RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Some thoughts for Saturday

I. Apparently something about falling asleep while watching Medium on Friday night leads one to have CRAZY DREAMS of one's own; specifically, believing that you now know the ending of Harper's Island.  According to my dream, the killer is some random guy with a ponytail who can shape-shift into various animals and set up his attacks that way (not sure why).  Except for a couple of murders that were by Henry, which he carried out in the name of protecting Abby from dangerous threats, because SECRET FACT: theirs is a star-crossed love and you will find out in the end that they've always been destined to be together.

I mainly remember waking up and thinking how pleased I was that Henry/Abby was intentional/canon and not just something made up in my andsoulwhispers ' heads.  (LOL IRONY.)

II. Speaking of Medium,Allison & Joe are back to being appropriately cuddly, and the storyline pacing has picked up some.  Her dream from "The Song Remains The Same" was quite possibly the most amazingly complex metaphorical dream the series has ever done (although the necessity of the mute button in that episode made me want to murder people, so it's not exactly a fave).  A lot of the plots amaze me, actually - most of all, the mental institution in "Time Out of Mind"?  Holy crap, another complex story and one that left me with serious chills; one of the best eps ever.

Meanwhile, I get little tinges of pain & woe whenever they mention Aerodytech; oh, nostalgia and back in the good old days when Joe's job was stable and didn't suck!  However, I am also getting a kick out of Lynne existing in a role that is not as Lee's girlfriend ("Hey, is that chick from the Mayor's office with you?"  "Chick here."), along with any reference Lee makes to not having kids. 

And speaking of kids, I was afraid that they wouldn't be nearly as interesting when they were younger, but turns out they're almost indistinguishable from the way they are now.  I mean, not in a bad way, just that their personalities have always been very clear and distinctive.  And I'm seriously impressed that the show's kept Ariel's best friend around all this time - not an easy feat for a minor recurring guest star.  There is a lot of continuity, actually; more than I ever suspected.  I keep going "oh, this is where that came from!"

Anyway, after about five hours of sleep delayed by the oppressive heat and interrupted by crazy dreams, I was up bright and early to check out the community garage sale in the church parking lot, featuring dozens upon dozens of little garage sale booths selling everything under the sun.  Lots of fun things to look at - even a few (too expensive and not pretty enough) Breyer horses! - but I exercised great restraint and after 90 minutes only spent $4:

-The Babysitters Club: Chain Letter Because it's an awesome scrapbook type thing for the BSC (letters you pull out of envelopes, cards, etc); I bought a similar one last year and it's still the best thing ever. 

-Doctor Who: The Giant Robot.  Because I had a pact with myself to buy anything Doctor Who-related I managed to find.  Even cheapy paperback Target novelizations from 1975.  (To be honest, I still probably would have passed on this, but then I saw the names 'Brigadier' and 'Sarah' on the back, and thanks to SJA I've recently developed a massive appreciation for the both of them.  My better judgment lost out).

-DVD: Mona Lisa Smile.  I have a very short list of movies that are good enough to own, and this is one of them.

And now, to bounce back to Harper's Island, Real Version.  God, this show is so amazing, I do not understand how nobody was interested in watching it.  I'm okay with not having a second season, because I somehow doubt I could ever love another cast as much as this one, but this one is so irresistible!

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