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Grey's Anatomy

I'm pretty sure those were the choked noises of excitement coming from my mouth, anyway, when I went ahead and spoiled the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy for myself before I had a chance to watch it.  And I mean major spoilers, the kind of spoilers that didn't get leaked ahead of time and so I nearly ran into a wall while zooming around the room in circles.  (Metaphorically speaking.)


Oh, pleh, not George.  Ew.  I knew about that one.  It's been sickening me for weeks now.  But Burke?  That came out of noooooowhere! 

Excited as all get out, I did in fact immediately make time to watch the episode.  But I'm going to continue discussing it in reverse chronological order.

Problem is, I feel like this proposal will end badly.  I worry.  I feel like, much like the potential pregnancies on the O.C., only one of those proposals will come to fruition.  And since they left us on a cliffhanger after a 2-minute montage of circling around and around the couples as Callie's mouth turned into an increasingly large "O" and Cristina's eyes slowly filled with tears...

well, I feel like Cristina's the kind of woman who would spook at that, is all.  How long did it take Burke to convince Cristina to give up her independence enough to move in with him?  I would think she'd resist the confining bonds of marriage, even after her speech about being in it for the long haul.  Plus there's the small matter of how Mama Burke a) doesn't like her and b) will be expecting her daughter-in-law to sit at home raising babies.  Please understand that I am still gunning for them to get married and for George and Callie's relationship to burn until it's nothing but a pile of ashes.

((Overall, my Burke-and-Cristina was totally on tonight.  How great was the opening scene?  I loved the semi-awkward but very lovely dinner party while Cristina sat on the counter, sulking and eating cold cereal out of the box. (I paraphrase, but...)
Meredith: "You have to feed Cristina.  She doesn't cook.  She'll starve."
Cristina: "Hey, I have cereal. I'm fine!"))

I was so happy when Cristina finally conceded and gave in. The Chief's a wise one; what will happen when he's not there to make her see sense anymore?  Ah well.  I adored the end.  It's always so gratifying to see her back down, because you know it's practically killing her, but over the past year and change, she's made a lot of allowances where it concerns Burke.  I love that he's the only one who's been able to routinely break through that bitter shell of hers and reach that vulnerable part of her.  I always feel like we're priveleged to see these moments, where she lays herself open to him.  It generally melts me into a little puddle of goo when we see that kind of emotion from her.  So until someone forces me into a rude reality in which Cristina says no/she can't, not now/etc, I'm going to tell myself those tears shimmering in her eyes merely mean she's overwhelmed with emotion.

This week I learned that Meredith and Derek is going to squick me out forever more.  It's officially unfixable, I find it gross.  And I know this because...that ending scene was theoretically perfect.  Even though she was mad at him, him came over anyway.  He apologized.  He didn't get angry at her.  There were long looks of love.  This was followed up by some very patient and loving words, and then a HUG and he KISSED HER HAIR, and it was all kinds of perfect except for this:

"You've never done this before," he said, realizing she's never been in a proper supportive relationship like this.  WHICH, considering her looks, made her sound extraordinarily young and inexperienced, which in turn made him sound like a creepy old pervert.  I'm sorry, it did.  Age difference is something that hasn't bothered me for quite some time, but tonight it really kicked in.  Meredith looks waaaay younger than him.  To the point where they started looking father-daughter to me.  And once you've looked at the two actors and realized you would believe it if they were in a movie where Dempsey was the father and Pompeo was the college-age (or even high school age) daughter, it ruins your outlook on them forever more.  And that's why the hug and hair-kiss had such a paternal quality to it, and that is why I am never ever ever shipping this pair again IN ANY CONTEXT. 

George and Callie. Ohhhhh, with the ew.  I really don't want to think of George as a "sex machine," okay?  I think they were dancing on the border between "overly horny" and "rape" in this episode, and it made me extremely uncomfortable.  Rushing out of the house in the morning, Callie looked like...okay, frankly, she looked like some kind of female animal trying to flee from a stronger and more vicious male during mating season. 

Which, uh, eventually led to the ending, with the proposal.  Now, there's this club on Grey's Anatomy.  Not the Dead Dads club, but the Shakespearian Sonnet club, as I like to call it.  It's reserved for characters who make sweeping, grandiose and impassioned declarations of and/or pleas for love.  Burke is the current club leader for his "I am Preston Burke" speech. Meredith too has a position, for "Pick me. Choose me. Love me."  I'm still debating on letting Addison into the club for her sobbing flashback of "We're Addison and Derek!" and McDreamy has probably at some point merited an invite, I just can't remember a specific instance.  I do know that George has already attained membership for "I will never stop loving you."

