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Elisabeth Sladen is my new hero. I want you all to be aware of this fact.

In the background, I am still wrapped in a bubble of immutable squee over The Office.  But because it's caused part of my brain to freeze over in joy, in the other part of the background, I have been happily soaking up the remainder of The Sarah Jane Adventures.  It still baffles me that I am caught up on this show enough to not only anticipate new episodes, but go off hunting spoilers.  (what?  Of course I went spoiler-hunting about five minutes after I finished 2x12.  That is my purpose!)

And I gotta say, while the list of aliens sounds excellent (Judoon!  A living painting!  Everything else!), I am not overly pleased with this bit:
a chance for Sarah Jane to find personal happiness with someone who could be the perfect person to complete her family.

What?!  Perhaps they'll change my mind in context, or are using trixy wording, but my knee-jerk reaction is no, boooo, do not want!  This show allows me to indulge in teenage perspective, and I am very much the jealous only child who doesn't want their single parent to have anyone else in their life!

On the other hand, I am so freaking excited for David Tennant to guest star, I don't even know what to do with myself.  Hearing that bit of news was actually my impetus to sit down and catch myself up to speed on this show after more than a year's worth of dawdling, but since about episode 2, I haven't been able to stop thinking about how great it would be to see the Doctor interacting with the gang.  And, well, I was really rather looking forward to Maria being there, but I'm more than happy with whatever I can get.  *glee*  This is actually going to happen!  In a few short excruciatingly long months!  KL;KJAL;KSDJFSDF - yes, this news MORE than requires a happy keyboard smash.

*busies self watching Sarah Jane sections of The Stolen Earth/Journey's End another frillion times* 

But meanwhile, I have tappity-tapped some thoughts on said remaining episodes.  

'Mark of the Berserker: This did a lot to solidify Clyde's awesomeness in my book.  Not!Sleepovers ("We're not girls! You're just staying the weekend."), a long list of hidden talents including drawing and kitchen skills, slightly angsty abandonment issues, and a fantastic mum who promptly knocks Ghita out of her former position as my favorite biological mother since Jackie.

But it was also full of nasty closeups on inner forearms, with CGI that made it worse, with the result that I had to watch a good deal of this story with my eyes closed.  And way too much time with the Chandra family - minus its best member - to the lack of Sarah Jane.  I'm not going to complain about the latter point too much because I was busy being distracted by MARIA AND HER DAD, HI THERE, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME WHEN THIS IS OVER!!  Even if all you're doing is looking up things on the computer and relaying that information - but it's there.

Although it's also kind of overridden by the hilarity of her "If it's alien...LEAVE IT!" Post-It note, followed by another tacked on the locked down Mr. Smith.  "I said leave it!"  And/or her insistence a hug and kiss goodbye before dropping Luke off.  And/or the fact that she still shows up heroically at the end.  Wait, what was I complaining about again?
[Edit: Scratch that -- I will have thoughts on the last two stories later, because in the process of looking up other posts on them, I have gotten immensely distracted.  Stream of consciousness style.]

O hai there, Wikipedia informs me that there are novelisations of this series, too.  Ooh.  The likelihood of my finding those at the library is slim to nil - no wait, it's just nil - but I'd still love to see's always fun to see narrative and descriptive details as interpreted by an author. 

OH HEY, and apparently, there are also audiobooks (minus the book option) as read by Sladen??  *curses no longer having InterLibrary Loan at her fingertips; does not wish to pay $7-10 apiece to download*  Um.  Is it bad that my love of this series is fast outpacing that for Doctor Who?  OK, it will probably never actually reach that point, but I think it's tied.  Every time I turn around there are new and more wonderful things about it.

I think it's high time I added[info]soniclipstick, don't you?

...sorry, I wound up on ES's Wikipedia page*, and from a cursory glance I'm pretty sure this woman has never done anything in her life that was not flippin' fantastic.  Are there biographies?  Because I think I need to...there's an autobiography!  One pending release, so it will be as current as possible!   *pause* And by "as current as possible," I mean it's not scheduled for release until March, and that's according to Amazon UK; not sure about here.  NOOO TOO FAR AWAY.

*Semi-relatedly: OMGWTF is that (awesome) last sentence in the "Sarah Jane Smith" section doing there?  *GLEE* 

Back to the show for a second, I'm two steps away from that point where I need plotty-type fics to satisfy the fact that there isn't enough actual film footage.  Find it for me!  Before I Google and wind up on  TOO LATE.  But I seem to have mysteriously landed on a decent one, so hooray?  Maybe now I can calm down enough to refine my search.  And what I'll be working on for the rest of the night.  *skips off*
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