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Another mini update

Flist!  Would I like "Carnivale"? 

Because the fact that it was on HBO worries me, but on the other hand, I always assumed the name was just a cover for a bunch of sleazy sex-based stories amidst a Mardi Gras-type setting.  Instead, it actually appears to be set amidst some sort of weird traveling carnival?  And is a period piece.  And I don't know if you've heard me mention, several times over, my obsessive love for the creepy night circus in Torchwood's "From Out of the Rain"?  Setting aside the fact that I was recently reminded I'm supposed to be watching Friday Night Lights next in my summer TV drought, this seems like it would be right up my alley!

Except, you know, for it being on HBO.  Which I automatically assume means sex and swearing on par with if not beyond the level of post-watershed British TV, which already past my comfort zone.

...of course, now there's the question of whether or not I could even find Carnivale.  It seems elusive.  Although I suppose the library does have both seasons, if I'm willing to blaze through each in a week.
In other news, I think I wrote a song last night.  More likely I either based or outright stole the melody from an existing song, but the end result is I have this maddeningly catchy chorus running through my head nonstop.  Complete with the acoustic guitar background (except for I have never touched a guitar and therefore have NO IDEA how to replicate that sound, nor even attempt to duplicate it on piano).

Arrrrrgh, I just want to cue up Windows Media Player and listen to the stupid song on loop, but I CAN'T on account of how IT'S NOT REAL.  I cannot even tell you how frustrating this is!



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Aug. 18th, 2009 02:45 am (UTC)
I loooooooooved Carnivale! Not sure if it would be your cup of tea... there's definitely some sex/nudity/language like most HBO shows although not to excess. Mostly the story has a huge amount of religious undertones.

I was drawn to it because it was a period piece too, and the costumes/settings are just amazing. Give it a try!
Aug. 18th, 2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
Hmmm...ugh...DILEMMAS. I think it depends on how much of it there is. If it crops up in every episode, we're going to have problems. Right now I'm wary but still want to try checking it out, I think.
Aug. 18th, 2009 04:07 am (UTC)
I never actually watched "Carnivale", but I always got the impression it was kind of dark. I heard good things about it, though.

Wow, you wrote a song? Kudos!
Aug. 18th, 2009 05:49 pm (UTC)
Well, a poem with a melody and a few extra notes between verses, more like, and lack of an intro/ending...but singable. :)
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