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1. Paula Abdul is officially done with American Idol.  :(  Part of me is legitimately sad/faintly regrets missing her last season.  The rest of me is glad I broke free of that soul-sucking, ratings-crushing, time-wasting behemoth again and is all YAY, ONE LESS REASON TO WATCH!  Plus, I can surely be excused for hoping that this is the first step in chipping away at the ratings, and that hopefully many similar small steps will follow until its unstoppable superpower crumbles and collapses in on itself. 
2. Ability to resist Mercy...fading...noooooo!  I've already rejected "Trauma" from the description of the pilot, which includes 100% more casual sex than I was expecting from a medical procedural (I KNOW.  WHAT WORLD DO I LIVE IN), but this one is running promos already and I like what I see!  Crud.

I was holding out hope for the fact that it was supposed to be a mid-season replacement, by which point I figured at least one other show on my current battlefield of 20 would have died/gone into suspended animation so I'd have room to re-evaluate.  But now it's part of the fall lineup, and this is worrisome.  I don't know; the lead actress is just very appealing to me, possibly because she looks like Megan from "Numb3rs."  And the constant reassurance that it's "nothing like Nurse Jackie" only serves to make it 500% more appealing. 
3. I don't understand this comment about Southland: It tried to do too much in its first [7] episodes and became too serialized. When it returns, it will focus more on Ben McKenzie and Regina King's characters.

I mean...really?  I thought it was turning out decent viewer ratings and people were enjoying it; what made you suddenly decide it was broken?  Additionally, a) how is "too serialized" a bad thing, and b) how was it "too serialized" in the first place?  Because you made a story arc out of Janilla?  Because we saw some of the characters' personal lives?

In case you hadn't noticed, Southland has a really big cast, and the benefit to that was not every storyline got addressed in every episode, because there simply wasn't time.  How is narrowing your focus going to make it less serialized?

I mean, Adams & Sherman are two of my favorites, so I don't have a specific problem with this, it's just that I'm also kinda fond of Bryant, and the gaggle of other male detectives near them, who always make me think I've taken a left turn into a newsroom somewhere, and really fond of Chickie.  They aren't going to make sudden and unexplained disappearances, are they?  Hope not. Would be too sad.  You'll hear no complaints from me if Dewey were to make a sudden and unexplained disappearance, though.

4. Ooh, new Office spoilers!  *resists for 1.09 seconds*

For the record, I am still hating on this show a whole bunch except for the parts that involve Jim and Pam.  Especially the parts that include Ellie Kemper, because now that I know her real name, it BURNS ME UP INSIDE that this one woman, between her fictional and real-life personae, has trampled on literally my three favorite girl's names in the world (Kelly, Erin, Ellen/Ellie).  What are the odds of that, WHAT! 

Also, super-unfairly, just when Kelly Kapoor FINALLY gets to star in the webisodes, and subsequently make them "not suck," they proceed to suck anyway by including Kelly Erin.  !!&@%$!&@%!&^@$!  ODDS.  

As for things I don't hate, um...

Oh yay, wedding in the 4th episode!  That's the hour-long one, right?  It had better be, because I didn't realize until just this minute how annoyed I'd be if Phyllis' marital celebrations were to get more focus than Pam's.  Now I just...have to decide if I'm relieved or scared that Mindy Kaling is (co)writing it. 

Also, per Jenna Fischer, apparently the show's picking up in real time so Pam will be just out of her first trimester when the season starts.  What I'm hearing is, that means her baby should theoretically be born in March, right?  Which means I am HOLDING OUT HOPE for the 27th.  (yes, the 27th is on a Saturday.  The birthdate doesn't have to match the airdate!  *continues to hold out hope*)  James Potter isn't enough; I want to share this day with multiple fictional characters!

Back to things I hate, apparently they're "casting" for Pam's mom.  Aw, no, come on, geeze.  We met Pam's mom!  She was super adorable and cute and I've been pining to see her again, NOT A LAME RECASTING.  I can only take one Fancy New Beesley per show here!  Not to mention that having Pam's mom around for possible multiple episodes would force me to remember that Pam's parents were getting divorced, and I was doing so well at blocking that... 


