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Harper's Island!


* = although at least Cal & Chloe went together.  It was the second-best outcome possible - the best one, obviously, being that they get off the damn island and live happily ever after, but I will also take dying heroically/Greek-tragically after getting properly engaged, and then being honored with a majestic musical tribute - and yet I am still HOLLOW AND DEAD INSIDE.  More thoughts on this tomorrow.  WHY DID YOU KILL MY FAVORITES, WHY; I MADE A LIST OF AT LEAST EIGHT PEOPLE YOU WERE ALLOWED TO KILL BEFORE THEM, WITH AN ADDITIONAL OPTION FOR ABBY AND/OR HENRY, IF NECESSARY!

Everyone else can die in a fire now for all I care**.

**This is not strictly true.  But I am in the Angry phase, which is the one that comes in between the Utter Shock phase and the Weeping In A Corner phase.  Wait, was that a tear?  ...I am maybe not fit for polite company right now.  *weeps*

[Edit: 4 hours later.  Still incoherent.  Damn it, show!  I always knew you'd break my heart, but emotionally devastating me to levels previously only achieved by Doctor Who and rare instances on crime shows I can't remember right now?  You are not cool enough for this nonsense.]

Tags: broken heart, harper's island, tv commentary

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