RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

This entry is chock-full of hidden spoilers. Well, not that hidden.

1. *headdesk x5000*  I do not believe it.  My favorite dancer from Day 1 (Jeanine) WON So You Think You Can Dance (with my favorite of the opposite gender  - Evan - having actually made it to the final 4 as well; what).  For a season I wasn't even watching.  FRUSTRATING.  This does not mean you're going to suck me into your fall edition, show!  We're through!  We are through because season 4 & Katee destroyed my last semblance of liking; it just took me another year to confirm that feeling.

2. In spin-off/crossover news, I would just like to state for the record that while I highly approve of Bailey having a crossover stint with Private Practice (albeit...less so in a way that claims it will somehow spark Bailey/Taye Diggs chemistry -- I thought the whole point in the last crossover was that she realized he still loved his wife?  Or that his wife loved him, or both, or something like that; the details in my memory are fuzzy but they in no way included romantic sparks on her end), I am grouchy that NCIS snagged the one member I can't resist -- Abby Sciuto -- to cross over to their crappy L.A. spinoff. 

FINE.  I might consider watching episodes she's in, if I have nothing better to do, but I'm not sticking around for your nonsense on a regular basis.  You've been running promos all summer and my reaction to it is still "ugh."

3. Also, some brand-new updates about one of the Office spoilers I posted yesterday:

a) "[Fischer] is being fitted for wedding gowns with room for Pam's bump"
*headdesk*  You know what my favorite part is about weddings that happens before babies?  NO BUMP.  You know what I was secretly hoping about them getting married early in the season?  SHE WOULDN'T BE SHOWING YET.  Seriously, nothing screams "shotgun wedding," even if you also have "soulmate" written all over you, like an even slightly noticeably pregnant bride.  Why does this show take such perverse pleasure in screwing up even the one last thing I still love about it?

b) "it's going to be a destination wedding." 
No.  Is it really?  My God!  My mom and I were JUST talking about how we don't understand the point of destination weddings ("That's what the honeymoon is for") and why you'd expect your guests - whether friends or close family members - to pay that kind of travel expense just to see you get married.  I'm kind of hoping that's a joke based on the fact that she says "probably Niagra Falls," but...I've been too afraid to wade back into the MTT message boards lately, so I don't have any better details than TV Guide. 

And if it's not a joke...while it does sound like a good way to avoid people from D-M (except not, because you know Michael, not to mention the camera crew), I just keep thinking "Pam.  Your parents are getting divorced.  The pair of you spent half the season alternately bitching and fretting about your finances; also, YOU ARE EXPECTING A BABY.  Destination weddings: not the way to go!"

Someone please stop giving me excuses/reasons to hit up Office Tally.  I don't want to keep going back there, okay?  It tells me things.  None of which I like.

Tags: grey's anatomy, ncis, ncis: la, private practice, speculation, spoilers, sytycd, the office

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