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Writer's Block: Firsts

What was the subject title of your first-ever LJ entry?
"Look at that.  I caved."  I was super-enthusiastic about joining LJ, as you can tell.

Now, in other news,
Torchwood: "Children of Earth," Day One


Despite that very tantalizing opening, I have much less capslock than you might suspect.  (though exclamation points will abound!) Rather, I have a list of ten fairly rational thoughts, at least until I get to the end.

1. That's all you got?  One tattered photo taped to the computer?  Tosh and Owen are very disappointed in you.  Although RS is pleased that the Towenship is at least preserved in a single image.

2. I really liked the new doctor from the get-go, anti-India bias and all.  Then I remembered that I had an anti-India bias (bloody Capstone!), and was promptly confused and felt like my brain wouldn't let me like him as a result, even though actually, I really did.  He was not a substitute for Owen, no one except Martha is a substitute for Owen, but I was more than willing to accept him! 

Then he killed Jack and revealed himself a bad guy, so I was all "Y HALO THAR, ACCURATE ANTI-INDIA BIAS," until I remembered that I love people who kill Jack.  Dilemmas!!  But then he himself got killed too so it was all very moot and I was very grumpy.  Stop killing awesome people, RTD.

3. Is it weird that I immediately started wondering if this random freezing was affecting Sarah Jane's little investigative team, or whether teenagers were immune to the effect?  That just goes to show you where my heart & priorities lie.  Still, you can't tell me Sarah Jane wouldn't be all over this.  Mr. Smith can put suspicious reports together as well as a Torchwood or UNIT computer.

4. Martha's on her honeymoon!!  See, this is why I'm not allowed to miss even a minute of this damn show, even though I was just thinking how happy I'd be never to deal with it again after this miniseries.  I'd miss important canon like that.

5. Speaking of important canon, Gwen & Rhys are house-hunting, are they??  GOD, that's a pretty one; buy that one!  After all the cookie-cutter suburbs I've seen on TV/in Harry Potter movies, I didn't know the UK had pretty houses that weren't full-fledged manors in the middle of isolated estates.  Or is that just special for Wales?

6. Is it just me, or is Torchwood getting tamer every year?  Seriously.  In this installment there were like 2 bad words and nothing else wrong with it.  It's fantastic!  Can we keep this theme going?  No?

7. My life would be so much easier if I could just ship Jack/Ianto actively.

8. Uncle Ianto!  Sort of cute.  And Uncle -- *double take*  JACK HAS A DAUGHTER WHUT.  Noooo, I hate it when you try to endear him to me and make him more human!  I have no use for this!  Also I am still wounded from last year's brief plunge into the short-lived New Amsterdam!  I can't have these tragic, bitter children of immortals running around.  They're even more depressing than doomed romances.

9. Time for another Barney impression - you know that one where he mimes his head exploding, complete with very realistic sound effects?  THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW RE: GWEN'S PREGNANCY.  "Flabbergasted" doesn't even begin to cover it.  (edit: Hee!  "Flabbergasted" is quite possibly the funniest word in the English language.  Say it to yourself a few times.)

I - just - what - I very specifically and recently rejected this notion!  God!  Why do only people I don't want to have babies get pregnant these days?  Amita Ramanujan, I am hinting in your general and non-pregnant direction.  This destroys my notions of Gwen/Andy foreverrrr!  (Although someone suggested she could lose the baby, what with her Highly Dangerous Job and all.  *perks up back up*  I love it when miscarriage is on the table.)

ACTUALLY, I DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL.  I MIGHT BE VERY EXCITED BY THIS TIME TOMORROW.  I'M JUST REELING WITH THE SHOCK OF IT AT THE MOMENT.  Despite Rhys's many hints and the apparent anvils, this is not a thing I ever expected to even be a possibility in Torchwood.  AALKSJDFKJAHSDFAHSDFASDFF.  That's how I feel!

10. This is shaping up to be a very fantastic & eerie story so far, by the way.  It's got me extremely interested, in a way where I only fast-forwarded once (during the screaming).  Good job!  I'm beginning to think that Torchwood should always be reduced to radio plays + an annual 5-hour miniseries... 

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