That is the one lone negative thing I can come up with about this series, but I'm still going to mention it.

...speaking of which, season 2 of this show falls after season 4 of Doctor Who, doesn't it?  Cripes, it is difficult trying to juggle all three shows & their various extra bits in chronological order when you're watching so far off the original airdates.  I suppose I should close out the other two before I move on to the next segment of this one. *doesn't want to*

Um, in conclusion.  Sarah Jane Smith: pwning the boys' shows without even trying.  I think it's the sheer level of optimism; this show practically floats on its own positivity.  Which you may have noticed is ultimately in kind of short supply in Torchwood and the TARDIS.

2. And now, we're going to move the Wayback Machine over to the UK and use it to pick up the next episode of Pushing Daisies (we're just doing crazy things with time + TV this week!).  Again, you folks may need to bookmark the rest of this entry to read over the weekend, if you still fear spoilers.

Pushing Daisies, 2x12, "Fire and Water"
Now see, this one, I feel like we're just cooling our heels before we take the plunge into horrible oblivion.  I am okay with that.

A Short List of Thoughts
* Love Young Emerson's penchant for getting into trouble because he was smitten with the principal, though.  :P

* Did we previously know Gina Torres was the baby momma?  That is fantastic!  And hilarious!  And sort of amusing how much she has in common with Simone, both in looks and personality.  (I focus on the humor and the positive implications for the future because I don't want to think about how depressingly sad it was when Emerson, big beaming smile on, walked over to the car only to find a doll where Penny was supposed to be.  Poor man and his hidden-under-layers-of-snark big heart.)

* I'm glad we got most of Emerson's story packed up and put away, at least.  We got to see Penny even if only for a moment, the backstory of her conception was rather sweet, and Lil' Gumshoe's going to be in print.  I'm content about one loose end, at least.  *sighs* 

* Too many "dam(n)" jokes; not my favorite plot ever.

* Emerson, to Ned: "I know that every secret I tell you spends about 20 seconds being a secret before it spills outta your mouth and into Dead Girl's ears."  Hah!  I love that he just assumes this.  And it's true.  And he's okay with it.  Or, well, maybe "reluctantly accepting" is a better term for it.

* Olive: "Sometimes things are so absurd I can't even hear them."  I need to work this excuse into my regular vocabulary.

* Mennonite laywers.  Heh.

* Ned/Chuck were almost too cheesy for me in this one - to the point where I could barely listen to their discussion of hardy/hearty love in the opening.  But I blame this on Ned appearing to be on autopilot, his mouth forming appropriately Hallmark responses while his detached brain went "Olive, Olive, Olive."

* Randy is still awesome, though.

* Finally, I think I want the trunk conversation to be more than it is. STUPID EPISODE 11 AND THE STUPID THOUGHTS AND FEARS IT LEAVES RATTLING IN MY BRAIN.  (incidentally, did that not seem all kinds of stupid to you?  The two of you cramming yourselves into a tiny car trunk, driving down the road, with a lot of potential for accidental touching and dying?).  Instead I'm just going to focus on this adorable smile: 

"Why love something?  Because we can."

* Besides, Ned and Chuck in their underthings!  Always welcome.  That is, incidentally, not quite my definition of "she took our clothes."  You could both have been wearing much less.  What are you doing wearing an undershirt, Ned?  Don't give me "because it's winter."  And apparently Anna Friel has some sort of "no navel-showing" clause in her contract.  Le sigh.

* However, proof that Olive has matured as a person - she hugged Chuck to warm her up rather than Ned.  Season 1 Olive would have glomped all over a shivering Ned without a second thought.  Hooray maturity!

* And here I'd just like to point out that Lee Pace is looking directly at the camera, in ways that might make for lovely desktop backgrounds if you were so inclined.  Or jokey Valentine's Day cards for a friend (this totally has "will you be mine?" written all over it):

Right. So I'm either going to watch the finale tomorrow or be petrified of it for another month.  Anything could happen!

3. I'm a Celebrity update in a paragraph: Great, not only will Speidi not go away, now there are two Baldwin brothers.  Because the universe hates me, obviously.  (Voice: Or is trying to teach you a lesson about incessantly this watching garbage!)  Fortunately, Lou Diamond Phillips is still the world's greatest mediator/conflict negotiator/braver of rat bites, which makes it all worth it.  Because otherwise I'm completely over the fact that this game apparently has no rules, at least 30% of the time (not counting commercials) is spent on recaps, previews, and useless "live" narration as opposed to actual show footage, and every challenge consists of mild variations on stars, rats, bugs and snakes.  And yet, I'm still here watching, so that probably says some bad things about me.
P.S. Dear Janice, John Salley > you.
P.P.S. Dear TWoP, your recaps of this show are the most boring things I've ever read; hire someone else.  Good recappers can create proper snark no matter how repetitive or dull the source material.  At least let Jacob create philosophy lectures out of it.

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