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Somebody rip my heart out and leave me here to bleed

Firstly: WHAT.   The hell you are!  Look, I know I complained about it becoming uncontrollably sucky and all, but that in no way means I'm okay with Primeval being abruptly canceled without warning!  THAT IS NOT FAIR.  I HARDLY GOT TO PLAY IN THE FANDOM AT ALL.  (of course, series 3 is still rolling out on BBC America, but...meh)  Sour character dynamics or not, there were dinosaurs and other crazy beasts!  I need the crazy beast storylines in my life!  Or at least a solid conclusion to the sorta-cliffhanger we were left with!

I feel like I should rewatch the last finale with a "series finale" perspective in mind...except I think I'm too broken-hearted to look at it again.  God, this is weirdly and unexpectedly depressing.  I require consolation in the form of baby gopher-dinos.  I just got a shiny new icon and everything...maybe I'll use it as my standard garage sale icon now; the whole "gateways through time" thing could apply to old items.  *cheers up slightly at the thought*

On bright side: with no canon to contradict me, now Danny can stay stuck millions of years in the past forever after all.  Told you it wasn't such an unreasonable request!  Of course, that also strands Abby and an injured Connor somewhere else in the past with dinosaurs, but I think I'm okay with that idea, and the shippers can just be happy they're together.  And then Sarah and Becker can move into the flat and adopt Rex and the baby gopher-dinos and such and everything will be lovely and right with the world.  =D

I believe I need to go drown my sorrows in watching "Celebrity Sleepover Camp," full and uninterrupted version.  PROVIDE IT, INTERNET.  You see, apparently dissatisfied with the amount of incidental drama around Jungle Camp, the "I'm a Celebrity" producers gave them a camcorder and slasher-flick props and before you know it, they're running around making the NBC (short) version of "Harper's Island," as directed & produced, respectively, by Lou Diamond Phillips and Stephen Baldwin.  I had no qualms with this, as they manage to produce a damn fine amateur video - spruced up with a little studio editing by TPTB - and it's actually the GREATEST THING EVER.
"John!  Lou's dead!"
"What kind of dead?"

("His head's in the toilet."
"So's his career."

Also, fact: Patti Blagojevich can out-act both Holly Montag and Sanjaya.  Possibly also Stephen.  Y'all, I am officially smitten with Patti and want to irrationally defend her from every possible indictment.  That's what this show does to you.  It makes you care.  God, SYTYCD, where are your awesome dancers and why haven't they saved me from this madness yet?

The thing is, I'm not even ready for it to end next week.  Despite the annoyances of the hosts, the recapping, the previews, and most things related to the food trials, the few nuggets of good stuff always seem to be worth it.  Thoughts for Tuesday, since I wrote them down, include:

* I keep thinking that they should edit the credits, Survivor-style, to remove the people who are no longer in the game and thus highly irrelevant...but then I realize I am also very smitten with the credits and I can't help grinning and totally loving all their cheesy but cute show-off poses to the bouncy jungle-beat theme music.

* So John Salley plays Leader like a dictator.  Interesting.  Also worth it just for Lou's brief Jim-style smirk at the camera.

* Seriously, the making of the horror film was the most random thing I've ever seen.  I kept alternately laughing and being in complete disbelief that this was actually happening.

* The tank of snakes is by far one of the least scary challenges ever.  A tank full of tarantulas would have freaked me out, but snakes?  Even snakes that randomly lash out at you, pretending to be venomous attackers?  No more terrifying than the way a steep-dropping roller coaster is scary.

* The hell, NBC?  For a period of about 10 minutes in the middle, there was this, like, lightning-bolt pattern all over the screen.  It looked sort of like the camera lens was full of spiderweb cracks, and I wondered if this was the show's way of trying to look more "live" and "we're roughing it so much that we can't even afford to get a new camera," except that it stayed there even into commercials.  And then I thought maybe it had something to do with the fact that there had been thunderstorm warnings a few minutes earlier, but it was so bloody RANDOM to have these lightning bolts obscuring the image.  Also a little bit irritating.  I blame digital TV, because I can.

* Wait, what?  Sanjaya's...not gay?  Seriously?  Color me amazed.  (Surprisingly, this revelation does not make his interaction with Holly any less squicky or uncomfortable to watch)  And dazed and confused.  But mostly amazed, and also a little bit proud of him for not being all "le gasp!" PC, and explaining that "gay best friend" is different from "best friend," and like it or lump it, that's just the term.  Because it is.  *shrugs*  

* Y'ALL, STEPHEN OPTED OUT OF THE IMMUNITY TRIAL, apparently wanting to confirm that people like his dazzling personality enough to vote for him more than at least two other people here.  VOTE FOR EVERYONE WHO IS NOT HIM.  I wanted him gone anyway, but now there's a whole new reason for it.

* By the way, Lou, thanks for winning immunity like I asked you to; it was nice being able to concentrate solely on voting for Torrie.

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