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It's time to play...Sad Thing/Happy Thing!

Moving on from the f-locked post...

Sad Thing: In my infinite Googling, I ran across & read all of a blog last night from a woman who was diagnosed with cancer, and then three months later her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident.  And they had a 10-year-old son.  Guess who went to bed crying?

Happy Thing: While I was cleaning out another shelf in my storage cabinet, I found People's "Sexiest Men Alive" issue from 2006 (it must have been 2005's that I cut up for scraps and threw away).  Which means I do in fact have a glossy John Krasinski picture of my very own!  BONUS: Jamie Bamber in the loosely wrapped towel.  Gosh, I love when you save old magazines and discover celebs that you didn't care about at the time, but several years later are overjoyed to run across.

Sad Thing: Harper's Island, #11, "Splash"
Yeah, this episode is still eating at my brain.  It won't leave me alone!  It stalks my dreams and makes them nightmares!  I have watched the episode 3 times and the ending 21 additional times (actual number) and it never stops destroying me.  This is epic.  And intense.  And powerful.  So much so that it has earned the right of a Doctor Who episode - and not just any episode, but like a significantly amazing Doctor Who episode - to have brief and chopping running commentary, WITH additional retrospective commentary [in blue brackets].  (I am so screwed if I ever change my background color...remind me to never do that)

* 30 seconds into the action and I am already flailing and squeaking a lot over AWESOME Henry/Abby-ness.  Seriously.  It is too awesome for words.  [Until now!  Abby screaming and struggling and sobbing within the tight confines of Henry's arms, while he pretty much breaks my heart with the desperate pleading for her to stop and promising "We will get him! We will get him, but not like this..." followed by HUGGING.  Frick, if I screencap this I'm gonna have to do it for everything else, but...screw it.]

And Danny's all, "I have the strangest feeling that I'm a wheel.  Possibly the third."  (that is how I interpret his expression, anyway.)

* I can't believe I'm siding with Shane, but I am so on board with him blaming Trish for sending Abby to her potential death.  [Also, right here, I feel a very great need to appreciate Nursemaid!Nikki and otherwise generally adore her.  I feel like I should rewatch episode 2, or whatever it was, where Abby went to the bar, and appreciate their small-town network]

* O HAY, he's on his feet!  CAL MIGHT JUST COME OUTTA THIS UNSCATHED.  [The irony.  It buuuuuurns.]

There was a weird moment where I wanted to ship Cal and Sully.  (I'm sorry!  I don't know why my brain wants to ship Sully with more people than Captain Jack!)  But that weirdness aside, they have formed the most awesome and unlikely friendship ever.  I want their series of adventures to continue in a less deadly venue!  And I really love the worried look on the latter's face going "The stitches didn't turn out too good...I just kept doing more and more of them until the bleeding stopped?  I hope that's cool."  He also really reminded me of Ryan on "The Office" right there, only with a less blackened heart.  Maybe that's why I'm so fond of him?

* HOLY CRAP, I JUMPED.  [Wakefield kicking open the door.]

Ooooh.  You did not just knife Awesome Nikki through the belly.  SIGH.  Look, I know she's on my list of expendable characters and all, but...there are still five people behind her in terms of preferred order!  [This sucks even more in retrospect.  Such a brave little thing!  It's weird how fond I am of her, right?]

Tense, tense, tennnnnnnse!  I can't actually tell if Shane's going to die right here.  I keep having the absurd feeling he'll survive, even though of the remaining characters, no one has "knife fodder" more clearly written all over him.  [Other things that are absurd, but true: before I even had time to process the fleeting feeling of sympathy as he sat with Jimmy, my head was whirling with the realization that instead of running like a scared puppy, his immediate reaction was to drive the women and children out of the room and take Wakefield head-on.  Way to die a hero and ruin my ability to badmouth you, dude.]


* Thaaat's kinda grusome.  Shane's body all strung up like that.  *wince*

Awww, more bro-talk.  And Cal being all sad and self-deprecating and Sully bucking him up.
"I just want to get Chloe off this island."  [I've rewound this statement way too many times, but it's so sad and heartbreaking and sweet that I can't get enough of it]
"I just want to get Chloe."
*look of disbelief*
*light punch of joking* (Owwww...)  "Let's get you back to her."  SQUEE!

