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Never mind! I have content now!

Spoilery content.  Rageful spoilery content.  This time it's all been rounded up by TV Squad, who have somehow been keeping tabs on like nine different sources I was not previously aware of, which is odd because normally they're a good week and a half behind the times.

SPOILERS AHOY.  (You might be asking yourself why I still read spoilers when apparently, I think everything I read signals apocalyptic travesty.  Good question!  I don't have a good answer, beyond "sometimes the good ones just pass right out of my brain and I don't have any reaction to them worth posting?")

"Adam Rodriguez is not returning to CSI: Miami full-time for season eight.

Bzuh?  So that's why you've had Eric/Calleigh on warp speed all of a sudden?  *pause as the news fully sinks in*  Wait, WHAT?  STOP SPRINGING PARTIAL CONTRACTS ON ME, CSIVERSE.  Unless the next news is that Carmine's quitting halfway through season 6 on CSI: NY.  That I would be totally down with.

But seriously, this saddens me.  Adam's the best actor they've got left.

On an unrelated note, I actually am pleased by the fact that there's going to be a 3-way CSI crossover this year.  A little less pleased that they keep pushing this Super Speshul Langston angle, making him Vegas's answer to Mac, The Expert of Everything, but mostly delighted all the same.  TV crossovers = good. 
Sawyer will be destroyed by the tragedy of Juliet, pushing him back towards his original, more "salty" character. He'll still carry around season five's character growth, but he'll be rejecting it.

Well, there goes the whole "time rewound to 2004 and the plane never crashed" theory.  I don't know if I'm relieved or devastated.  Probably it depends on whether Juliet miraculously survives or not and/or how they make me feel about the love quadrangle by the time the series ends.
"Pam will try to hide her pregnancy from some family members as she walks down the aisle."

OH MY GOD.  This plot arc just gets stupider by the day, doesn't it?  I understand the whole "not telling everyone right away for fear of miscarriage" idea, members?  When you're pregnant during a wedding and almost in month 4?  How awkward is it going to be when the baby's born in six months?  "Yeah, about that..."

And by "some family members," they're not talking about her parents, right?  Surely it's just a random Angela-judgmental aunt or something, like maybe some cousins she never sees?  BECAUSE I WOULD GET RAGEFUL.  Right now I'm merely cranky and reiterating my "shotgun wedding!!" statements, which in turn just revs up all my pre-marriage-baby crankiness** from before I saw the finale. 

Although, hey, at least I don't currently hate Pam!  For once I am merely fueling my rage towards the people writing her character.  Probably because I haven't seen her on film yet.  *tries to hold onto Shiny Happy End-of-Finale Pam's smiling*
Neutral news: Booth will have to relearn certain things he was good at before his brain surgery. One episode will be about Amish people while another will revolve around the trial of the Grave Digger.
Been there, done that on CSI: Miami.  Have hopes it will be played out better here.  Am also slightly optimistic that round 3 of Grave Digger talk will be better than the one where they caught her, just like the middle part of every trilogy is usually the least exciting.

Rageful news: There will be at least one or two new assistants this season.
TPTB: WE DON'T LIKE THIS FORMAT.  SERIOUSLY, WE DON'T.  NOBODY DOES.  We keep patiently waiting for you to wrap up this nonsense, and yet you keep making the opposite of progress on that front.  At this point I would give up Clarke and Wendell just to see you settle on one character.

Happy news: "Gordon Gordon Wyatt is scheduled to appear in episode ten, which may end up being a Christmas episode."


P.S. Lol, remember that time when I declared Spoiler Lockdown?  Best hilariously doomed-to-fail declaration ever.
**I Issue A Challenge: from the last 20 years of TV shows, how many babies can you name that were born in wedlock to couples who were not even dating when the series began, but subsequently got married and then conceived said baby?  The "conceived" is important*.  According to the rules of this challenge, if the bride was pregnant, it doesn't count.

[EDIT: I should clarify -- dating-turned-married couples who proceed to adopt a child in wedlock also count, not just the ones who give birth.]

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