RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Time Lord Rock?

Hey, you know how I hate "Donna's Theme" with every fiber of my being?

I believe "Donna's Song" has just made it up to me*.  Brought to you by "Trock On! [A Collection of Doctor Who Inspired Songs]" that Amazon just introduced to me.  Flipping through the sample clips, so far it's...pretty cracktastic, in the manner of wizard rock, but might have a gem or two hidden in there.

(Curse you, brand-new album that does not yet exist in a thousand places of online streaming!   Oh look, I still have 1-click purchase enabled for music downloads.  99 cents is nothing, really...)

*Similarly, "Jennyrated Anomaly" seems poised to make up for the fact that "The Doctor's Daughter" (the song, not the episode) is disappointingly blah.  I could get used to this...
Tags: doctor who, music

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