* Danny: "He's not down.  He's nowhere near done."
Actually, he is near done.  He's only got about ten vaguely interesting people left to kill anyway.  That's like 2/3 of the way there.

* Wow, Trish...actually, bolting yourself up in the Sheriff's attic, that's not a bad plan.   I mean, unless he figures out you're there and sets fire to the house.  But if he doesn't know, then that's probably the best hiding spot you're going to find.

* Aw, Danny/Henry moment of reassurance.  Sometimes I forget that the groomsmen are there because they're Henry's best friends, and not just each other's.  

* Chloe: Some bad people pretend to be nice to get what they want.  Is it just me, or does she sound like she's speaking from experience there?  I did call her "the bitchy blonde" in episode 1...I apologize, Past Chloe!  You're so much better than everyone else now!

* "John Wakefield is a sociopath!"  And so is Madison!  Snail-burning creep.

Yeah, whatever.  Why would Trish, why would HENRY, make noise that might draw Wakefield's attention, even for the purposes of gathering together scattered parties?  That's ridiculous.  Also, great, now Shea and Madison are definitely going to live, aren't they?  [Also, I am of the opinion that Wakefield rang the bell like a "reset" button, having gotten tired of chasing scattered parties all over the island.  Even psycho serial killers appreciate convenience.]

* *tramples over opening statement*  Henry/Trish reunion!  I just like seeing him hug panicky women, to be honest.

* OH SHIT IT'S CA -- no, it's not.  It's just the dead junior deputy.  The pitch of Chloe's scream had me worried for a second, but it's perfectly logical that he'd die to up the body count.  (8:35, episode kill count: 3).


* OK.  Must convince self Jimmy is not evil.  Limping reunion will be more emotional.  Damn it, not working!  I WANT TO APPRECIATE AS MANY SHIPPY HUGS AS POSSIBLE HERE.  *forcibly stares at picture cluster*

* You know what I love most about this show?  It's not like it's just a horror film or deaths waiting to happen. I mean, I do gleefully anticipate this aspect of it, but at the same time it's actually believe this could happen in real life, that real people could be caught up in a horrible nightmare.  I don't feel that way with Neve Campbell's character in "Scream," and they've got a trilogy.

* And now they're scattering again.  WHY DUDE.  WHY.

* Ohhh, handy, he's leaving Chloe alive!  Unless he's going to drown her.  That would suck.

* Awwww, Sully's turned into a soft-hearted romantic.  "He really loves her, man."   NONE SHALL RESIST THE POWER OF CALLOE.

* Hey, reminds me, not a bad last kiss for Nikki.

* Cal: "Yeah, if we wait too long, she'll be DEAD.  I'm not 'avin' that."  Same for you, dude.  Pop those stitches and you die, so slow down.  (also: is it just me, or did he take on a slightly different accent right there?) I am firmly convinced that this can now go only one of two ways, either they are the lone triumphant love story in the end, or they are a Shakespearian tragedy. 
[damn, I wish I knew exactly what I meant by that latter remark.  Because I don't think I meant them both dying; I think I was more convinced that one would find the other's body just a few minutes too late, or be powerless to stop their death - as opposed to some more mundane death like Bridesmaid Beth or Malcolm, Friend of the Incinerator -  but I'm not quite sure]

* You're not dead though, Abby.  Since Wakefield hasn't stopped, it could still be all about you.  You know, like JD told you, or have you forgotten last night?

* Sully: "I gotta open myself up to people.  I think I"m guarded.  Life's too short to be guarded."  Awww.  Also, now I am sadder than ever that Nikki's dead.  I am extremely invested in the idea of them hooking up.


...then again, a knife blade just came through the door (shockingly, not in time to stab Danny through the eye.  What's that about?), so maybe they were on to something.

