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Let's pretend I didn't already make one post full of pointless thoughts today.

1. I've just formed an addiction to Texts from Last Night.  I'm not proud of this fact and clearly need to spend less time on the internet.  *pays this no heed*

2.Well, that sucks.  Arizona becomes a regular and George becomes dead. In particular, this paragraph makes me curiously angry:

Last month, Rhimes told me that George's relatively light storyline this year was the result of the normal "ebbs and flows" of ensemble television. But she did acknowledge that he was intentionally written lighter during the last half of the season so that viewers wouldn't think it odd that he was absent from the season finale -- something that was necessary to preserve the episode's biggest twist: that George was actually a disfigured John Doe who had been hit by a bus. "I really wanted you to not notice that he wasn't there for most of this episode," she said. "I don't think anybody noticed because of the way we laid it out this season."

WELL GOSH, Shonda, I'm really proud of you for pulling that one off!  No wait, "proud of" isn't the right phrase...

Furthermore, I don't even know what to say to the fact that she thinks Arizona/Callie chemistry feels just like Derek and Meredith's.  I really don't.

3. It's past mid-June already.  I feel like I should get cracking on that Office finale post before I have season 6 spoilers to deal with too.  It's 1/3 done, but I keep getting distracted by the fact that I'm listening to the Doctor Who soundtrack while I write, and that makes me want to go work on the also-1/3-done Journey's End post.  Or just curl up in a corner and weep over the memories.  Six of one, really.

4. Damn.  I get exposed to ten seconds of Lady GaGa's "Poker Face" on SYTYCD last week, and the tune's been stuck in my head ever since, to the point where after specifically avoiding anything by this, er, artist for months, I had to go view it on YouTube.  I mean, first I checked the lyrics to make sure I wasn't going to get sucked into swearing or some Katy-Perry-style crap, but when I couldn't find anything too overtly objectionable, I went to YouTube.  

There's a lot I don't love, such as all the verses and anything else that's more spoken/chanted than sung, but geeze that melodic chorus is irresistable (it has a lot in common with Avril Lavigne's "The Best Damn Thing" that way, failing to live up to its potential).  Oh crap, is this the onedollsome 's been all over for Dollhouse?  It is!  Well, now I'm powerless to resist it.  "There.  That sounds like a good, rational reason I can give myself" for why I'm on repeat #7.
Tags: doctor who, dollhouse, grey's anatomy, music, spoilers, the office

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