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The Great Blog Mesh

After way more hours than I'll ever admit to a reasonable amount of work, I have transferred all of my TV-related entries to this site.  I've synthesized in a few fanfiction-related posts as well, and organized my layout & profile and everything.  I'm feeling exceptionally proud of myself, although I don't really know why.  WARNING: I may be 200% less mature than you were formerly led to believe.

If I'm posting regularly to this journal now, maybe a better introduction is in order.  For example, I should probably also add that my writing style is very (some would say disturbingly) easily influenced by whichever blogs I like best at the moment.  If that blog is posting lots of surveys, watch out for memes.  If they're giving into crazy fangirl mentality with a lot of emoticons and/or caps lock, I'll be right there along with them.  If I find myself suddenly reading the well-thought-out entries of an intellectual 35-year-old, it's entirely possible that I'll be abruptly shamed into writing similarly sensible things for a while.  And despite clearly labeling this "FANGIRL" journal, if the other people on my list are prone to including scenarios from their daily life, I'll probably start writing about mine too.  Long story short, I have no identity of my own.  *hangs head*

The only thing I will not do is post pictures.  I don't have a digital camera or camera phone or anything, so I can't take or upload my own; and while I still collect horse/dog/cat pictures from across the internet, a habit left over from my days in SIM clubs, I mostly use them for desktop backgrounds and things nowadays.  I've never been interested in collecting caches of pictures of my favorite celebrities and/or characters; I have zero skill in making banners/collages/icons anyway (don't even have an image-manipulation program on my computer), so really, there's nothing worth showing you.  Uploading pictures to sites is a pain in the neck anyway.  You'll have to be dazzled by my words alone.  :)
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