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GIANT GRAB BAG of topics again:

-I checked out Sarah McLachlan's "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" from the library on a whim two weeks ago, and now I'm pretty sure I NEVER WANT TO GIVE IT BACK.  It's not that any of the tracks really stand out on their own, except for the approximately 50% I've loved for a decade already in their live version on "Mirrorball," but I just love listening to the whole album on loop.  And I can't even make do with just ripping the tracks; I like opening up the case and being able to play the CD itself.  This is how I used to feel about music!  Before the music lists took over my life and sucked all the fun out of it!  *treasures disc*

-Speaking of things I got from the library, "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day."  I don't care who the film is ostensibly about as implied by the title; when you hand me Amy Adams + Lee Pace as love interests, the pretty exploding off the screen eclipses everything else.  Even if my ears so thoroughly rejected him with a British accent that I kept hearing Ned's voice instead.  Adorable movie, though.
-Oh, Torchwood.  Woke up this morning still feeling hollow and dead inside from last night.  I don't understand!  I didn't even like him!  Ugh.  You know hysterical pregnancies?  I am pretty sure I'm having a hysterical grieving process.  The internet has so thoroughly convinced me I should be sad that it's manifesting itself in psychological and physiological outlets.  Ugh, I don't like this feeling.  GO AWAY, SADNESS. 

(Seriously, come December I've decided to make a great big Character Graveyard just to keep track of how many people die each year on my shows.  I'm taking bets on whether it outweighs the list of wedding banns & birth announcements combined.  I'm almost sure it will.)

Part of me wants to hurry up and finish part 5 off so I can flush it out of my system; the other part is just distraught and unable to comprehend what a wrecking ball this whole week was.  I think it's the immediacy of the thing.  Note to self, being in the thick of current episodes rather than several months/years behind is NOT ALL IT'S CRACKED UP TO BE.  I clearly need the coping mechanisms that time, vague knowledge of spoilers, and most importantly pre-existing meta & fic patches bring.

On a related note: I think someone should give me Torchwood recs now.  Jack/Ianto in nature.  Of a PG to mildly PG-13ish nature; NOTHING FANCY.  Just, you know, a little something to tide me over.
When I was up late last night, thinking about Torchwood and unable to sleep, I ended up reading through a bunch of old summer entries from 2006 on my other blog.  Besides an amusing note where I was all, "Woe is me, I watch too many shows!  Like 13!", I found some interesting spoilers from seasons 4 & 5 of CSI: Miami.  I tell you, old spoilers are the historical treasure troves of fandom.  Observe these gems:

Original summary description for "The Score" (important excerpt): 
Meanwhile, Horatio steps out of the case to tend to personal matters. When Marisol Delko is detained for trying to buy marijuana from an undercover cop, she gives the arresting officer Horatio's card. Horatio takes jurisdiction, knowing Marisol's purchase was medicinal and not recreational, and let's her go, promising the young woman he won't tell Delko what happened. It's not the only secret they'll keep from Eric Delko that day: Horatio and Marisol proceed to have a budding lunch together. But Horatio's family problems won't allow him to enjoy this new developing relationship for long.

The lieutenant receives another troubling phone call that afternoon. Suzie Keaton, Raymond Caine's ex-mistress, has landed herself into trouble again, and her daughter Madison is being taken care of by the state. The social worker lets Horatio know they'll be placing Madison with a foster family, something Horatio wants to avoid at all costs. The state allows him to find a suitable family for Madison, but his refusal to let his niece be raised by strangers coupled with her real father's absence leaves Horatio with limited options.

I will never not be distraught that the latter storyline didn't happen.  I mean, I love Marisol; I wouldn't trade the storyline we got for the world...which means I wouldn't trade it for Madison either, I suppose...but this is a recipe for actual episode perfection.  And oh, the possibilities with how that might have turned out!  Possibly!  Look, we don't have to get all Madison Talks to Statues up in here, but...Madison >>>>> Kyle.  Is just facts.  I'm still not sure exactly why this plotline got derailed - anyone else know?
OK, I really only have season 4 spoilers, and only the one at that.  The season 5 one consists of this captioned picture taken while filming "Rio."  Don't remember if I shared it with you before or not, but if not, have it again because I love it:
Carolyn 318: It looks like Adam is gonna swing that stick back-handed and smack David right in the gut.


P.S. Remember Secret Life of the American Teenager?  And how it was one of those rare shows that got so bad I quit cold turkey while it was still on the air and wasn't even tempted by new episodes?  Apparently it's been going completely insane in my absence, per the examples provided in this TWoP article.  Subsequently hightailing it off to Wikipedia to read up on summaries, I just have a few questions:

Grace's dad randomly died?  And Grace lost her virginity, because obviously 15-year-olds can only have convictions about abstinence until they get a boyfriend?  Ben finally developed a set of hormones?  Speaking of hormones, when did Ben's dad even have time to meet the escort/call girl/classy prostitute, much less decide to get engaged to her?  I'm still mad Amy kept the baby, why does her mom have to be pregnant now too?  How did all this take place over the course of three episodes, and why do you have 21 more in your contract?  It's not even fun to MOCK anymore.  It's just ghastly awful and sad.

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