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I don't believe this post has a point.

I refuse to believe that y'all don't love voting in TV polls as much as I do, so VOTE NOW at Television Without Pity's Tubey Awards to narrow down the nominees.  They have 26 polls in all, all of them with fantastic selection. Including some heartbreaking choices, like when you go "How the hell am I supposed to choose between 'The Doctor & Donna' versus 'House and Wilson' for best friendship?" or are torn between the Dubois family and the Eppes (OK, that one probably only applies to me).  Off with you, now.
I'm halfway through The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood, and I keep having to stop and exclaim in delight.  I mean, there are some of the usual things that annoy the traveling pants off me, and I want to smack Tibby around a little right now (which makes me sad; she's my favorite), but overall, I cannot believe that a story with the girls after their first year of college could contain so much fun.  After two books of growing steadily more depressing with all the change and poor decisions, this reminds me of why I loved the original novel.  Now watch, things will immediately sour. 

The movie has screwed up my perceptions of the girls since I last read an installment, though.  I mean, Carmen is pretty much how I pictured her in America Ferrara, and Amber Tamblyn as Tibby is much better than whatever picture I had in my head.  But Bee was always cast in my head as a Bridget I knew in real life, who had an identical personality and blonde hair but otherwise looked nothing like Blake Lively, while Blake Lively looks a lot like how I'd always imagined Lena, because I am terrible at conjuring up "Greek" in my head.  I bounce back and forth between these two images, so it's hard to envision how Alexis Bledel's Lena fits in; it's like I have a superfluous twin character or something.
I'm scared to listen to the Doctor Who season 4 soundtrack.  Just the titles are epic enough to make me choke up a little!  I've made it through about four tracks and I keep pausing because it all stirs up too many memories.  I have no idea how I'm going to pick representatives for the Music of 2009 list*. There will just have to go ahead and be like 25 Murray Gold features in one month, on top of whatever else I find.

Damn it, how did I do this last year? I put season 3's on my MP3 player and got to know the individual songs at work, I think, when I had nothing else to concentrate on beyond repetitive hours of vacuuming or wiping down surfaces. Maybe I should dust my room. ...actually, that is not a bad idea.

* = Fact: Not unlike the reading list before it, the song list that started off as a good idea has ruined my ability to enjoy media the way one should.  I can never reread books because I'm too obsessed with finishing 100 new ones and/or trying to break my record every year, and now I can't appreciate CDs because there are too many songs by a single artist at once and it unbalances my list.  Touch of OCD, I has it.
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