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This post is for Doctor Who fans only.

I love how the day after I say "SPOILER LOCKDOWN," everyone I know erupts with comments about series 5 of Doctor Who.  All of which I read in full.  Even though I know that all they're going to do is depress the hell out of me, because I live in a STUBBORN WORLD OF DENIAL in which I still haven't decided if the show is going to continue after Journey's End; it's certainly not existing for me after David Tennant. 

Speaking of which -- having rewatched Human Nature/Family of Blood yesterday, still see no reason the Doctor couldn't have fobwatched Ten II back into John Smith, dumped him in 1917 and taken off with both the watch and Rose in tow.  Much less risky than expecting Rose to keep him in check, with or without a TARDIS.  Of course, in my version, Ten also wouldn't regenerate until after Rose had died...but now we're wading back into all my complicated feelings about how it's slightly better that Ten II is partly human and ages and all those other things of shippy convenience, so NEVER MIND.

I think my feelings about "Eleven" (the quotes are my skepticism that he's actually my Doctor, because PRETTY SURE HE IS NOT), based on his outfit, can be summed up in this comment I left to fiery_twilight :

"I'd hit that.

Not in the bedding sense of Ten, but in the sense of 'I have a sudden and inexplicable urge to beat him up.' "

Unrelatedly: I stupidly started watching my Sarah Jane Adventures DVD from the library, thinking I could renew Doctor Who because the county has 4 copies and there were no requests for the first couple of days after I got it, but I waited too long to try and now of course it's due the day after tomorrow and I've only watched one disc.  ARGH!

On bright side, this means I watched the Sarah Jane timeline feature, complete with my first-ever clips from the original series, after which I continue to feel validated by my long-standing belief that Three is second only to Ten in awesomeness, and Four is kind of a freak, and Sarah Jane has always been unequivocally awesome at all times.  

Meanwhile, I'd like to restate my pure and unadulterated love for this show, my continuing desperation for the release of an official soundtrack, and my joy over the fact that I love this show so much, I didn't want to fast-forward through a single second of "Invasion of the Bane," and that's not even in my top 50% of episodes.


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Jul. 21st, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I didn't know the SJA DVDs had a timeline feature! I may just have to rent them now; I'm so weak for nifty retrospective extras like that. What clips did they play, out of curiosity?

BTW, I still want to finish the Time Warrior picspam, but my DVD is out in a high box in the garage and every time I ask Mom to help me go get it she gives me this look like "WE HAVE TOO MANY DVDS IN THIS HOUSE ALREADY, I'M NOT RETRIEVING YOUR WEIRD BRITISH TV FOR YOU." I shall try to rectify this ASAP.
Jul. 24th, 2009 10:12 pm (UTC)
*whips out nifty notepad* According to this, they showed brief snippets from Time Warrior, Planet of the Spiders, The Sontaran Experiment, Hand of Fear, and The Five Doctors. They're real brief, probably under a minute, but I found it very helpful as far as seeing a few key moments in her run.

As to the DVD, woe! Couldn't you somehow tie the speed of your recovery into your ability to watch classic episodes of Doctor Who? ;D (I'd actually forgotten about it until I saw the clip on the DVDs, and was like "hey, I should rent that from the library myself!")
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