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I just wanted to show off the sparkly new icon.

Big garage sale weekend, featuring the annual Cottage Park neighborhood sale where the old lakeside homes are as much fun to look at as the items, plus a few scattershot ones I hit on the way to/from it. Not as great a selection as previous years, but I still came out of it with some things. Things I would like to show you, except MY HOUSE HAS EATEN MY CAMERA, so instead there is just text:

$1: 3 pairs of earrings. Little pale pink pearl dots that might come in handy, cute translucent green Christmas trees, and small gold-and-amethyst hoops.

$1: Forever In Blue - Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants #4. It's not in the greatest shape, with banged-up corners and scuffs on the cover, but I still inexplicably want to own this series and I haven't read this one yet, and it's hardcover so I figured it was a decent start.

$1: Tree Castle Island by Jean Craighead George. Absolutely pristine hardcover to add to my small but determinedly growing JCG collection. 

50 cents: Wuthering Heights, 1959 Signet paperback. So now at least I own a copy. *is pleased*

15 cents: 3 small rubbery-plastic puppies.
They look like they might have been part of a paint-your-own kit at one time, and they're already a little scuffed, but no matter. They are scaled to fit my collection of Littlest Pet Shop-sized animals, and realistic enough to count as one of the THINGS I DREAM of finding at every sale I go to. There are never enough small animals! Never! And it's so hard to find even halfway decent ones that these count as my second-favorite thing of the day.

25 cents: Harper's Fifth Reader, 1889. Apparently I'm starting a collection of old schoolbooks, but I can't help it. This is from 120 years ago! There's a child's inscription dated 1893! Part of the spine is torn away, exposing the tops of the binding, and it's fairly worn, but that just means you have to be careful when you read it. I am so gloriously enchanted with this thing, you don't even know. I'm also eternally amazed by the reading comprehension expected back in the day - the book was used for sixth grade but it's easily comparable to a modern-day 9th or 10th grade text.

Priceless: petting an adorable and silky little black-with-white-chest mutt puppy. I have no idea what he was, as he looked and felt sort of like a Lab but with the diminutive frame of a Beagle, so...well, I guess he might very well have been a Lab/Beagle, mightn't he? He was like a skinny mini-Lab, with the sleekest coat ever.

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