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Various sundry displeasures

1. It is highly irresponsible of me to even link to this.  But.  I was transfixed by its horribleness, and still only made it halfway through before I couldn't take any more, so now I want to inflict the torture on all of you.  (on a related note, tonight I'm a Celebrity took an unprecedented page out of Survivor and invented a challenge with an obstacle course, puzzle blocks, and no live animals whatsoever.  I am well and truly shocked.)

2. Doomed to despair, I told myself.  The Sarah Jane Adventures is a British show that started out being amazing and therefore I am doomed to despair, but do I listen?  Oh no.  Guess what, I just finished the first adventure of series 2 and this is me, despairing!

I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THE JACKSONS ARE MOVING TO AMERICA.  IT IS NOT OKAY.  I even got on Spoilerpedia to put myself at ease, all "surely this isn't a permanent thing that's really happening!  Something magical will happen at the last second and put a stop to it!"...but it is.  Wikipedia claims she will continue to make "less frequent guest appearances," but whatever, that is lame, lame, LAME, and this show's awesomeness just dropped by a full 50% because Maria was kinda holding the show together for me.  Sarah Jane was and still is anchoring it, but Maria and her dad were forming all the best connections.   

ARGH.  Fie on your "scholastic commitments," Yasmin Paige!  Why is it always my favorites who leave, anyway?  Why is it never someone expendable?  Like Clyde.  I feel that I could live without Clyde!  But nah, of course not, it's Maria & Alan in one fell swoop.  Nrrh.

Also, bad show, BAD, for springing this move on me one episode after the one where Maria's dad was going to, what was that, sell the house and move her away?  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when he changed his mind, cautiously optimistic that maybe the rules of despair were different for the CBBC...and then TPTB were like "just kidding!" and did it anyway.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go weep in a corner and incessantly replay Sarah Jane's "You see, for the first time, it felt like I'd found a family.  And so soon, so suddenly, it felt like I was losing it.  Losing the daughter I always wanted."  *sobs in a corner*  *is totally not rounding up Alan/Sarah Jane fic to make herself feel better*

Like, the hell.  Way to burst my anticipatory season 3 bubble.  If she's not there when a certain guest star whose name may or may not still be considered a spoiler is, I will BAWL MY EYES OUT.

And then, just to rub a little more salt in the wound, according to the previews (I am done with Spoilerpedia, so I might get stuff wrong.  *is hoping*) apparently we get a new plucky young girl to replace her.  FAILCAKES.  Topped with failsauce!  DO NOT WANT.  I reject your new girl with seven times the power I used to reject Martha Jones! 

*stomps back to Torchwood*  At least that one lives up to my expectations when it sucks! 

3. Speaking of British shows on a downward slide, I finished the remainder of Primeval.  Normally I would be all "OMGWTF I've actually run out of episodes and now there's a really long time until there are more, assuming there even will be!", but at this point my emotional investment in the show is like 90% gone. Yeah, unlike apparently the vast majority of people, I used to have emotional investment in it!  Remember, way back in last week?  I miss those days.  They were nice.

[Edit: Oh!  It occurs to me that I read something about how episode 10 isn't airing in the UK until Saturday?  I didn't know that until I'd already watched it online, so I guess if you're a random LJ wanderer who hasn't seen it, spoilery things might occur in this post.]

-You know what else I vaguely remember?  A time where Abby didn't suck.  *squints*  It's difficult to recall.  But once upon a time, I think, her hair was decent, she wasn't kissing Connor, and she didn't make horrible life choices about who she let enter/inhabit her flat.

-Speaking of which, Lester is now pretty much my hero for making Connor and all his stuff live in a tiny square sectioned off with black-and-yellow tape.  And leaving snarky "DO NOT" notes all over the place. 

-3x07 contained some cracky fun times, didn't it?  I think the episode was almost worth it just to see Sarah wander back into the Middle Ages and fit in perfectly long enough to obtain all kinds of crucial information.  (did I mention she's a very lovely and pretty lady and like 80% of what still makes this show watchable?)  Loved the old church and tombs and whatnot.  It probably would have been even more fun if I hadn't last seen the knight playing a psychotic serial killer/ghost on Medium bent on making Allison pay for her devilish crimes of helping murder victims avoid death.

