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They didn't have you where I come from...

1. Things I am studiously ignoring this week: Jon & Kate, the wank about warning for rape in fanfic, More to Love, and America's Got Talent. 
Things I am not ignoring: Television Without Pity continuing to have really awesome polls; like, get your butts over there now.  

2. "Twice Upon a Time" is in the running to become one of my top Medium episodes of all time, because I've spent the whole darn day singing the Dixie Chicks' "Lullaby" under my breath and being head-over-heels for Joe/Allison.  I may or may not, in the back of my mind, be considering how to hit you six ways from Sunday until you are all watching this adorableness with me.  At least on CBS it should get better promotion...

3. I have recently discovered reruns of "Reba" on ION.  Remember that time last year when I was all hooked on "What I Like About You"?  Yeah, I feel like it's going to be like that.  I'm very sorry y'all missed my phase of being gloriously enraptured by the WB's Friday night comedy block, because those were some of the happiest times of my pre-fandom TV life.  Even though The Rise of Fandom in 2006 kind of battered the final season of this show out of my life to the point where I still haven't seen most of it, I honestly don't think there's a moment or a character on this series that I do not love with my whole entire heart.  It is amazing.

4. After what felt like eight hundred million years - seriously, it was like watching Torchwood - I finished dragging my way through The Office.  My primary feeling is BLERGH.  I really thought once I caught up, this show would be Appointment TV for me again, but it's...not.  I feel fairly comfortable saying I will never love it with the same fervor again.  "Two Weeks," auuuughhhh, YOU ARE A WORTHLESS BLACK STAIN UPON MY SOUL.  More on this later.

5. I feel dangerously close to dropping So You Think You Can Dance.  This makes me feel TRAITOROUS and also FULL OF WOE, because I don't want to miss a second of Her Excellence, Cat Deeley, and I'm very fond of all the judges and choreographers.  Even the ones I talk smack about (excluding Sonya) are still part of my big ol' dance family, and it would break my heart a little to miss out on anything they have to say.  But I have such negative interest in all the dancers, three hours a week are feeling like a really big chore.  We'll see how I feel next week, when I haven't been burned out by 3-4 hours of much crappier reality shows first.  Are they taking a week off for 4th of July in there, or no?

6. So while I wasn't watching the dancing, LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS WINS "I'M A CELEBRITY...GET ME OUT OF HERE"!   With Torrie in second!  Could this show have been any more perfect?  Answer: yes, but within its limited capacity, it did the best and most entertaining job with the fewest annoyances as it possibly could.  Best little June show ever.  I'm totally and completely, 100% satisfied.  (bonus: Torrie not only refused to be freaked out by anything in the final food trial - and there were roaches crawling on her face and in her hair at one point - but after she finished she picked up one of the mini crocs swimming around her legs and kissed the top of its scaly little head.  I love her to death.)

...sorry, what's that Myleene?  "See you next year"?!  The hell you will!  I wanted to preserve this one little 1-time memory of 2009 and fondly look back on it like a scene from a snowglobe!  There can't be more seasons.  There is no way I'm getting involved in this circus again.  You're going to need really good celebrities...
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