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Well, obviously I'm never getting a Torchwood icon

FIRST, multiple people on my flist have had worse-than-terrible days since I last checked in.  I already left you comments but consider this my blanket hug, which may also encompass anyone who's had a bad day but hasn't written about it.

And now I feel really awkward adding fandom-y things, even though I wrote this last night and I just had to hop on LJ to post it. 

I'm going to do it anyway, though.

Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Three
I have a mere 11 thoughts today.  Rejoice while the number is still manageable.

1. I'm sorry, have I not previously sufficiently expressed my annoyance with the SUPER CLOSE UP AND DETAILED TV screens during news reports?  Perhaps this will convince you: LKJASDFLAKSJDF RAWR RAWR STUPID L;KJSADF!  It just kills my eyes and it is not cool at all.

2. They lit a fire in the trash can, and my first thought was "Aw, too bad it isn't..." and then I gaped as I realized the current team WAS made up of two couples.  Wow.  That's - no.  Seriously?  That is convenient, and wonderful.  I mean, if you're gonna be miserable and on the run with nothing, you should at least do it with the person you love.  Which reminds me, TOSH AND OWEN ARE HERE IN SPIRIT.  Literally.

3. Curfew for everyone under the age of 18!  So it is affecting the teenagers?  MAN.  I need to know how Clyde is dealing with this craziness.  I have to believe Sarah Jane has some kind of plan and is not just sitting around all, "Oh my, Luke, it's strange how you keep freezing like that.  Who wants chips?"  Plus Rani's dad won't have a school in session to headmaster, so he'll be home and able to freak out full time, and GOD.  WHY CAN'T WE VISIT BANNERMAN ROAD?  Someone needs to write Sarah Jane Adventures fic set during this series. 

4. ...wait.  It's just sinking in that the Hub really blew up, as in they lost everything and every prop we have ever seen on the series, unless it can be replaced at an Army Surplus or similar store?  You'd better replace that picture of Tosh and Owen, or I will be an angry panda.

5. DOCTOR REFERENCE.  "I'm a fixed point.  That's what the Doctor says."

6. PC ANDY.  SO ADORABLE.  Doesn't even hesitate to do what Gwen asks.  Trips all over himself to aid her, even if that entails doing something he's not supposed to (like randomly releasing a prisoner), without question.  He is the best boyfriend, er, platonic male friend, ever.

7. Gotta say, up until the halfway point I forgot why I was supposed to care about the 4-5-6  Everyone else is so frustrated that it took half the series to get an explanation, but my curiosity had yet to be piqued.  Turns out I liked it better when they were just voices, or sort of ghostly, like most of the radio play creatures seem to have been.  Definitely did not expect green slime.  Definitely do not want green slime.

8. "Who's the queer?"  SNERT. 

9. Can Clem die soon, though?  Or Lois?  Or in fact pretty much anyone who's not Andy; Frobisher a.k.a Awesome Dad and possibly Gwen aside?  (I'm looking at you, Alice Harkness-or-whatever-your-fake-name-is!)  What?  Harper's Island wasn't on last week.  My bloodlust demands to be satiated.

10. You want 10% of the world's children as a gift?  Normally I'd go along with that because I'm sure at least 10% of children are unlovable, but apparently I got all maternal and/or human along the way because my knee-jerk reaction was outrage that they expect to be given even one.  Who am I?

11. JACK, YOU GOOD-FOR-NOTHING BASTARD, I DON'T KNOW WHY I EVER START TRUSTING YOU.  They're going to have a quasi-understandable explanation, I'm sure, but I will REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND IT.  My policy is shoot first and ask questions later.  Literally.  I feel like Jack's little revelation deserves a stinging bullet between the eyes before we go any further.

Tags: crazy fic ideas, torchwood, tv commentary

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