George did not renew his membership with the proposal speech.  It was just...ew.  I just wanted it to be over.  It was uncomfortable.  Not to mention Callie prefaced it all by saying that she absolutely could not have sex with him again (TMI!).  And, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the beginning of a marriage involve...well...lots of sex? 

See, I feel like this could just as easily end badly too.  Georgie Porgie is clearly still not thinking rationally so soon after losing his father.  He's proposing as a knee-jerk reaction, and I think that's just a bad idea.  But as always, my opinion is probably colored by how much I despise this pair.
Amuses me like nobody's business.  Yes, frankly, I can't wait for Bailey to become chief of staff.  But as she's still got a little baby at home, she doesn't need that kind of workload just yet.  Wouldn't want to become like Meredith's mum, after all.  SO, we need an interim chief.  I love Burke's line at the end, where he pointed out that one of THEM could be chief.  As in he or Derek or Addison.  Not Mark.  Mark could never be chief, which is SO TRUE.  That would be a crime against...humanity.

Side note, I was so on Derek's side when he flew into a rage at Meredith for telling Sloan about the Chief's pending retirement.  I forget exactly what he said, but I had to stand up and applaud him, because it was pretty much what I said: He was ON THE VERGE OF LEAVING, AND YOU MADE HIM STAY.  FREAKING IDIOT!

Who should be Chief? Mmm...I'm going with Addison.  Burke himself explained why he couldn't be the Chief.  He made a good case, which is a pity because if not for that he would have been a perfect choice.  The biggest problem with being chief is long working hours, and that wouldn't exactly be a strain on Cristina because she'd be right there working along with him.  Would Derek make a good chief?  Yes and no; he's got the capabilities, but he's still a bit hotheaded and prone to, well, temper tantrums.  Mark is out, because I hate him, and he's WAY prone to temper tantrums.  But Addison...hey, Addie's single.  She loves her work.  She might regret having more paperwork and less patient interaction, but I would truly love to see her lord her position over both her ex-husband and her ex-lover.
I don't feel like talking about her.  This week I realized that one of my biggest problems with her is how wide apart her eyes are.  She's like a fish.  It's highly unsettling.  That is all.  Oh, and she's going to financialy jump-start Bailey's free clinic.  Yay. 
Geeze, there almost wasn't time to focus on this one!  Which was a huge pity, because this was far and away the most compelling patient who's come to stay at the hospital all year.  I see Grey's picked up the Amish character that CSI Miami dropped...  like I said, it's always fun when you involve the Amish.  The guy playing the father looked silly, like he was in costume, but I really, really believed the mother.  And the whole situation was heartwrenching.  It essentially boiled down to a young woman with cancer being forced to choose between staying out in the 21st century with her best-friend-since-childhood, or returning to the religious community with her parents and relatives and everything else familiar, after which she would have to shun her best friend forevermore, never seeing her again.  Ultimately, she chose family. And while usually discussion of the Amish and their shunning ways inspires me to rant and rage...

the fact that it was two best friends being split apart forever more merely sent me into tears.  ARE YOU HAPPY, SHOW?  I laid down and wept for 20 minutes because I Do Not Deal Well with hearing about best friendships being broken apart forever.  It's one of my triggers, okay? It just is.  Of course I have a reason.  I have two of them, actually, but such things are not being discussed here.  It simply means that even when it comes to characters I've known for half an hour, stuff like that makes me burst into tears.   

Final Notes:
1) Addison and Alex are over. Oh, thank, God.  Even though Alex deserves a slapping across the mouth for insulting Addie like that.  When KAREV is two steps away from crying "sexual harassment," something has gone waaay off-base. 
2) Was loving the Callie/Cristina faceoff.  I loved how the latter was appalled that Callie was attempting to discuss her sex life with her.  "We are not friends!  Why are you telling me this?!"  Heeheehee.
CSI: Redrum

The last time I can recall seeing this episode title, it was attached to The X-Files and said episode was the most horribly boring piece of crap that crappy season 8 ever produced.  Until...well, until Surekill, but that's a different story entirely.  Long story short, the CSI episode fared considerably better. 

True, the episode was at least 75% over before I figured out the point and purpose of Catherine and Keppler's "reverse forensics."  And for a little while there at the beginning, especially upon seeing Creepy Pervert Pedophile Man from Without a Trace (the undersherriff...sherrif...DAMN IT, WE JUST HAD THIS DISCUSSION A WEEK AGO.  Sheriff.  One R, two Fs.), I began wondering if the only good parts had already been posted on  Answer: no, not by a longshot.

