RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Notice how each topic gets lengthier as I go on.

1. I love going on early morning walks and hearing loons. I do not love when it is already blazing hot and humid at 9 AM.

2. "Lullaby" started playing my head the instant I woke up - I'm pretty sure my brain was running it in my sleep - so HERE. Have a picspam: 11 Reasons to Love Medium. When I feel up to it, I will troll the vast wasteland of YouTube for video clips too.

3. Farewell, So You Think You Can Dance!  You've been unofficially dropped from my summer lineup.  TV Squad just tried to lure me back with a post about how Cat Deeley is better than Ryan Seacrest (true times 10000%, minus the gay banter Ryan brings), but I still didn't watch it this week.  God, and apparently for once they tailored the elimination results to my fondest wishes, too.  Fine.  One last chance next week, if I feel like it.]

4. Farah Fawcett's death today was one thing - I knew she was sick, but I think my thought process as always been along the lines of, "But she's too pretty to die!  There's a hairstyle named after her!" - but then hearing about Michael Jackson hours later?  That one I haven't quite processed yet.  It's just so ridiculously random and out of the blue.  I...honestly.  No thought-processing going on here.
Tags: celebrity death, life, medium, sytycd

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