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CSI Showdown: 08-09

Remember when I did this almost exactly a year ago?  Excellent.  The rules are simple, and now they are copy-pastable and available to anyone (though probably still too long and confusing).

1. Choose 2 or 3 shows, preferably within a franchise but within the same genre will suffice
(alternate rule: choose 2 or 3 seasons of one show)
2. Grab a list of each one's episode titles for the season, and pair them up by week (A's 1x01A vs. B's 1x01 vs. C's 1x01)
(If seasons do not have an equal number of episodes, either combine 2-part finales or skip the penultimate episode - make sure you rank finales against one another)
3. Bold the winning title
4. Offer a brief line of commentary explaining your choice
5. Tally the winning competitions and crown a champion at the end!


Week 1: For Warrick vs. Resurrection vs. Veritas
Is this a contest?  NY's premiere was among the worst episodes of its season, while CSI was the best of its own.

Week 2: The Happy Place vs. Won't Get Fueled Again vs. Page Turner
Um, SARA.  That stops the other two dead in their tracks.

Week 3: Art Imitates Life vs. And How Does That Make You Kill? vs. Turbulence
CSI: Continuing to kick ass and take names without any competition at all.

Week 4: Let it Bleed vs. Raging Cannibal vs. Sex, Lies and Silicone
Followed by an immediate faceplant, as 2 out of 3 contenders this week were particularly bloody and gross, while the other contained hilarious Flack/Lindsay banter.

Week 5:
Leave Out All the Rest vs. Bombshell vs. The Cost of Living
Lady Heather loses by default, but Crazy Julia/Sorta Human Horatio is not enough to overcome Tania Raymonde as Guest Star of the Week.  ...there are a lot of capitals in that sentence.

Week 6: Say Uncle vs. Wrecking Crew vs. Enough
God, they were all so terrible (apparently to reflect "6-6-6.")  I guess the first one wins for Grissom standing guard outside the kid's room?

Week 7: Woulda Could Shoulda vs. Cheating Death vs. Dead Inside
Nothing beats Flack/Angell becoming canon.  NOTHING.

Week 8: Young Man With a Horn vs. Gone Baby Gone vs. My Name is Mac Taylor
Another somewhat blah match, but I'm giving it to CSI because a starring role for Greg is much rarer and more entertaining than one for Mac.

Week 9: 19 Down... vs. Power Trip vs. The Box
ACK.  This is actually a tough choice, except CSI completely outdid itself with this one.

Week 10: One to Go vs. The DeLuca Motel vs. The Triangle
ACKITY ACK.  THIS IS A COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE.  I am wimping out and giving it to CSI just to keep its streak going for the GSR.

Week 11: The Grave Shift vs. Tipping Point vs. Forbidden Fruit
*sigh of relief*  Much better.  Y'all underestimate my love of Mac's Crazy Stalker.

Week 12: Disarmed and Dangerous vs. Head Case vs. Help
But, but, I didn't like any of them!  I guess it was cool that Hawkes had an emotional storyline?

Week 13: Deep Fried & Minty Fresh vs. And They're Offed vs. Rush to Judgment
OH MY GOD, MIAMI WON SOMETHING.  Because it had horses and WAS AWESOME, while the other two were bland to average at best.

Week 14: Miscarriage of Justice vs. Smoke Gets In Your CSIs vs. She's Not There
Whatever.  Miami was awesome two weeks in a row (hospitalized Calleigh!  Great music!  Alexx!), and I didn't even watch NY. 

Week 15: Kill Me If You Can vs. Presumed Guilty vs. The Party's Over

Week 16: Turn, Turn, Turn vs. Sink or Swim vs. No Good Deed
I like how Week 16 becomes this absolute bloodbath, in the metaphorical sense, as everybody whipped out an arsenal of good things. (Yelina!  Mac/Stella!) But CSI was just a little bit more awesome than the rest of the pack, with Taylor Swift & a Nick-centric case that is quite possibly in the series' top 10%. 

Week 17: No Way Out vs. Divorce Party vs. Green Piece
Riley didn't die, which would have been a win by default, so that honor goes to NY instead.  I feel icky saying that since Adam was front and center and Danny & Lindsay got married, but at least those things got a hefty reaction out of me.  And there was a montage o' cuteness to Mazzy Star.

Week 18: Mascara vs. Flight Risk vs. Point of No Return
"CSI: Episode 200" was terrible.  "Miami: Solvin' murders on planes" was terrible.  "NY: Abusin' our former cast members" was terrible, but in a side plot it had Team Girl Power locking a criminal in a shipping crate.  So that was something.

Week 19: The Descent of Man vs. Target Specific vs. Communication Breakdown
Flack speaks Gaelic and Angell extends sexy invitations in French.  I don't know why the other two bothered to show up to the competition.

Week 20: A Space Oddity vs. Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing vs. Prey
I know NY had hot sex & Kat McPhee, but Wolfe was busy being tortured in Miami.  I have to get my priorities in order here. 

Week 21: If I Had a Hammer... vs. Chip/Tuck vs. Past, Present and Murder
Haha, it's suddenly become a showdown of evil supervisors: Ecklie, Stetler or Sinclair?  Surprisingly, the answer this time is Ecklie, because he comes with a halfway interesting case attached.

Week 22: The Gone Dead Train vs. Dead on Arrival vs. Yahrzeit

Week 23: Hog Heaven vs. Collateral Damage vs. The Greater Good
Sprague Grayden plus HUMAN HORATIO took down "desperately boring" and "desperately boring + D/L baby" without a second thought.

Week 24: (Vegas voided due to uneven episode counts) Dissolved vs. Grounds for Deception
Whatever, NY was shippy and exciting!

Week 25: All In vs. Seeing Red vs. Pay Up
*still bawling as she tearfully hands Finale Win to NY*  You earned it.  Bastards.

NY: 11
Vegas: 10 (7 with Grissom...)
Miami: 4

*shakes head*  I never understand how these head-to-head results turn out the way they do.  I thought CSI: NY was having a pretty low-quality year, actually, and that Miami was doing better than usual.  Interesting.

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