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Quick Catch-Up on Monday night's comedies

Well, two of them anyway.  I refuse to discuss Two and a Half Men or New Adventures of Old Christine anymore.  They're just that dull.  I sure hope the next good show on network TV airs at 8:00 on Monday nights...I'd love to have an excuse to dump the stupid sitcoms.  As it is, I watch them because they're smack in the middle of two other great hours of TV, and they're still better than everything else that's on then.   But there's nothing for me to say - the two half-hours can be summed up, respectively, in two simple words: raunchy & plainclothes.  They play out this formula every week with mild variations.  So unless I'm REALLY in the mood to talk TV, this is the last time I mention them.  K?

How I Met Your Mother: Heeheehee!  I had to watch this one twice.  I had to watch the "New Dart" scene by itself no fewer than six times.  And transcribe it in all its glory. 
(The trio finds a painting of Marshall sitting cross-legged on a stool, naked, a red rose covering his backside. When Marshall comes home later...)
Barney: Hey Marshall! Have a seat! (brings out a wooden stool) I know how much you love stools.
Marshall: *grins somewhat uneasily* Thanks.  Stools are better for your posture.
Robin: And I got you a rose! 
Marshall: Well thank you, that's so sweet!  You guys are being...*narrows eyes* so sweet.
Barney: Hey guys, guess what I got...*pulls something out of his pocket* a new dart!
Robin: Oh WOW, a new dart!
Ted: Hey, that new dart is great!
Robin: I did not know you were such a fan of New Dart, Barney!
Barney: Oh, yes Robin, I just love New Dart - nude art? 
All (including me): *collapse into giggles*
Marshall: This painting has caused too much grief already!  I'm destroying it right now -- (stops upon realizing painting is gone.)
Barney: (innocently) Oh, no!  What's the matter, Marshall?
Marshall: Where is it.
Barney: I'll tell you where it is if you can answer these riddles three -
Marshall: You hung it up in the bar, didn't you?!
Barney: No. Why you gotta ruin my riddles?

Ted's storyline about needing to fire the annoying former boss didn't really do much for me, but I did enjoy Barney's request for Lily to paint him in the nude, Marshall squeezing $10,000 out of him for it, and then splitting with the money just in time for Barney to realize "You gaveme the Ken Doll treatment!!" That put me in stitches.  Great ep.

The Class: Lucy is officially gone this week, out of the credits and everything.  Hm.  They'd better address that in a future episode.  And if they don't address it in the context of her turning up murdered by Richie's crazy ex-wife, I will be sorely disappointed.  Anyway, I presume that was the reason for introducing Black Melanie, which surely was a way to appease all the people who complain about the lack of diversity on this show?  (And sorry, but I feel a need to point out that I don't have any non-white friends.  It's just kind of how life worked out, seeing as there simply weren't - and still aren't - many minorities in my day-to-day activities.  It's a regional thing.)  Anyway.  That was the only part of the episode I really didn't like; I found her to be loud and obnoxious, so, out the door and please don't come back!  That, and stupid Richie's preening every time he was around her.  Ugh. 

One other bad part of the ep - this week, my ability to tolerate Palmer officially flew out the window, and I can't stand the sight of her.  I don't know why, considering she's exactly like THM's Candy, but while I think Candy's hilarious, Palmer's vapidity just ticks me off.  Is vapidity a word?  Derivative of vapid?  Anyway. 

By far the best part of the episode was Kyle & Ethan listening in on Kat & Benjamin's conversation via speakerphone.  I had to watch that scene a good 3 times.  I love how Kyle 'practically had a stroke over that whole Hilary Swank thing.'  Maybe just because the only gay guy I really know would be reacting the same way, being obsessed with film as he is.  Is that stereotyping?  I don't care.  I've said before that I love their quirky friendship - not that I don't love the friendship ties between all the classmates, and I can't believe the ingenius ways the writers slowly but surely put those connections together - and this was just another great example of that.  I feel a need to quote massive sections of this scene.

Kat: She was good in that boxing movie with Clint Eastwood; what's her name again?
Kyle: Hilary Swank.
Benjamin: Uhh...Kate something?
K: Or Hilary something.
B: I can't think of it.  But I know she's British.
K: No, she's not.
Kat: Really?  I had no idea, her American accent's so good.
K: Because she's American!
Kat: Hilary Swank?
K: THANK you!
B: No, that's not it...but she's British too.
K: ...I may kill myself.
Kat: Hey, you want to go get dinner?
B: Sure.  Maybe we should put some clothes on first.
E: WHAT?  When did clothes come off?!
K: How did we miss that?
E: Wait, was he playing the violin naked?  That's...troubling.
K: Or hot.
E: *cocks head and looks at him strangely* We're different.
Palmer (upon arriving and finding out what's going on): Oh my God, you guys shouldn't be [listening in]!
E: No-no, they're not talking about anything personal.
Kyle: FYI, both naked, right now.
I really enjoyed the rest of Richie's storyline this week, pulled and tugged between Duncan and Nicole as each tries to use him as a mole to inquire into the other's feelings about them.  He played it off hilariously, lasting just long enough for it to still be funny before finally shouting, "OH DEAR GOD.  He knows you care, she knows it didn't go well, you each know what you know!"  And a very cute ending as Lina finally got out of her wheelchair and stood on her own two feet for the first time, to the cheers and applause of all the other cast members.  (see what I mean about liking all these connections?)

As a random aside, Chocolate Gorillas both look and sound really good...oh look at that, and they're not even alcoholic!  At least not the first recipe I found.  *makes mental note to purchase ingredients and try one herself*  As a second random aside, Kat had on a basic purple tank top that was nevertheless really cute, embellished with little metal-rimmed circles or something.  Although she was also wearing Ugg boots, and I thought those hit their fashion trend high in 2004?   Or whatever year Raising Helen came out and Kate Hudson wore them in all the poster shots...I digress.

I adore this show.  If/when it comes out on DVD, I want it.  The likelihood of me actually buying it is slim to nil, because such things are expensive, but this is the first comedy I've actually wanted to own.  Think of the extras they could have...say, including the table read/rehearsal they put up online...I'm just saying, there's a lot of potential there. 
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