There were elements of GSR, despite Grissom's lack of appearance.  (My favorite line in FT's recap for last week: "Warning: episode may contain 100% less Grissom than you are led to believe by the title sequence.") There was MUTINY, in even greater levels than previously expected.  There was Pissed!Sara, Cath exclusion, and Nick/Warrick teamwork.  Grins all around!  Oh, not to mention the return of lab rats we haven't seen in about a million years, notably Henry and Bobby.

Let's cut right to the GSR bit.  Frankly, I was happy just seeing her carrying around the box, knowing it was from Grissom.  It wasn't until she sat down to actually open it that I remembered we were supposed to get to see a gift sent from Grissom.  Waited with bated breath to watch her pull out...a cocoon on a stick.  SWEET!  I'm not being facetious.  It plays right into "Butterflied" and particular Grissom quirks, and besides, it's a very Walden-esque gift.  Can't you just see Grissom meandering alongside a frozen pond, seeing one perfect and untouched chrysallis, and thinking of Sara?  No?  Perhaps I spend too much time thinking about GSR.  That, or I was just easily won over by the faintest hint of a smile on her face, which suggested that the gift held some particularly special, private meaning for her.  That's Grissom.  I also kind of liked it when she went to see what else was in the box - an accompanying note, perhaps - and sifted through the material only to come up empty handed.  Then the smile faded a little.  Right.  That's GrissomBut she still didn't look upset, just a little sigh of resignation.  Optimism prevails!

And yes, I do love that after they formed their anti-Cath-and-Keppler pact, they were like supersekrit agents/spies, sneaking around the lab to analyze their own evidence...and Sara's the one sneaking into Grissom's office, knowing exactly where the keys are.  LOVED that.  And yes, yes, cameras.  I see the box.  I GET that the MCSK is still alive and well, and we're supposed to find it odd that nobody seems at all curious about what's in the giant box.  I don't care; I have plenty of patience.  And spoilers.  Mostly spoilers.

Oh wait, got one more GSR tidbit...interesting how first Hodges mentioned dirty laundry to Sara, and then later on she made that remark about not liking to deceive people, because "eventually, you get what you give"...hmm. 
After this episode, I think I may need to take a break from the YTDAW boards, though.  There are always some giddy-optimistic nuts who can't stop pushing ways to interpret hints at marriage and/or pregnancy.  I wish they would cut that out and learn where to draw the line between "squeeing over canon" and "speculative fantasy."

I still dislike Keppler.  I dislike his creepy, lurking way of peering over people's shoulders and giving them fishy-eyed stares, I dislike how he's really just a profiler disguised as a CSI (not unlike Horatio's role as a cop posing as CSI, but twice as annoying), and I dislike his ability to breeze in here and shake things up.  It's not hard to convince Catherine to be unorthodox.  It's also not nice preying upon weak people like her and bending them to your will in such a way that it results in everyone hating her afterwards.  Grissom wouldn't have done it.  In fact, I can't think of a single other CSI who wouldn't have fought against a wild idea like that.  I'm still shaking my head over why Brass went along.  Did you see the look Warrick gave him at the end?  It was somewhere between betrayal and plain disgust.  Still, I think that rift will be repaired a lot faster than the one between Cath and the others.  Nick and Sara seem especially bitter.  Nick appears ticked in light of how close they were last episode, and Sara...Sara's just calling in some serious payback for "Nesting Dolls."  Heh.

Ho-hum...I feel like I'm forgetting some major component of the episode, but it's very hard to put words to how wonderful it was watching the four underlings slowly catch on to the something's-up situation and set about sleuthing out the mystery.  Assume any such scenes, of which there were at least 5 or 6, to be gold.  Good episode overall.  Lots of people are clearly working very hard to make sure that Grissom-less episodes don't flop the way you'd expect them to.   Applause for that!

P.S. Oh, about 3 weeks ago when the website first appeared with clips from this episode, there was much discussion up at YTDAW, and these are my absolute favorite quotes from people describing the "We're a team now, the four of us" a/k/a "the mutiny" scene:

Velocity: I love that Grissom was like "You're the rock, Warrick. Back up Cath" and 5 seconds later [Warrick's] like "Mutiny? Where do I sign up?"
FourForty: Ah! They're like superheroes! Captain Underground, Impromptu Matrimony Man, Mystery Package Woman, and Reluctant Shrugging Boy.
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