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Digital TV, and SYTYCD

(I felt like that last post was entirely too positive for me, and hastened to replace it with something grumpier)

Aw, hell.  Is June 12 tomorrow already?  *does not want to make full-on DTV switch*  I hate digital television!  I hate it!  IT IS TERRIBLE.  The only station I can get without having an epic war with my antenna is CBS, which is admittedly the best one (at least during the regular season), but still.  Every other channel, you can give it about 30 seconds to a minute before the sound gets, for lack of a better word, "bubbly" and the picture sticks and freezes and breaks up into a million little squares. 

Even when you fiddle with the antenna for a clearer signal, which could take a while, at some point it will randomly and without warning do this again, usually during the most crucial bits of an episode.  The TV downstairs does not have as many of these problems, but they still crop up occasionally, and anyway, I would like to watch TV in my own room, you know? 

Digital TV: IT SUCKS.  Analog TV at its worst, when the picture was on permanent double-vision and would occasionally turn red and green, or grayscale, or have little wavy lines running across the screen, was not this annoying.  At least you never lost the audio there!  Now yes, when it's behaving, I have occasionally been shocked and awed by the brightness and clarity of HD things, so sharp it looked like you could walk right into the picture...but the problem is it rarely behaves long enough to do that.  I've tried to make myself watch the digital channels to get used to this day, but I inevitably escape back to the regular channel option so I don't have to deal with the headache.  And that option's about to go "poof," which will result in one very cranky RS.

Rant off: 

Huh.  I'm starting to think I should have made sure there was a place to watch So You Think You Can Dance online before I chose to screw over the Top 20 for another double helping of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here."  But, I can't help it!  Lou Diamond Phillips and Tori "Ray of Sunshine" Wilson light up my life in ways none of the dancers have managed to do yet!

Oh, never mind, found a copy.  A tragically low-quality copy, all blurry-like, but it will have to do.  I popped in a couple of times during commercials last night too, so I at least know what everybody looks like.

Pre-Dance Blather:
-Oh, ever-changing theme song.  Now I have nothing at all to make me happy except a fleeting glimpse of Twitch, and Joshua's Russian jump.

-I want to make snap-judgement comments based on their 5-second introductions, but I won't.  And awww, I will never tire of Cat strolling on stage through "her" pack of dancers, and that alone sort of puts me in a favorable mood towards watching this show again.  "I have new babies!" 

-And I have another delightful summer of Cat Fashion Watch.  Tonight it's a white dress with 1/2 length opaque sleeves, all dressed up with a spiderweb pattern, and somehow it looks gorgeous. 

-Oh look.  Adam.  Woo.  (By contrast, I legitimately love Nigel, and I'm gonna need to mention this fact until I latch onto some dancers)

-I still don't understand why "Step Up" is a franchise.  It just, it baffles me.  Also, neither Katee nor Joshua nor Ivan is really a reason I would go see -- oh damn, "Twitch has a huge role"?  Nrrgh.  Why can't this show have latched onto a dance movie that wasn't so gross and grimy-looking?  Then again, there's the part where it's "3-D!" and this is a nonsensical fad that I wish would die out immediately.

-I feel like I'm supposed to love "You Found Me" more than I do.  I also feel like this season kind of went nuts with embracing multicultural diversity, even more than usual. OK, time for the in-depth commentaries in which I figure out for sure how much I love/hate this season:

++Jeanine: Gosh, she's pretty!  I love her hair!  She's very cute and endearing! I have to speak in a lot of exclamation points because her partner is so not worthy of her potential awesomeness!
--Phillip: Is still my sworn enemy from now until forever or such time as he gets kicked off.  The way his body moves is gross.
The Hip-Hop to Ne-Yo's "Mad": I'm still trying to figure out why this show loves his music so much. It gives me something to do during the dance, which is blandly pleasant and a nice enough diversion, but not especially captivating.

--Asuka: I'm sorry, but I can't stand her.  I don't like her diminutive, fragile little frame, or her tiny pinched-looking face, or, I can't explain it but everything about her violently rubs me the wrong way.
++Vitolio: By contrast, he is adorable!  Now please stop replaying his sob story before I turn on him. 
The Broadway to something from Chicago: Was kind of fun?  I liked it more than Mary did, and certainly more than the previous number.  [edit: in retrospect...possibly one of my favorites of the night]

++Karla: She is VERY pretty.  Perhaps an early favorite?
-Jonathon: Holy crap, he is so boring it physically hurts.  He also reminds me of gorilla-boy "Jaymz."  That's not a good thing. 
The Cha-Cha to Lady Gaga's "Pokerface": Oh, hell no. *skips* Geeze, the one benefit to my not working this summer is it means I get respite from the horrible Top 40 station and don't have know the tunes of any of these much-mentioned songs.  I plan to keep it that way. 