-I think...I might have to make Sarah/Becker my default Pretty Ship 2.0.  Now that I've said that, I fully expect ol' Captain Beck to bite it by the end of the next series if not sooner.  But right now, I'm really, really enjoying the fact that they're the only ones running around the present-day ARC.

-Someone once promised that Danny would be a good replacement for Nick.  They were sorely mistaken.  Danny continues to bug me for general and nonspecific reasons I can't quite define.  I just find him aggravating at all times.  Can we leave him several thousand years in the past forever?  On this show, I really don't think that's an implausible request.

-On the bright side: HELEN IS FINALLY DEAD.  THANK GOD.  That is the first worthwhile decision TPTB have made all season.  I may or may not have rewound and watched the raptor throw her over the edge of a cliff 10 or 15 times in a row, and found it a very soothing and cathartic experience, on the whole.

-Also, really effective shots of the dying hominin ancestors lying scattered around the poisoned water hole.

-Meanwhile, I can't get a straight answer out of the internet.  Is there going to be a 4th season?  If not, that didn't exactly seem like the most conclusive of series endings.  I'm so con...HOLD THE PHONE, a feature film?  What?  Dude.  That is awesome.  I'll forgive all your transgressions right now for a feature film!  *is easily distracted by shiny things* 

4. So You Think You Can Dance chose its Top 20 tonight, so I've finally started watching.  Alas, I haven't latched onto anybody yet, so as I say every year, apparently this crop of dancers is going to suck even more than last year's.  (Yes, I am going to whine about the glory days of Benji/Travis/Musa/Donyelle/Allison/Martha and Neil/Pasha/Hok/Lauren/Jaimie forever.)  

Random Specific Thoughts:
-Actually, there were a number of rather pretty girls they flashed by whom I might like.  I'm holding out hope that they'll be the ones I love.  I marked most of the girls "to be evaluated after first performance," but I'm really not optimistic about most of the guys.  In particular, Hawaiian guy - his voice bugs me.  Also the guy Mia hates, because anyone who is not Mia-approved is certainly not approved by me.

-I'm holding out hope for Orphan Haiti Guy, though.  His accent is awesome.

-Oska, is that her name, the Asian ballroom dancer?  DO NOT WANT.  Was much more enchanted by the blonde girl during the 20 or so seconds of clip footage we got.  Snap decisions!  I find they are very accurate on this show!  So she's gonna go in with what I like to call "The Katee Handicap." 

-Phillip Chbeeb: At first I just thought he was some random, nondescript guy.  My mom kept saying "I know this guy!  I remember him from last year!"  I just kept shrugging and not being interested.  Then they said his last name.  And something clicked in my brain.  That something was the Fires of Rage and Loathing + "Aw, HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO!"  Argh!  I could not stand his shtick last year!  I said prayers of thanks when he quit last year!  WHERE IS KATEE'S BEST FRIEND/ROOMMATE?  Why can't she be the "almost" from last year who makes it in??   

-As for the final 2 brothers - omg yay, they picked the one with hair!  (which is devastatingly important to my appreciation of any given contestant)  I'm pinning my hopes on you, dude.  You're like the one normal-looking guy who might actually end up being cute.  And yes, Mother.  Cute guys are the main reason this show exists on my watch list.  I got over that whole dancing thing a couple of years ago**.
** not really.  But the attractiveness quotient is still important.

-Part of me thinks my cranky attitude towards all of the above is because I'm secretly hoping that if I dislike everyone, I will be able to dump this show like I dumped Idol and subsequently free up that many hours of my week.

-I can't help it, I still adore Nigel.  It's just, him vs. Simon Cowell; he's gonna win every time simply for the fact that he actually seems to like both his job and every contestant on the stage.

-Oh, Debbie Allen.  Why so stoned-sounding all the time?

-Did Mary Murphy even talk tonight?  I know she didn't scream at all.  *knocks on wood*  Whatever sedative they gave her, KEEP GIVING IT.  

-Mia gets exponentially crazier every year.  In a way where it's starting to legitimately worry me, and yet.  She is still my favorite judge and choreographer of all time.

-Lil C < Wade Robson. That's just a fact.  SIIIIIIIIIIIGH.


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