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All those years drifting in space / I have known you well, yet I've never seen your face

Hayley Westenra.  "Across the Universe of Time."  Instant Song Love.  Also pretty sure it needs to be part of a Doctor/Rose-related fanthing ASAP.  *can't stop listening on loop & coming up with new ways to use various lyric couplets* 

(Oh, wait, it does exist in fanvid form, but from 2007 and therefore does not include the Journey's End bits the one in my head does.  Still, it's something; now let's make the fanfic world aware of the song.  On second thought, remember that cracky one-time meme/game thing I made up?  I have been attempting to turn it into an actual fic composed of drabbles.  Current completion is 0.05% with a 2% chance of ever happening, but I just found my title)

In other news, ugh, it was hot today.  Fortunately there were many garage sales within a 3-mile loop of my house that started at 8 AM, so I was on my bike at 8:02 and home just barely an hour later, having traded all my cash for prizes.  I stopped at 5 sales, spent under $5, and bought...

25 cents: small model horse - Funrise brand - a Clydesdale (the one on the far left).  I already have this one in my massive collection of small plastic animals, but you never walk away from little model horses for a quarter.  Pity there weren't more of them.

50 cents: two neon-colored My Little Pony knockoffs.  These may even have been McDonald's toys; I don't know, there's no brand of any kind and I cannot for the life of me remember what they're called, but I think they're cute anyway.  They have the same little graphics on their rumps, but their heads are perfectly egg-shaped.  [Edit: *tons of research later*  REMCO!  But small ones, and definitely newer, not vintage.]

50 cents: Letters from a Nut - Ted L. Nancy (paperback). 
I was looking at this on Amazon not too long ago; it seemed like it'd be amusing.  It is.  My mom can't stop howling.

10 cents: The Spice Girls: The Uncensored Story Behind Pop's Biggest Phenomenon IT MADE ME LOL SO HARD.  *unabashedly loved Spice Girls once upon a time*  It made the seller laugh too; she was telling her mom, "See, she never would have bought it if it was a quarter."  (possibly true!)  I thought it would be a perfect compliment to the fact that the very first thing I ever recorded on tape & saved - I still have it to this day - was a 2-hour special broadcast on The Spice Girls.  Except I expect the quality of this book to be exactly seven times more loltastic.

50 cents: If Wishes Were Horses - Natalie Kinsey-Warnock; slim paperback signed by the author.  
50 cents: Signs of Winning (paperback)- Scott Miller; a dogsledding story, it's a real book but looks endearingly like a self-published story.  Including itty-bitty margins to maximize page space and one cute mistake where they forgot a passage in printing, so there's this extra half-slip of paper, text on only one side, that seems to have been bound in after the fact.  Also looks like it might have been purchased in a gift shop, as there's an original handwritten price tag of $9 on it.  Looks to have been read once, but is otherwise in perfect condition.

50 cents: Dairy Queen (paperback) - Catherine Murdock.  The hardcover's image is much prettier than this boring one, but still.  For some reason I have fond memories of this novel, so I grabbed it.

50 cents: 2 Garfield comic books, the short and rectangular kind.  I keep saying that I should buy comics I like when I see them, so I finally did it.  I'm not going to get a better price on them.

$1: "The Patriot" on DVD.  This is one of the top priorities on my "movies that are good enough to own" list, so I snatched it up immediately.

50 cents: A toy covered wagon - I don't even know how to describe it; I wish I could take a picture! - it looks handmade, a block of decidedly unfinished wood carved out to make the wagon portion, wooden wheels on the side, and canvas stretched over hoops to make the top.  Even has the part in front where you'd attach an animal in harness.  It's about the size of a drinking glass - think it might be a tiny bit too big to scale with the horse I bought, but that's as close as I'm going to get.  Even if I can't play with it, it just looks really cool on the shelf.

Free: Petting an adorable dog.  I'm guessing Lab/Husky; he looked just like Kym except black and grey instead of black and tan.  Such soft, thick fur!  Floppy Lab ears & sleek head!  
Tags: crazy fic ideas, doctor who, garage sales, music

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