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I'm gonna throw a bunch of topics at you and see what sticks.

I. The Office reran "Business Trip" tonight.  Remember the first time Pam came back, and Dwight immediately shoved some papers to copy under her nose, and we all (by which I mean I) breathed a sigh of exquisite relief that the long art school nightmare was finally over, and the world tilted back on its axis as things clicked back into their rightful place?  YEAH, STILL WAITING FOR THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

Unrelatedly: Man, Oscar & Andy were so delightful in that one.  (As were RYAN AND KELLY.)  The episode as a whole would still have been much better without Michael in it, but aww, I have to admit that his "that was a sucky thing to do" speech to David Wallace is still my favorite part of the entire Holly storyline.
II. Top 18 --> 16
-Oh Cat.  Honey.  A white suit?  That is your first case of spectacular wardrobe fail.

-Group dances: how always so much better than any of the duets?

-HEE on the montages of baffled reactions to Lil' C's "Dictionary of Dance" terms.  So much for my being impressed by his eloquence.

-Which somehow reminds me, how unfairly lucky were Ashley and Kupono anyway, to get Wade the first week and Shane the next?  [a/n: apparently somewhat less lucky than presumed!  *snerk*]

-So I've been re-evaluating my opinions of Max (yes!  over a matter of hours!), and I'm amazed at the age difference between him and Kayla.  Thinking back to the comments about how he's like the "apartment dad," this could go one of two ways.  Either I could see it vaguely like cradle-robbing and be weirded out, or I could see a fun mentor/mentee relationship not unlike the manner of the Doctor and Rose.  Or how Lou Diamond Phillips treats Holly Montag.  Obviously I choose to embrace the latter, and suddenly I'm really excited to see them from week to week.  New fave couple????  Am I, gasp, FOND of Max?

-America then proceeds to punch me in the grief bone by putting them in the bottom 3 even though they have had two weeks of dancing AWESOMELY (in retrospect, theirs was my favorite dance of the night).

-Re: the bottom 3 couples all being different from last week's...I guess America changed its mind drastically too.

-The (Indian?) dancer with the bells around her ankles was better than a Latin ballroom piece - much more fun to look at - but it got kind of dull and repetitive by the end, once the novelty wore off.

-Katy Perry, One Republic, Lady Gaga.  Yeah, I don't think I want to hear any song that stands in that company.  *skips*

-OK.  JUDGES.  You had Caitlin and Jason at your disposal, and you didn't get rid of them??

-Girl going home: Ashley.  Well, that's an acceptable alternative, at least.  And that means Kupono's next, right?  Because you have that Thing where you never split up couples this early?   And yet I don't feel nearly as confident as I was about Tony last week.  *frets*

-We should place bets on how many weeks it takes before this show makes me fall in love with Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone."  I mean, I'm pretty sure it's going to happen, unless I get sick of it first.

-..."best solo we've had on the series"??  Jason?  Who gave you loaded crackpipes?!  Was it Kenneth the Inept Page?  (wait, wrong channel...)

-Guy going home: Max.  *stares* All right, now you are obviously just out to screw me.  Furthermore, HELL NO.  You did not keep Asuka just because she was a ballroom dancer, and then proceed to boot another ballroom dancer the very next week. I hate you!  Plus I already feel like Kupono is going to drag down my newfound Kayla love just like (Jason?  Jonathon?  Wait, Jason was up for elimination so it must be Jonathon) did to Karla.

-Although I like how Max is very clearly Not Happy with this turn of events.  Ashley's grinning madly, just happy she was on the show at all, and he's like "Stiff upper lip.  Stiff upper lip and no swearing."  Which he has every right to feel, because dude, that elimination sucked and wasn't quite right.

III. I guess the above eliminations are the price I pay for getting my way on "I'm a Celebrity," though.  Well, not entirely getting my way, since Stephen's still here, but Janice and Holly?  Yeah, I'm pretty content with that; Janice for being unpleasant and Holly for being not especially interesting.  I'm torn about who to vote next, though; Lou's suddenly no longer immune...but then again, I feel like he could take on anybody in that horrific elimination challenge they've got planned, and Torrie probably could too, whereas Patti?  Patti would be gone in a flash; best not to let her end up in the bottom.

Or I could realize that the show ends in a week anyway no matter who wins, and that LDP is really all I need to make this show worthwhile.  Yeah, that sounds like a more sensible plan.  Besides, I got to see Patti as one of the winners in the more-or-less-lucky-strike (now with extra crocodiles!) mud pit challenge to win pizza, and that made my day.  Though it was weird how Lou and Sanjaya STILL came out the other winners in something that required essentially no strength or even much willpower at all.

Shoot.  See, I gave myself two specific things to remember and the rest?  It is already gone.  I know we were light on content, but surely something else happened beyond the making of the weird wrestler costumes?  Oh, I guess the letters from home were cute. 

I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when I don't have this nightly entertainment to look forward to.  It would be like if someone suddenly cut you off from Facebook.  Or Twitter.  Or whatever updatey sites are all the rage among people this year; I don't know, I stopped keeping up with these advances in 2006.
4. Dear flist members who listen to the Doctor Who soundtracks: what are your favorites from season 4?  Because I've gone through the CD six times now and while I'm slowly forming a few attachments, I also feel like there are a lot of familiar themes and motifs that blend over into multiple tracks and it's hard to tell them all apart sometimes, and harder still to tell what I love on its own versus what I just enjoy as part of the complete package.  I'm curious about your input.

V. I spent $3.70 at a garage sale today for a small box of staples, 4 pairs of earrings and 2 shirts.  Was really pleased with myself, until neither shirt ended up fitting me and one of the pairs of earrings proceeded to fall apart as soon as I got home.  I'm trying not to count it as a total loss, though, since one pair of earrings is instantly my favorite thing ever: dangly fishhooks sporting translucent pink elephants.  I have Google Image Searched in vain, so just trust me when I say they are adorable. And excitingly, the white short-sleeve peasant blouse ended up fitting my mom, and it looks really cute on her so now she has a perfect summer top.  :) 

VI. This post amuses & entertains me.  90's food fads!  Great, now I desperately want both Fruitopia and those delicious little koala cookies.  Especially the koala cookies...mmm...

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