RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

My scissors are missing, no cuts today.

1. Hot!  Cold!  Hot!  Cold!  This week Mercy is back ON the table, because apparently that husband of hers did cheat on her while she was away in Iraq.  SO.  There go 90% of my initial objections.  Now if you promise to push the love-not-wild-lust angle with Doctor Guy and keep those Grey's Anatomy sex-in-the-workplace bits to a minimum and/or dial them way the heck down, we might actually get along as intended. 
Seriously, I have seen two minutes of Sonia and already love her to bits, while the fact that fresh-faced overeager Chloe (Michelle Trachtenberg) is designed to irritate the hell out of the much more seasoned and reality-based nurses instantly makes her that much more appealing.

...I actually enjoy working myself into anticipatory knots about unseen things.  This is the first time in like 5 years (notwithstanding The Class) that I've been willing to pick up brand-new fall shows that did not spin off of something.  It's exciting!

1.5. In unrelated news, remember the 60/40 mixed feelings I had about Glee's pilot ep?  Yeah, highlighting your sexed-up "edgy" routine for the season premiere doesn't really help you in the positive sense.  I'd hate to have to develop a relationship of constant friction and frustration with you from the very beginning, but if crap like "Push It" continues, THAT IS WHERE WE WILL BE.  *goes off to content self with "Bust Your Windows"*  (Heeheehee!  See, this brings me glee.  Mercedes is awesome.)
2. In other news, biked for ages today.  Arms & face sunburned for the bajillionth time; legs continue to remain pasty white because shorts are less conducive to biking than capris and that's the only time I'm in the sun for prolonged periods.  Visited 4 or 5 sales; didn't buy anything today, just had a lot of fun exploring - my best estimate is about 12 or 13 miles, all told.  Which was 2 or 3 miles too many, but eh. 

The best parts were twofold: one, seeing a bald eagle fly over the lake.  And two...I stopped at the library, and on my way out I kept hearing this weird sound; I thought maybe the rubber catch on the door was squeaking when people opened it.  Was just about to ride off when I heard it again -- and then I realized it belonged to a little Shih Tzu, tethered in the undercarriage storage space of a double stroller parked beside the building. 

She was fully in the shade and had a blanket to lie on and everything, she was just lonely, so I waited for a minute or two and then sat down to read my book and pet her.  Shih Tzu's are really not very cute dogs - in fact, I find them somewhere between homely and plain ugly, clipped or not, and yet they're insanely common - and this one was no exception, but still, she was a dog and I had free petting access.  She never stopped whining for her owners, but she must have liked the attention a little bit, because whenever I stopped she'd whip her head around and give me a look of disapproval.

I stayed there fore about ten minutes before the mom/grandma/two little boys approximately ages 2 and 4 came back.  The women were very nice and the older boy was all happy that I was "reading to [the dog]," so it was good all around.  :)
Tags: animals, glee, mercy

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