* "Sounds like water."  Oh God.   *is more afraid than ever of Chloe somehow drowning despite the holes in the side grates*

* I didn't hear anything, what did you hear?  [Although on subsequent re-watches, with the volume turned up, you can hear the faint sound of Chloe's voice.  Nice.]  OH **** IF YOU KILL HIM WHILE HE'S ON HIS WAY TO HER, I SWEAR --

* [Sometimes I wonder if the word "Chloe" ever temporarily lost all meaning for the actor]

Abby: "If you have a shot at Wakefield, you take it.  Even if I'm in the way."
Henry: "I can't do that.  I'm not willing to lose you."
*quiet glee*

* Damn your poor aim, Abbs!  HOW DID YOU NOT EVEN NICK HIM.  [My mom keeps saying that it's like the guy is supernatural -- all bullets go wide, he effortlessly avoids all attempts to physically strike him...and yeah, it is a little spooky.  I don't think this show is aiming for a ghost angle, but they might as well be]

* Oh, freaky (totem pole).  But awesome.  It reminds me of my favorite movie that no one's ever seen, "Journey to Spirit Island."  I gotta take a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

[The remainder of the episode comes in two options: "Raw text" and "coherent response."   You may skip to the blue text if you prefer.]
* SO CUTE.  "I can hear you, baby!"





-Me, screaming: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (with exactly that many O's)  *SOBS* I HATE YOU.  This is the first death that's really, truly torn me apart.  Coincidentally, it is also one of five deaths with the possibility to have this effect on me, and more infuriatingly, it is tied as the worst one possible.  (I used to think the worst would be Henry.  Then I got way more invested in these two).

-WAAHHHHHHH AM CRYING.  Look, his death was epic enough to necessitate incidental music; no one else has gotten that, have they?  Damn you, show!  Damn you to hell!  And then thrown overboard like garbage.  HURTFUL.

-I cannot lie; if I'm Chloe, I'm this close to throwing myself off the bridge after him.

-*blink* And then she did.  And it actually helped, because they got an epic love story of an ending and whatever, it was worth it to at least begin to apply some salve to my wounds.  It takes a tiny bit of the sting out of Cal's death if she's dead too.  Just a tiny bit, but I needed that.

First, no screencaps (SHUT UP, Future Self) [edit: Future Self beat me into submission.  Since when can I travel in time?] because if I try to start freezing frames I will just watch it 50 more times and never finish this post.  I know because I tried and knocked this post six hours off course in the process, as I naturally needed a break after rewind #7.  Second, I think I will just keep going in dash marks:

-I never thought "baby" could be used as a significant term of endearment outside hip-hop culture or possibly white-trash high schools.  I am so pleased to be proven wrong on this count!  (although the power is all in the audio.  I tried transcribing some of the lines and it came out bearing an uneasy resemblance to a porno script.)

-I can't tell you what a relief it was to see Cal's face instead of Wakefield's at the grate, for once.  Chloe expresses this relief with a series of even more hysterical screams, but you get the idea.  Meanwhile I'm busy focusing on their fingers clumsily trying to reach one another, her begging him not to leave and his reassurances without ever forgetting the essence of speed in getting her out and away from there.

-Favorite part in the series to date: OMG PICTURES

"I thought you were dead!"
"I'm here.  I told you I'd come back, didn't I?"  [teeney noise of assent] "Chloe...will you marry me?"

(halfway between laughter and sobbing, there's a "Yes!" in there...)

-This would be a large part of my earlier squealing.  I love that he got a chance to ask her.  I mean, at this point I figured I'd used up my allotment of Cute Moments before somebody had to die.  Getting that, in all its beautiful absurdity, plus one last kiss, was just icing on the cake.

-Part of me wonders if this poor actress lost her voice and/or damaged her vocal cords after filming this.  There is a lot of prolonged screaming as it is; I can't imagine multiple takes.

-After a lot of thought, I see no reason they couldn't bothhave tried to escape.  It's noble that he wanted to make sure she was safe and all, but there are two sides to that bridge.  Surely given Wakefield's slower-than-molasses approach, they could have and would have had time to go around the locked door simultaneously.  [Great, because that's what I need, reasons to be upset by something I'd otherwise come to terms with as a Tragic Treasure Trove treasure.]

"What about you?  Cal, what are you doing?!"
"Chloe, look at me -- I love you."

