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And now -- featuring all two answers for the Fannish 5 meme!

[info]eleigh gave me "Top 5 Pairings" (romantic or friendship), and I debated about whether to be creative and take the latter option, but then I decided, no, I would go down the easy route.  Last year, you see, I was tagged in the "talk about your top six OTPs" meme, and never finished it because the first five were easy-peasy but choosing just one more from the countless "so close to my top 5!" options proved IMPOSSIBLE. 

But now, here we are.  With pictures!  Mostly the first random pictures I could find via Google because, surprise, I was too lazy to turn on the other computer and snag the shots I actually wanted.  God, per usual, I put 11,000 times more effort into pictures than I needed to, and still am not satisfied, but NOW I'M GIVING UP.

1. Jim/Pam - The Office

After more than seven years, Mulder and Scully finally lost their #1 Ship Of All Time title to these two.  They dominate my daydreams to perhaps unhealthy levels, since I can't go a day without thinking about them, and they've been at the forefront of my thoughts for some two years now (sometimes to my detriment, as Show Pam doesn't always jive with the Pam in my head).

Anyway, part of me likes them because they're so ordinary - unlike most of my ships, in which one or both parties are medical professionals or involved in law enforcement.  They fit into any situation, any ordinary event.  Meanwhile, all they have to do is share the same frame and my heart does a little whoosh. 

I'm helpless against love stories that start out as friendship (preferably best friendship), so they have that going for them.  I am also a huge sucker for Sweepingly Romantic Scenes, of which they have quite a number.  The bottom line is that I don't know how anyone can watch them once and not think they're the most compatible couple in the world.  If all else fails, you can just bask in the fact that Jim is perfect.

2. The Doctor (Ten)/Rose - Doctor Who

I'm definitely a specific-Doctor shipper in this situation.  Is probably part of the reason Journey's End doesn't crush my heart as thoroughly as it should, because ultimately I get my happy ending.  The particular version of him tends not to matter in my brain; visuals & "same memories" are what's important.  Firstly, they're very pretty together...  *10 minute break to stare at picture*

Secondly, despite the horrible amounts of angst, when that's not bogging things down they're bright and bouncy and fun; I'm pretty sure their mutual delight together powers a sun somewhere.  And either way, they are very clearly the most important person to the world to each other (with or without the shipper goggles, although they help), which brings us back to the rooted-in-friendship place.

...but I think I've said all these things, better, a thousand times in one place or another. so we'll sum it up with a quote.  "If you see Rose, tell her...tell her...oh, she knows."

3. Charlie/Amita - Numb3rs

[*feels as though she could have worked harder to pick a good/less bloody dark screenshot for the couple least likely to be otherwise seen by flist*  NO.  GIVING UP NOW.  TOO MANY CHOICES = DISTRESSED ME]

Amita is one of the most maligned female characters ever, which makes me sad, as prior to this I'd never really encountered a fandom that villainized women for interfering with slash.  Fortunately, the rampant hatred seems to be slowly dying down, perhaps trampled under an endless onslaught of Cute until they give up.  Fanfic remains in distressingly short to non-existent supply, but canon more than compensates.

Because they are, after all, very cuddly & affectionate.  Unless Amita's absent from an episode (approximately 20% of the time), you almost can't get through an hour without some sort of Cute Scene; I swear they actually amp it up as the years go on, but their genius brains play so well off one another that it's fun just watching them work on a case.  It's Jim & Pam redux, only better because we get to go home with them.  Also, and please take note: no sex scenes.  Ever.  We sometimes get naughty-flirty implications, but see nothing even close to dirty.  It is basically my ideal TV relationship.

*ignores whatever worrisome direction the writers might take the premiere*  WE DON'T KNOW.  IT COULD STILL GO AS PLANNED.

4. Grissom/Sara -- CSI

Unmatchable gold standard of CSI, always.  Prior to season 8, it's really hard to find pictorial evidence, because so much of what I love about them is in what they say, or how they act in the context of larger events, like his reaction to the murder victim who looked like Sara.  And by the time they actually get together, Grissom is much less attractive than he was at the beginning (sometimes, I watch the early seasons and just SIGH A LOT at how many prime years they wasted, even though waiting was best for the show).

However, for reasons I actually cannot explain (especially to my 16-year-old self, who was thoroughly squicked by the idea), they  They aren't especially demonstrative, and they're both emotionally reserved in different respects, but emotions run deep, and it's an intellectual bond as much as physical.  She's always been drawn to him, and in turn, draws him out of the cocoon of solitude he'd otherwise happily sink into.   

5. Ned/Chuck  - Pushing Daisies (*HAS NOT LET GO YET*)

Their inability to touch is frustrating, but my daydreams have no such boundaries.  And the show itself was so creative in working around this rule that I tend to forget it exists.  (*weeps at having to use past tense*  THEIR EVERY INTERACTION WAS MAGICAL.  Except for those ones where Chuck moved out and then Ned wouldn't let her move back)

I like their co-dependecy as much as the fact that their personalities balance one another - her bright & sunny cheer counters his tendency for anxiety & pessimism; his logic and reason counter her tendency towards the reckless.  Again, if all else fails...Ned, much like Jim, is also perfect.  And much like the Doctor & Rose, they're so gorgeous (with the added bonus of a dog!) that you can just sit and gaze for a while.

Meanwhile,aries11  gave me "the top 5 things that would make you a Danny/Lindsay shipper again."

1. Everything that happened in season five.
OH WAIT!  That didn't work.  Clearly this is an impossible scenario.

However, wanting to give an honest answer, I thought long and hard and came up with the following wishes:

1) Lindsay gets shot and there is much Angsty Danny fretting about her chances of survival, preferably including at least one bedside vigil, with handholding, waiting for her to wake up.

2) Lots and lots of playful banter. Cute, snarky, semi-flirty banter in multiple episodes that would make their relationship seem less stilted.

3) Explaining that Rikkigate was all a figment of our imaginations.  I don't care how you accomplish this, just do it and we're golden.

4) Any sort of threat, immediate or sustained, to Lindsay and/or Lucy that would bring out Danny's Protective Alpha Male syndrome.  This differs from #1 in that in includes a wider variety of scenarios, as well as plays more on anger than angst.

5) Anything that would give Lindsay a reason to cry and Danny to comfort her.  Remember how that hurt/comfort thing took over season 3?  It was very helpful/instrumental in my initial shippy feelings.

P.S. Hellfire and damnation!  (I'm pretty sure I only use that phrase for one reason: reckless Googling) There I go again, Image Searching with clearly stupid keywords and too much curiosity, and wind up with a spoiler photo or two + speculation for the final Doctor Who special.  Not that I wasn't already somewhat aware of the casting spoiler, but this threw an unpleasant bit of extra knowledge at me. 




[I mean, I knew Billie Piper was in it, but...I was torn between my hope of seeing Ten II again, and my fear that he'd end up dying along with the regular one, to fulfill the Each Finale With Rose Hurts More Than Last Time rule.  Having her appear in a past scene rather than being present-day Rose would be...different.  On the one hand, it takes away the fear, but it's also *slump* a touch disappointing, and as a result I don't know whether I want the speculation to come true or not.]  

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