-Randi: I want to like her more than a do.  She's just got that "dumb blonde powderpuff popular girl" thing going on.
++Evan:  SO DELIGHTFUL, I CAN'T EVEN CALCULATE IT.  I think he is my favorite guy?  No, he definitely is.  Very personable and charming, and more importantly, the only cute one.
The jazz to "I Only Have Eyes for You": Well, don't they just chemistry at all.  Man.  Is the first episode of this show always so boring? 

++Paris: She's cute!  And vibrant and likable!  I want to see more of her!
-Tony: Dear God, the guys are boring.  He is no exception.
The Hip-Hop to Black Eyed Peas' "Let the Beat Rock": See, now we're having fun!  This is the good kind of attitude-heavy hip-hop, with sharp moves and such, not that mushy mess of contemporary mixed in. Good dance #2.

-Caitlin: *shrugs* I got nothin'.  20 minutes from now I won't even remember her face.
-Jason: *Furby voice*  "Hmmm...bor-ing."  (I think I've found the couple I want to get rid of first!)
The Bollywood to "Jai Ho": DAMN IT, kissing is not choreography, no matter how many times you try to make it so!  I feel like Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls, going "Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen."  That aside, Bollywood is apparently ALWAYS FUN, and if not for that, this would have been my favorite dance of the night.  Loved it!  I was dancing in my seat.

+Ashley: =/  I can't tell how I feel yet.  Her little heart-shaped face is distinctive, but I can't get a read on her personality.
-Kupono: I have no use for him, at all.  I bet it would help if his hair were a normal length, but it's not, so screw it.
The jazz BY WADE ROBSON OMG WHAT?!?!: OK, this is my favorite dance of the night on principle.  The costumes...freaked me out a lot, but, Goldfrapp!  Wade Robson!  Dancing dummies!  (nowhere near as good as Lacey the Mannequin, but we'll let that slide, because dummies win).

?Janette: I don't know how I feel.  I liked her when I first saw a glimpse of her, but now I"m studying her face and it is SCARY how much she looks like Helen Cutter on "Primeval," and...Helen is not a good character.
?Brandon: I keep ping-ponging back and forth on whether or not I like him.  Sometimes he seems huggable.  Other times he just aggravates me.  I think it depends on how much clothing he's wearing at any given time (more is better).
The Foxtrot to Michael Buble: I don't understand the show's obsession with this guy either.  Also, I officially refuse to watch any more ballroom dances sung by him.  I can't take the simultaneous assault on my eyes and ears.

+Melissa: Last night Mom said there's a 29-year-old ballerina, so I was pretty sure I loved her on principle.  Of course, I loved the 29-year-old ballerina last year too, and she got cut first.  (Me, still bitter?  No.)  Anyway, I kept looking at this girl with her pretty red curls and thinking I liked her without knowing why, and then she'd break out the ballet and I'd be like "Ohhh, awesome!"  I felt this way right up until the phrase "The Naughty Ballerina" started floating around, and now I've soured on her a little.

+Ade: OK, he needs to keep the pick out of his hair.  But he seems pretty smiley.  I like him since there are few better alternatives.
Contemporary to Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting": Wait.  I know this song!  Why do I know this song?  It seems...ohhhh, it's from Clay Aiken's Crappy Album of Covers. Well never mind, that just ruins it.  That being said, this was a much prettier contemporary piece than the other one I've already forgotten.  Maybe just because I liked her powder blue negligee of a dress. Or because however I feel about her personality, she's just gorgeous to watch.

+Kayla: You know what, I think I just need fewer people before I can concentrate on any of them.  She has potential, but I haven't glommed onto her yet.
+Max: He also has potential.  I don't know.  *shrugs*
The Samba: That is the hottest of all hot pink dresses I have ever seen, geeze.  This was fun, I guess?  I see why it capped the night?  I NEED MORE INTERESTING THINGS TO HAPPEN HERE, or next week I'm going to be reasonable and just write a bullet list of impressions.

Bottom Line: In tentative order, my favorites are Jeanine, Paris, and Evan, followed by Karla, Vitolio, and Ade.  And ideally Asuka and Phillip would leave right now, but in slightly more reasonable demands, I will pull for Caitlin and Jason to get axed.  Except they won't, because everyone is all dazed and amused by Bollywood.  I don't know if I have a favorite couple, they're all such polar opposites, so maybe Melissa and Ade form the best compromise.

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