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Aug. 6th, 2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
Every time I see the promos for Mercy I weaken a little. I will even suffer through Michelle Trachtenberg's (I don't quite know why I find her insufferable but I think it's residual Dawn hate from BtVS) presence to watch it.

But I haven't even bothered to check out the fall lineup although I think there's not very many new shows I want to watch. Or perhaps I'm tired of getting into new shows only to have them cruelly canceled 2 seasons in (I am still bitter about Life).
Aug. 6th, 2009 11:37 pm (UTC)
*random sympathies for Life*

I miss that show so much.
Aug. 7th, 2009 01:58 am (UTC)
WAIT WAIT WAIT, there are going to be new Kelly-centric webisodes WITH KELLY ERIN??? Somehow I do not know enough about this! Tell me, tell me! Also, I am sorry on your behalf. On my behalf, I will indulge in a thousand giddy daydreams of my own fanfiction coming true. Because that's how I roll.

... omg, I don't want them to recast Pam's mom, I love Mama Beesly from 2x02, she's the BEST, DON'T DO IT SHOW, STOP DOING THESE THINGS THAT COMPLICATE MY FEELINGS ABOUT YOU. :(

Also, poor PamRents. That plotline totally, totally, totally bummed me out.
Aug. 7th, 2009 04:22 pm (UTC)
ACK, STUPID COMMENT. *edits again*
Lol! Try not to be too overcome with joy, but

"[Mindy] Kaling’s immediate future also involves a move into directing. The Dartmouth alum is helming (and appearing in) the next batch of “Office” webisodes, which revolve around a female rock band called Subtle Sexuality."

And there is probably other stuff scattered on this page, somewhere. So, yeah, there ya go. RUN WILD, IMAGINATION.
Hee! to that, too.
Also, um, my new theory is that the separation was all something they made up for a Superbowl episode stunt, so as to get a Cheap Emotional Fix with which to hook the new viewers on Jim/Pam (success!). And that since we haven't heard a peep about it since, her parents have since totally reconciled and dad's moved back home.

Alternatively, they are so swept away with misty-eyed emotion at the wedding that they get back together, a la Pam & Roy at the Vance wedding. Only with more legitimate emotions and without dissolving again a week later. YUP.

Edited at 2009-08-07 04:24 pm (UTC)
Aug. 8th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
Re: ACK, STUPID COMMENT. *edits again*
"[Mindy] Kaling’s immediate future also involves a move into directing. The Dartmouth alum is helming (and appearing in) the next batch of “Office” webisodes, which revolve around a female rock band called Subtle Sexuality."


I don't know what that "I" could stand for, but it just snuck in there in the heights of my joy and I can't bring myself to delete it, I like it! Omig would be sort of a delightful weirdo boys' name.
Aug. 7th, 2009 02:00 am (UTC)
I think I'm the only person who honestly doesn't care one way or the other that Paula is leaving "American Idol".
Aug. 7th, 2009 07:56 pm (UTC)
Funny you should mention Trauma/Mercy because yesterday I was wondering how hard it would be to resist trying out new shows this season. Then it occurred to me that the only show that's been really brought to my attention is 'Glee' (Oh and NCIS:LA as a given). Anyway, I watched the 'Trauma' promo (no sex whatsoever, just a LOT of things blowing up) and got intrigued at the Third Watch/procedural-esque nature of it. Now you've mentioned the lots of casual sex then maybe I'll be able to resist the temptation.
'Mercy' seems like it could be a contender. Shall have to hunt down the promos for it.

PS. which includes 100% more casual sex than I was expecting from a medical procedural
I was going to LOL and shout GREY'S ANATOMY at you before I realised that it wasn't technically a procedural. ;D
Aug. 7th, 2009 08:14 pm (UTC)
I don't actually know if there's a lot of sex, I just know what I read from the TV Squad preview: "Trauma lost me right away when it became obvious that Nancy was setting herself up to be a victim of sexism-- a med school graduate who isn't allowed into the "boy's club" of her male-dominated profession. The problem is, it's hard to consider her a feminist icon when Nancy's first scene involves her banging a co-worker in the back of her bus and is quickly followed by her arriving at an emergency with her uniform unbuttoned halfway down her ribcage."

Even if that's the only such scene, it's literally enough to turn me off watching.

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