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First, this morning I went to a garage sale in a different church parking lot - or rather, under a giant tent in the parking lot, which is nice for shade - and found some treasures:
$1 - The Psychology of Childhood, Norsworthy & Whitley, (c) 1933 (this edition reprinted 1937).  Just because I wanted to see how much was different.  I'm already giggly about the mention of a possible assignment in which you observe how many things of interest there are for children in a given area, such as "open fruit stalls" or "moving-picture theaters." 

50 cents - "Nyrex Slimview" Display Book?  Not sure what this thing is called - it's like a blank book the size of a 3-ring binder, but instead of pages it's got 22 of those plastic slipcovers that you can put pages inside. Oh!  Sort of like this, only white.  Whatever it is, it's exactly what I've been looking for to store some of my schoolwork in an easily-flip-through-able format.  And I didn't even know what I was looking for until I found it.

25 cents - ORIGINAL MY LITTLE PONY.  God!  Yes!  *whoops*  I KNEW I COULD DO IT, I knew if I dug through enough bins of McDonald's toys and stuffed animals and random action figures, I could find an errant pony thrown in!  She's a baby Christmas pony with 1984 stamped in her hoof, although that site says she was offered as a mail-away order in 1989.  Mane & tail are rougher than in that pic, but that's to be expected.  I'm just happy I found one!  :D

Torchwood: Day Two

"In which we put the alien plot on standby for a while in order to run, run away, and never return!"

Alternate title: "They Keep Killing Jack Harkness."

1. OK, there is officially too much gratuitous ass on this show.  And not always pretty ass, either.  It's like RTD is trying to make a statement about sexiness. 

2. After careful consideration, I love Weasley Civil Servant Guy With Glasses - reminds me of someone I knew in high school/college - and I am going to be really sad when Awesome Dad, as I prefer to call him, inevitably (probably) gets killed.  I mean, I know he's a workaholic and executes nefarious deeds and all, but from the 2 episodes of moderate screen time in which I've known him, I get the sense that he's fiercely devoted to and protective of his daughters!  I respect that!

3. I do not love either of the other two families to whom we've been introduced.  Ianto's sister is somehow uncomfortably like staring myself in the face, if I were a mom and had zero taste in men, and Jack's daughter is getting less sympathetic by the minute, for reasons I can't explain.

4. Lois.  I know she's supposed to be Our Intrepid Helper and all, but I just find her obnoxiously obvious about her suspicious behavior, and with a really annoying personality.  Possibly this is resentment after being burned by my faith in Indian Doc; NO ONE CAN SAY FOR SURE.  Also I am super-duper sick of Alien-Sniffing Guy; I just wanna throw that out there.

5. PC ANDY!  OH, ANDY, ILU.  Please always nobly defend Gwen's non-terroristic honor, and then make snarky quips to evil bitches about what kind of terrorist only shoots your wheels.

6. A quarter of the way through the episode, I was still trying to decide if they were gonna go with Giant Pencil Eraser from the Sky or Miracle of Alien Medical Technology to fix the damage done to Jack.  Or possibly Giant Fake-Out, like there was just a spare part of a body hanging out in the Hub that they found instead while Jack's complete body lay buried.

Actual answer: Jack magically regenerates like a starfish.  Frick!  I always clung to the belief that beheading, at least, would kill him for good.  (or turn him into The Face of Boe.  Either/or.)

*has an awful thought*  Does this introduce the possibility that there are, like,  two of him running around now, the other having grown from the rest of his head?  Oh God.  Let's not think such awful things.

7. So, Gwen's gizmo.  It seems a little bit sonic.  But it can't open locked doors, so it could probably be a little more sonic.

8. Much as I love him, I may actually never forgive Ben Foster for telling us that he imagined the lyrics to Jack's Theme as "here he comes in a ruddy great tractor."  Do you know how often you hear that theme?  HINT: IT IS A LOT.  And now I can just never, ever take it seriously.  It's infuriating, especially when you're trying to appreciate Ianto saving Gwen.

9. *throws up hands*  Fine.  Go ahead and throw the entire Checklist of Cute at me.  If you want to push every button my shippy radar possesses (most recently defined as Ianto's Face of Pain while searching for Jack in the flaming rubble, and Ianto's Face of Torture upon hearing Jack being subjected to actual torture), I won't fight it.  Today.

10. Because I mean, there was that whole bedside vigil, and "it's not's just him", and the...oh, hell.  Going back and rationalizing previously rejected shippy scenes - these are the same symptoms I had right before I came down with a case of Cristowenship Fever on Grey's Anatomy.  Am clearly screwed.

11. Oh, right, and then there was that part where Gwen told Rhys about the baby.  I feel like I should mention that; maybe I'll have a delayed response to it later.  I can only accept so many new feelings at once.

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