RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Dear Sasha Watson: try again.

Mom: Is this your book or one from the library?
Me: The library.  You can tell by that big library sticker & bar code on it.
Mom: No I can't!
Me (glancing at shelf full of ex-library rescues): ...oh yeah.

Which reminds me: I'm having an issue with a book again.  Vidalia in Paris.  Basically, this high school senior wins a competitive summer scholarship to study art in Paris, and while there she immediately meets two cute French guys who are interested in her (as you do).  Julien works at the English bookstore and is adorable and college-bound; Marco, living by his wits, is all ~*smolderingly hot*~ and seduces her with his hotness, so OBVIOUSLY that's the one she falls in love with.

Long story short, Marco is an art thief/general thief, and in no time at all, he has her dining and dashing, breaking into a rich couple's empty home for the weekend for a sexy little rendez-vous (complete with complimentary breakfast), and stealing a small painting from a young artist's gallery show, which he then sells so they can split the profit and/or afford a trip to Italy at the end of summer (ROMANTIC!).

Each time, she feels slightly dubious about the morality of these things, but he smoothly explains why it's perfectly okay (these people are rich, we're not taking much, it's only fair, etc), and then she's like "Oh!  Now I understand; you're totally right!  *airheaded giggle*"  I may have embellished the giggle, but it was implied. 

Finally, at the end, she realizes that her host family is all in on this big art-theft ring, and Marco works for them, so she rushes off to try to stop him from stealing an old painting out of an actual museum.  Except whoops, the painting's rigged with alarms, so they get caught.  There is much turmoil, but basically he takes the fall so the worst she gets is being forced to pay back the scholarship & sent home. 

THE POINT IS, at the end of it all, is she upset that he pulled her into his nefarious & illegal ways?  Realize the force of her own stupidity, be relieved he's gone and/or maybe seek out Julien or something?  No, it's just tragic that now she and Marco are going to be SEPARATED (woe!) and there are weepy declarations of "Je t'aime." 


Tags: books
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