-Normally I have to look away from on-screen murders involving blood; it squicks me out too much.  But every time Cal dies, I somehow can't tear my eyes away.  It's gruesome and horrible and I feel a bit like I'm watching slaughterhouse footage, so all-consuming is this horror, and yet I keep subjecting myself to it, paralyzed. 

The first time around, I had this tiny, crazy, fleeting hope that SOME HOW, Cal might make it.  Might be able to fight him off long enough to get away.  Wakefield had the blade pressed against his throat and I was still doing a fair imitation of Chloe, like if I screamed loud enough it might stop.  And then knife plunges in, and, and, IT IS LIKE WATCHING A VERY REAL FRIEND DIE. 

-Also, it will never not break my heart the way he looks at her as he dies, with a last whimper of her name.

-"You can't have me."  I'm calling it right now, that's the best/most memorable line in the entire series.  I don't really think Wakefield cares one way or the other as long as she dies, but it is definitely something to see her fear dissipate into defiance, albeit numb-with-shock-slash-grief defiance, stare him right in the eye, and very deliberately lift her hands to freefall to her death on her own terms. 

-In fact, I felt this whole segment was epic enough for a SUPER PICSPAM:

One of these days the sky's gonna break and everything will escape and I'll know
One of these days the mountains are gonna fall into the sea and they'll know

That you and I were made for this
I was made to taste your kiss

We were made to never fall away
Never fall away...

-"Letters from the Sky," Civil Twilight

-Right, and now I'll just go back to my weepin' corner.  I am glad that he went out as the biggest hero of them all, and somehow there's bravery in her act too, and also that the whole internet is coming out of the woodwork to admit that a) they've been watching & loving the show and b) the previous statements are truefax, but, but...MEAN SHOW IS MEAN!  *bawls*

-Actual ending: ...what.  OK, damn it, I really need to cling to my Jimmy-hatin' roots and not get all SUCKED IN like those poor fools in fandom who are writing nothing but Jimmy/Abby stories.  He is evil!  I arbitrarily blamed him on day 1, and despite what the previews last week claimed we didn't get insinuations about his evil until the very end.  And now they're smushing the finale into a single night, so clearly it's late enough in the game to have revealed the killer, RIGHT???  I mean, we knew there were murders before the guests did; isn't it only fair that we know the killer before they do?

[I do not even know how I am going to deal with 2 hours in 2 weeks, or the fact that I usually cave about 4 hours before this show airs on CBS and watch the early-airing version (mostly so I can slow everything waaaaay down - this one took me 2.5 hours to finish the first time), then watch it again with my mom as if I know nothing.  I don't think I can maintain the whole element-of-surprise thing if I know the final answer.  And part of me thinks it's WAY TOO EPIC to watch in real time with no pause/rewind ability; the other part thinks I need to watch it in real time precisely because of that fact; I don't need a monstrous post twice as long as this one.]

Happy Thing: LOOK AT THIS AWESOMENESS.  I like to troll CL for estate sale listings, just to look at the pics and take a virtual tour of the sales, so I was really excited to see that this one had tons of huge photos - I've never seen one this good; you can actually tell what all the things are.  The pictures were also taking a long time to finish loading, so I left it on the screen and went to take the dog on a walk.  My mom nabbed the computer while I was gone, and apparently was so enthralled that she showed it to the rest of the family, and now because it's within a reasonable distance, we're actually gonna go to it.  O.O

HOMG.  Someone needs to stop me from stuffing sixty dollars in my purse and buying as many Breyer horses as that kind of cash will get me...I mean, did my parents not see the horses?  Did they not realize how dangerous it is to bring me to such a place?  Do they think that just because I put 80% of my herd into a box in the attic, my passion and fervor have gone away?  (probably. COMPREHENSION FAIL.  I only boxed them up so I would have more space to display books.)

HELLO.  I recognize several models that Childhood Me drooled over in the catalogue for years.  The bright yellow buckskin?  The running flea-bitten gray?  And I am pretty sure that's one of the little Kiger mustangs on the end...unless they're marked at like $20 apiece, I am not coming home without at least one horse.  Never mind that if I had unlimited funds, I am pretty sure I want to own half of what I see in this garage. 
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